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Mar 1 , 2021 · 3 min read

About Dalian

Dalian is a major port city in Liaoning province, which is located within the People’s Republic of China. The city is a popular summer destination, and is built in a unique style with a combination of traditional architectural styles and more modern styles. Dalian also has quite a bit of green space with open squares and parks, making it seem far more open than most cities. It’s also conveniently situated near many outdoor attractions which makes it a great place for a complete vacation.

General Weather

The summers in Dalian tend to be warm and muggy, and they are quite long as well. The winters are cold, dry, windy, and crisp. The weather varies throughout the year and you will see defined seasons.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dalian is between June and mid July, and then mid August and September. The time in between mid July and mid August is still a good time to visit but tends to be extremely hot and humid.

Things to Do

Dalian has a lot to offer, including some world-class culinary options. The city is famous for its seafood dishes as it’s location by the sea allows fresh seafood to be served easily. Try sea urechis dumpling and savor their rich umami flavor. If you’re a fan of oysters, you might like a local stew made with pickled cabbage, pork ribs, and oysters. You’ll be able to find twists on meals you’re already familiar with as well as some new options for you to try.

Spend an afternoon driving along Binhai Road. This coastal highway provides a relaxing route where you can enjoy the views of the vibrant wildflowers, the majestic coastal cliffs, and the sparkling blue water of the sea.

Castle Dalian

Spend some time outdoors at one of Dalian’s city squares. Xinghai Square is one of the most popular, as it’s the largest city square in the world. It covers an impressive 270 acres and features many interesting attractions including a musical fountain and an amusement park. The other two most prominent squares to visit are Victory Square and Zhongshan Square. You could easily spend a week just exploring the highlights of Dalian’s city squares.

Venture further outside the city to see the Grand Black Mountain of Dalian. This natural wonder has lush greenery and historic structures to visit. This is also a place you can camp if you want to spend more time exploring the area.

About the Airport

Dalian is served by the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC). It is a major hub for China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, but many other airlines use this airport. There is a train and several bus routes that connect the airport to the city centre of Dalian.

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