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Jul 13 , 2021 · 2 min read

About Surabaya

The Indonesian city of Surabaya was first settled in the 10th century by the Javanese Kingdom of Janggala. Since then, Surabaya has grown significantly and was a major trading port for quite some time. It’s located on the River Brantas, which made it a prime spot for this economic situation.

Today Surabaya is a great place to live and visit. It’s widely considered to be one of the greenest cities in Indonesia due to it is environmentally friendly practices and the urban parks situated throughout the city.


Cloud cover is fairly common through much of the year in Surabaya, but even more so in the winter rainy season which sees up to 10 inches a month from December through March. Humidity drops through the summer months making it much more enjoyable outdoors. Winds tend to be constant, rarely surpassing 10 miles per hour. Instead, the winds tend to stay closer to seven or eight miles per hour.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Surabaya is from mid-June through the end of September as humidity dips slightly and the clouds are less present. This is also the dry season, meaning getting rain is much less of a concern at this time.

Things to Do

Surabaya is filled with many standard city attractions but also has a collection of culturally relevant activities and sights to see as well. You can learn about one of the most famous cigarette brands of Surabaya at the House of Sampoerna Cigarette Factory. There’s a small museum here, as well as a cafe. The structure was first built in 1862, and was opened as the cigarette factory nearly 60 years later. The cigarettes produced here were made from tobacco and cloves and were hand-rolled. You can learn about the medicinal benefits these may have and about the history of the Sampoerna brand when you visit.

If you want to venture outdoors and see something awe inspiring, head to Mount Bromo. It’s a technically still active volcano that’s a prime spot to view the sunrise. There are many places to hike and explore the region and is a fantastic place to take pictures. You can also take guided tours on foot or by car. Regardless of how you choose to explore the region, make sure you check that there are no current warnings about volcanic activity before you go.

Surabaya has some delicious local cuisine that you should be sure to try when you’re there. One of the most popular dishes is Sate klopo, a mouth-wateringly good skewer of meat that’s grilled over charcoals and is coated in a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Nasi krawu is a delicious rice dish that is topped with shredded beef and chilli paste.

About Trip Support

Surabaya is served by the Juanda International Airport (SUB), which is located just 7.5 miles away from downtown Surabaya. It’s the third busiest airport in Indonesia and has been recognized by the Airport Council International as one of the best in the world when it comes to customer service and quality.

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