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About Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a southern Chinese city with a lot to offer. It’s been a prominent city for thousands of years. When it was known as Canton, it was a major port city and one of the only ports that was possible for foreign traders to access. Things changed when it was captured by the British during the First Opium War, but Guangzhou today is still thriving in many ways.


Guangzhou has grown rapidly and is considered to be one of the most prosperous cities in China. It’s also one of the most industrial cities on earth, which has previously led to some pollution in the air. However, the people of Guangzhou have worked to offset that by making it a walkable and bikeable city and taking other green initiatives.

General Weather

Guangzhou is warm throughout most of the year and there’s not a clear distinction between the seasons with the exception of spring. Spring in Guangzhou is humid and overcast with quite a lot of rain. The spring is usually between the months of late February and May.

Best Time to Visit

Guangzhou is beautiful throughout the year, but the best time to visit is the fall, specifically between the months of October and December because this part of the year tends to see the least humid climate and the weather is most pleasant.

Things to Do

Take a boat journey down the Pearl River. This major waterway is located right next to the city, and you can take one of the exciting trips to see Guangzhou from afar. If you can, do this at night so you can see the city lit up!

If you are visiting during April or October, stop by the Canton Fair. This trade fair is a great place to see new and innovative products.

Bridge in Guangzhou

If you need a way to get around, exercise, and have fun, you can rent one of the many bikes available throughout the city. To see more of the city, head to Shamian Island. This historical area was once divided and part was controlled by France, and the other was controlled by England. The region is a reminder of the region’s colonial history, and today is full of shops, hotels, restaurants and more. This is also where many Consulate buildings are located. There are also many bronze statues located throughout the island depicting what life was like for earlier residents of the area throughout various periods of history, from the colonial era to the modern one.

About the Airport

Guangzhou is served by the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN), which is one of the busiest airports in the world

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You cannot fly to Guangzhou as of November 2021 for vacation purposes.

you cannot fly to Guangzhou as of November 2021 for vacation purposes.

you cannot fly to Guangzhou as of November 2021 for vacation purposes.

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