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Sep 25 , 2021 · 2 min read

About Fukuoka

In 2006, American magazine Newsweek designated Fukuoka as one of it’s top 10 “Most Dynamic Cities’ ‘ due to its location, incredible history, and fascinating culture. These features still remain true to this day, and you can visit and see many cultural attractions and historic sites, as well as enjoy delicious food at many of Fukuoka’s world-class restaurants. There are many museums to explore, festivals to attend, and live entertainment to experience. No matter what you find interesting, you’ll find at least a few things in Fukuoka that are perfect for you!


The short summers of Fukuoka are hot, humid, and rainy although they last a mercifully short 2 months in July and August. The heavy rainfalls of spring precede these with overcast skies and large amounts of precipitation. The clouds and residual moisture are what stick around and make the summers near oppressive. In winter the temperatures can get quite cold and blustery although they tend to be on the dry side with clear skies. temperatures stay mostly in the upper 70s to near 90 in summer and can get below freezing in winter.

Best time to Visit

Mid September through very early November is the ideal time to visit as the humidity and temperatures begin to recede, but the cold biting winds haven’t arrived in full. Late April through mid June are also good times to travel though there tend to be more cloudy days in that range.

Things to do

Visit the ruins of the once-idyllic Fukuoka Castle. You can visit what remains of this historic castle at the top of the Fukuoka Hill. It was first built in the 1600s, and was declared a significant historic site by the Japanese government in 1957. If you are able to visit in April, you can see the structures and the rest of the area framed by the blooming cherry blossom trees.

Take a tour of the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum. This fascinating stop has many exhibitions which seek to educate visitors about artisan goods, weaving, religion, writing, and the history of the city. It’s a small museum with a small selection of permanent displays, but it’s a can’t-miss destination if you’re interested in learning about the arts and culture of the region.

When it comes to food, Fukuoka has some incredible options that you might already be familiar with. For example, hakata ramen is popular throughout the world but traces its roots back to this particular region. The ramen noodles are served with a delicate pork broth that’s simmered for over 12 hours! Udon noodles are also a popular local dish – if you’re not familiar, this type of noodle dish consists of thicker soft noodles served in hot broth. 

About the Airport

Fukuoka is served by the Fukuoka Airport (FUK). It’s a small airport but is convenient as it’s accessible by public transportation. It’s also easy to catch a flight to a larger transportation hub such as Tokyo, Singapore, or Hong Kong from this airport.

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