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Jul 13 , 2021 · 2 min read

About Spain

Located in the southwestern region of Europe, is the beautiful country of Spain. Best known for its delicious cuisine, stunning coastline, and vibrant culture- Spain will win over the hearts of all its visitors. This enchanting country has everything from bustling cities to quiet seaside villages, all of which boast charming architecture and unique views. Spain is the ultimate destination for those who seek excitement, originality, and natural beauty.

Weather & Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Spain is between May and September. During these months, temperatures are primarily warm, with the summertime being very hot, therefore making for perfect beach weather. The downside of visiting during this time period is that its peak tourist season, meaning it can get very crowded at popular sights and attractions. To avoid crowds, try to travel to Spain at the beginning of May or the end of September, that way you will still have nice weather but won’t have to experience lines and overwhelming crowds.

Things to Do

You will never have to worry about running out of things to do while in Spain. Spend the day lounging on one of the country’s many beaches that range from remote and secluded to busy and activity-filled. If you love nightlife and living on the wild side, you will want to visit Spain’s famous island of Ibiza, located in the Western Mediterranean. Although Ibiza is small, it is full of picturesque beaches and world-renowned dance clubs, where celebrities and DJs often frequent. For a more laid-back experience, there are several small towns scattered throughout the country that are charming and offer unique authenticity.

One of the best things about visiting Spain is the opportunity to try their flavourful cuisine. In particular, the country is known for their assortment of tapas, which are appetizers or snacks that may be either hot or cold. You will find tapas all throughout the country and they make for the perfect addition to a glass of wine or beer with friends. Examples of common tapas include croquettes, Iberian ham on bread, and mussels. Spain is also highly regarded for its paella, a culinary dish that is made of short-grain rice and can include an assortment of meats and/or seafood, along with vegetarian options.

Art and history connoisseurs will be pleased to know that Spain houses over 1,500 museums, many of which hold sought-after collections from around the world. You will find a particularly large amount of art museums in Madrid and Barcelona, where contemporary art is common.

Airport Information

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