What Are the Cheapest Months to Fly to Italy 2024?

Jun 26 , 2023 · 4 min read
to Fly to Italy in 2023

Italy is a popular travel destination for many people around the world. It is a destination that’s rich in history, culture, and cuisine. However, traveling to Italy can be expensive, especially if you don’t plan well. That’s why it’s essential to know when the cheapest months to fly to Italy in 2024 are. In this blog, we will discuss the cheapest months to fly to Italy in 2024 and how you can find the best deals.

1) January to March

Italian weather

These are the cheapest months to fly to Italy. During January to March, the demand for flights is lower since it’s not peak season. Moreover, January to March is winter in Italy, which means you can save a lot of money on accommodations and other travel expenses. Visiting Italy during winter can be a unique experience, as you can visit the museums and historical sites without the crowd.

2) August

The weather in Italy in August

While August does not fall within the winter months, it is still a great month to fly to Italy. Most Europeans go on holiday during August, which often results in cheaper flights. However, if you’re planning to visit Italy during August, it’s essential to book your flights and accommodations early as August is still peak season in Italy, and hotels tend to fill up fast.

3) Mid-September to October

Italian weather in mid-September to October

If you want to avoid the crowds and save money, mid-September to October is the ideal time to visit Italy. The weather is still pleasant, and the autumn foliage is stunning. Moreover, during these months, you can save on accommodations and other travel expenses as it’s a shoulder season.

4) November to December

Italian weather in November to December

November to December is another shoulder season in Italy making it one of the cheapest months to fly to Italy. During this time, you can enjoy the holiday festivities in Italy’s cities. Christmas lights adorn the streets, and Christmas markets take place in the piazzas.

How to find the best deals

The best month to fly to Italy

It’s good to know which months to fly to Italy, but finding the best deals requires research. One of the best and easiest ways to find the best deals on flights and accommodations is to book early. Often airlines and hotels offer bundle deals that you can take advantage of. Moreover, you can use various travel search engines that compare prices from various airlines and travel companies

1.Off-Season Travel

The cheapest months to fly to Italy in 2024 are typically the off-season months. This usually includes the months of January, February, and March. During this time, many tourists avoid visiting Italy due to the colder weather and shorter daylight hours. As a result, many airlines, hotels, and other travel services offer lower prices to attract visitors.

2. Shoulder Season Travel

Another option for saving on travel costs is to consider traveling during the shoulder season, which is typically April, May, September, and October. During these months, the weather is generally mild, there are fewer crowds, and flight and accommodation prices are often lower than during peak travel season. Plus, you’ll still be able to explore Italy’s famous landmarks and attractions.

3.Book Early

Another way to save money on flights to Italy in 2024 is by booking early. You’ll generally find cheaper fares if you book several months in advance. You can subscribe to airline newsletters to get alerts as soon as ticket prices drop. 

4.Be Flexible

Be flexible with your travel dates to accommodate the most affordable flights. Avoid traveling near holidays and events to save on airfare. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are often the cheapest days of the week to fly.

5.Consider Connecting Flights

Direct flights to Italy can be expensive. Consider connecting flights to save on costs. Some airlines offer discounts on connecting flights, especially if you’re traveling during off-peak season. Before booking, compare the costs of direct and connecting flights to determine which option is the most cost-effective.


Italy is a beautiful country that attracts millions of tourists every year. However, with proper planning, you can save a lot of money on your trip to Italy. In this blog, we discussed the cheapest months to fly to Italy in 2024, including winter, shoulder season months, and peak season months. By selecting the appropriate time to fly to Italy, you can make your trip more economical. Remember to book early and use travel search engines to get the best deals on flights and accommodations. With these tips, you can plan your trip to Italy and have a fantastic time exploring all it has to offer.

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