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About Shanghai

Home to over 27 million people, Shanghai is one of China’s main cities, and it’s located near the Yangtze River and the Huangpu River winds through the city. It was originally a fishing town, but following the First Opium War the town was forced to become a major trading hub and port town. The city grew from there and is a major economic center today.

General Weather

Shanghai sees hot and humid summers with quite a lot of rain. Spring and fall weather is mild and pleasant. The weather in the winter is still nice, but much colder than the rest of the year.

Best Time to Visit

Shanghai is beautiful throughout the year, but the best time to visit is the fall, specifically between the months of October and November because this part of the year tends to see the least humid climate and the weather is most pleasant. It’s also a less busy time. Summer is beautiful in Shanghai, but also brings the majority of the tourists.

Things to Do

Start your vacation in Shanghai at the Bund – this waterfront district is historic, and a place to walk and see a lot of the city. It is located along the Huangpu River and is home to many fascinating buildings of varying architectural styles.

Step back into Shanghai’s history by visiting the historic winding alleyways of Old Shanghai City. The first wall of this city is still standing, which is impressive considering it was first built in 1554. You can also visit the Shanghai Museum to see their collection of over 120,000 ancient artifacts and pieces of art.

The Yuyuan Garden was established in the 16th century and is a beautiful garden that spans over five acres.

About the Airport

Shanghai is served by the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) and the Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). Both airports are connected by train, and you can access them from the Shanghai city center by bus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information and questions about Flights to Shanghai.

Assuming that you’re travelling from Toronto Pearson Airport, flights to Shanghai will cost approximately $2383 CAD.

Yes! Prices do include travel and fees.

No. Prices do not include travel and fees.

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The most popular airline that flies to Shanghai is Air Canada.

Travel in Shanghai is currently possible, but there are heavy travel restrictions in place. For more information, visit

Assuming that you’re travelling from Toronto Pearson Airport, there are no direct flights to Shanghai. Flights typically have a layover.

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