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Jul 19 , 2021 · 4 min read

About Campbell River

The city of Campbell River is one of those places you fall in love with at first glance.  With the discovery Passage on one side and the mountains in the backdrop, Campbell River provides an all-around lifestyle set in nature.

Campbell River

It is located midways through Vancouver Island’s Eastern Shore, and the natural beauty and the amenities give a unique lifestyle to its residents. It is the hub for paper milling and lumbering, but it is mostly known for Salmon fishing.


As of now, the population of Campbell town is around 33,000 people. The most popular age group is between 55-59 years, but the population is expected to grow at a steady 0.9%.


The first European settlement in Campbell River came in 1792. Captains Vancouver and Galiano combined efforts to chart this area.  However, it was not until the late 1880s that the majority of the European settlements came about. The Campbell River provided the much-needed transportation channels before the road came to town. Eventually, it became the region’s social and commercial hub transforming into the city that it is today. Its economic activities have also changed from mostly forestry oriented to agricultural. By the 1940s, when a hydro-electrical project came to town, it brought a building boom and development that formed much of the city as we know it today.


In Campbell River, the climate is warm and temperate, which means the summers are short but comfortable, and the winters tend to be frigid and wet and mostly overcast.  Also, the climate comes with a lot of rainfall, with accumulated rainfall in the year reaching up to 81.3 inches. August is the warmest month with average temperatures of 18 °C.

Campbell River

Best Time to Visit

The best time to tour Campbell River is when the warm weather activities are rife. This period falls from late June to mid-August.

Things to Do

If you want a vacation where you can do everything on your bucket list, Campbell town is the place for you. To start your trip, Strathcona Provincial Park within the town has some magnificent waterfalls just a short drive from town. At Lupin Falls, you will find a mossy forest, a 30-meter-tall waterfall and 800-meter trails just off the highway for you to explore. The Elk’s suspension bridge is a nice hike that you and your family should take. It is a short 2-kilometre walk that culminates in a 25-meter waterfall.

Campbell River flight

In the greater Vancouver Island, you can visit Butchart Gardens, which provides an idyllic place for those interested in gardening. The township of Tofino has some of the best surf spots in the whole country, and people also come here to watch storms. Pacific Rim National Park, also close by, provides some legendary natural scenery and hiking trails, including the famous long beach spanning a whopping 16 km.

Airport Information

Campbell River Airport YBL is the airport through which most flights to Campbell river come through. There are also some connecting flights between it and Vancouver International Airport YVR.  Budget airlines like WestJet connect Campbell river airport to the rest of Canada and the world.

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