Top 10 Things To Do in Kelowna For Nighttime Family Fun

Nov 13 , 2021 · 5 min read

Located in British Columbia’s sun-soaked Okanagan Valley, the city of Kelowna is characterized by its stunning natural beauty, farm-to-table cuisine, pristine lakeside beaches, and world-class vineyards. While Kelowna is internationally renowned for its food and beverage scene, there is so much more that makes it one of Canada’s top tourist destinations. 

Oftentimes we hear all about what to do on a trip to Kelowna during the day, but very few things are said about what to do in the evenings. With so much to do and see, the party should not have to stop just because the sun has gone down. We have rounded up our top picks for the best things to do in Kelowna at night with family, so you can plan the perfect trip! 

Here are the top 10 things to do in Kelowna for nighttime family fun: 

1. Take a sunset hike at Knox Mountain Park.

Knox Mountain Park

There are plenty of trails to choose from at Knox Mountain Park, all of which range from easy to moderate. While you can drive up the mountain during the summer months to take in the panoramic sunset views at the top, it’s much more rewarding to travel by foot. The sweeping views of the lake and surrounding mountains are well worth the trek. If you prefer to stay close to the water, Paul’s Tomb is an easy trail with lake views the whole way through. 

2. Catch a show at Mission Hill Winery.

Kelowna For Nighttime Family Fun

Widely regarded as one of the most exquisite wineries in the world, Mission Hill Winery is not to be missed. In addition to offering fantastic wines, there is also a massive outdoor amphitheatre that is used for hosting spectacular concerts and theatrical performances every summer. There is truly nothing better than watching the sun set over the mountains as you enjoy an incredible performance with your loved ones.

3. Enjoy dinner from a lakeside patio.

lakeside patio

Because Kelowna borders the beautiful Okanagan Lake, visitors can take advantage of the spectacular options for lakeside dining. With over 25 patios to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a reservation at a restaurant with a fantastic view of the lake. For the highest viewpoint in the city, head over to Perch Cafe. If you’ve got a larger group, hit up Smack DAB for the largest patio in Kelowna. 

4. Get ice cream at Waterfront Park.

Looking for a sweet treat to cap off a fantastic day in Kelowna? Head over to the ultra family-friendly Waterfront Park and check out one of the several ice cream shops in the area. This picturesque lakefront park boasts spectacular views of the Okanagan Lake, with a charming boardwalk to stroll down with the family as you each enjoy a delicious ice cream cone. Don’t worry if the kids need to work off that sugar rush, there’s a fantastic playground right on the grounds. 

5. Take a boat tour at sunset.

Okanagan Lake

Experience the beauty of Okanagan Lake up close and personal with a sunset boat tour. Take in the incredible views as you cruise past vineyards, homes, and the sparkling city lights of Kelowna. For an extra special outing, make it a dinner cruise. If you travel to Kelowna during the months of July and August, you can even enjoy live entertainment while aboard the cruise. Sunset views, dinner, and a show? Sign us up! 

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6. Spend the evening at Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

If you don’t think that wineries are for families, then you have never been to Summerhill Pyramid Winery. With two mini golf putting greens, vibrant gardens, and a fish pond on the premises, there are plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained. 

While the kids play, the adults can enjoy a bottle of organic wine while taking in the striking lake views. The winery’s on-site restaurant also has a children’s menu, if you’re looking to get dinner. While wine tastings are only available until 6PM, the winery itself stays open until 9PM.

7. Bring a picnic to City Park.

Having a picnic in the park

This popular beachfront park is filled with amenities like playgrounds, sand volleyball, aqua parks, lawn bowling, and picnic areas. With so many fun activities to choose from, it’s no surprise that City Park is one of Kelowna’s top attractions for families. It’s the ideal place to spend an afternoon with the kids, followed by a perfect picnic dinner. You get the same amazing views that the lakefront restaurants offer, without spending a dime.

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8. Show off your skills at Capri Bowling Lanes.

Bowling game

What could be better than bowling with the family? Laser bowling with the family! Every Friday and Saturday from 7PM to 10PM, Capri Bowling Lanes turns off the fluorescent lights and replaces them with strobe lights. To accompany the awesome light show, they play a family-friendly party playlist so you can get your bowling on in style. It can get fairly busy, so try to book a reservation in advance if possible. 

9. Take the family mini golfing at 19 Greens.

Mini golf course in Canada

For one of the best family-friendly activities in Kelowna, you can’t miss playing your heart out at 19 Greens. The 18-hole Carpet Mini Golf Course at 19 Greens is perfect for families with children of all ages. Paired with the breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake and the sweeping mountains that tower above it, it makes for a truly unforgettable experience.

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10. Get your heart racing at Planet Lazer.

This award-winning arena is the largest of its kind in North America and features two stories of fog, black lights, and obstacles for tons of heart-pounding fun. Games run every 15 minutes and are available for people of all ages, so you can pit the kids against the adults and see who comes out on top! Planet Lazer is open until 8PM Sunday through Thursday and 10PM on Friday and Saturday, making it the perfect nighttime activity for families. 

As you can see, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Kelowna at night with family. 

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