Anacapri vs Capri: Where to Stay

Jul 4 , 2022 · 8 min read

Capri is a beautiful Mediterranean island in Italy’s Bay of Naples. You’ve probably seen photos of colorful boats moored on crystal-blue water with quaint buildings in the background. Mountains rise into clear skies as the sun shines on sandy beaches. It’s a slice of paradise off the Amalfi Coast that many says compare to no other place on earth.

While you might recognize this gorgeous place, you might not know there are two towns on the island of Capri, Anacapri and Capri Town. So what’s the difference between these locations? Plus, where to stay in Capri or Anacapri? We have the answer to those and many other questions about traveling around Capri island. 

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Capri Town

Where To Stay In Capri Or Anacapri?

Many tourists travel by ferry, which arrives at Marina Grande in Capri Town. Anacapri is on the other side of the island about 6.25 km long. You can ride the funicular to the main square called the Piazzetta. You have arrived in Capri Town.

There are charming cafes, restaurants and shopping with locally-made goods and international brands. Sip limoncello and indulge in some fine dining in the fanciest part of the island, where you might even spot a celebrity or two. At night there are many bars and nightclubs that get busy later on.

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Grand Hotel Quisiana

Book your stay at the Grand Hotel Quisiana if you appreciate warm hospitality blended with history. Since 1845 the hotel has welcomed visitors, including celebrities, writers and royalty. Relax on your private balcony, walk around the gardens blooming with flowers and smell the sweet scent from the lemon trees.

The Tiberio Palace

Right in the heart of Capri Town, you have The Tiberio Place, which is a beautiful 5-star hotel. Stylish and modern interiors, a luxury spa with swimming pools inside and outside and great dining options make this the perfect place to stay in Capri Town. The Piazzetta is literally on your doorstep, along with plenty of trendy shops and restaurants. 

Are there Sandy Beaches on Capri?

If it’s sandy beaches you are looking for, look no further than the beautiful island of Capri. Home to some stunningly serene stretches of shoreline, there is no shortage of places to relax and enjoy the sun while feeling the white sand beneath your feet. From hidden grottoes to jagged sea cliffs, the diversity of scenery on Capri makes exploring its beaches an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re looking for a calm location to meditate or a lively spot to party all day and night, Capri has something for everyone. So get ready to show off that summer tan and make some lasting memories at one of Italy’s most sought after beaches!


Anacapri city in italy

Anacapri’s location is higher on the island compared to Capri Town and how it got its name (Ana in Greek means up). The highest point is Monte Solaro, where you can see stunning views of the whole area, including endless blue waves. If you’ve arrived in Capri Town, you will notice Ana Capri is much quieter. If you like a buzzing atmosphere, Capri Town will appeal, but if you prefer the quiet life, Anacapri will be more to your liking. Many of the shops and restaurants are more affordable on this part of the island and the shops are artier with fewer big-name brands.

There is a bus station where you can buy a ticket to Anacapri if you are going from Capri Town. It only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Capri Town has the funicular and Anacapri has a chairlift that goes to the top of Monte Solaro. The enjoyable ride is scenic and fun and the photos you snap at the peak are truly Instagram-worthy.

Capri Palace Jumeirah

We love this luxurious stay for so many reasons. One is the Michelin star restaurant that Executive Chef Andrea Migliaccio heads. His signature dish is lemon scented homemade tagliolini pasta with burrata cheese, red prawns and sea asparagus and that is just the start of the culinary decadence available for serious foodies.

Another is the famous Capri Medical Spa, where you can relax in a blissful state of zen for a few hours or up to a week if you book into a program for some serious self-care.

Capri Suite

You must book in advance to snag a stay at Capri Suite. With just two rooms, this lovely bed and breakfast is great for couples. Beautiful frescoes, white-washed walls and comfortable living quarters make this place a charming stay.

Nearby you have the Casa Rossa, a gallery of 19th and 20th-century Caprese paintings and some scenic coastal trails for when you feel like connecting with nature. You also have shopping within walking distance. What more could you ask for?

So now you know that Capri Town and Anacapri are very close to each other since the island isn’t big. You could choose to spend your time in the most vibrant part of the island, Capri Town, or in the more chilled-out zone of Anacapri.

You will still be close to the beaches, tourist attractions and sightseeing around the island. You also could split your time to stay some nights in both places. There is no wrong choice because both places are just as amazing in their unique ways. 

Don't Miss The Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

One of the most famous landmarks of Capri island is The Blue Grotto. Inside the dramatic cave that you reach by boat, you can see the blue water that the grotto is named after. It is astonishingly blue and the photos perhaps don’t do it justice. In real life, it’s just such a brilliant blue color.

There is a big hole in the rock under the water and the way the light filters through creates impressive blue hues that attract visitors from around the world. Some locals say it is haunted, the Emperor of Tiberius once used it for his own private bathing hole and it has been featured in too many famous travel magazines to name.

You can’t leave Capri without seeing The Blue Grotto. 

Boat Trips

Boat Trips in italy

With a rugged coastline, turquoise waters and near-perfect weather conditions, a boat trip while in Carpi is a must. You probably arrived by boat and took a boat to enter The Blue Grotto, but nothing beats a cruise on a more luxury vessel that would probably sail past the iconic Faraglioni rock formations and near Punta Carena, which has a pretty lighthouse.

Make a note to visit the lighthouse that has great sunset views on a different day. You can swim there and enjoy a drink so why not arrive late afternoon and make an occasion of it? There are plenty of companies offering group tours, or you can book a private charter and have the freedom to depart and return and go wherever you desire.

As you set sail, you will see many luxury yachts heading out to sea for the day as Capri is a playground for the rich and famous. Mariah Carey owns a villa there and many A-listers love to vacation in Capri.

If you stay in Capri Town, you will be closer to where most boat trips depart from, but if you are in Anacapri, it’s not much further. 

The Gardens of Augustus

The Gardens of Augustus in italy

Within walking distance of Capri Town, you can find the pretty Giardini di Augusto (The Gardens of Augustus). Statues are dotted around the beautiful flower gardens that are well-maintained and photogenic.

Then there are the spectacular views overlooking Capri, Faraglioni Rocks and the ocean scattered with luxury yachts. There are terraces to take in the dramatic sight that looks beautiful in the daytime and even more amazing at sunset.

Also, from the gorgeous gardens, you can see Via Krupp. The winding road is closed due to the danger of falling rocks and debris. The narrow switches form a dramatic sight that looks amazing from up high. The road was named after Friedrich Krupp, an industrialist from German who built the road to reach his boat from the hotel he stayed at. 

Beach Hopping

best beach in italy

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If you are a sun seeker who loves to explore beaches, relax on a deck chair or go swimming in the clear blue ocean, you are in luck because Capri Island has many little beaches to discover. You can be based in Capri Town or Anacapri.

Most beaches are rocky and wildly beautiful. Some have beach bars and restaurants and others are deserted coves where you might be the only person on the beach.

You can find your spot to hang out and soak up the sun without going far from where your accommodation is since the island is so small.

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