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20 Honeymoon Places In Canada

The excitement of your wedding day combined with hours of mingling, dancing and posing for photos can be joyfully exhausting. That is why honeymoons were invented. Once all the celebrations are over it is time for you to have the ultimate romantic vacation. Canada has endless options for newlyweds when it comes to ideal honeymoon […]

10 Banff Hotels with Jacuzzi in the Room

Are you looking for Banff hotels with jacuzzi in rooms? Are you looking for Banff hotels with jacuzzi in rooms? If you judge a room by its hot tub, you are not alone. Many travelers going to Banff book rooms based on if it has a whirl pool and how big it is. Soaking in […]

10 Snowiest Cities in Canada

Let’s plan a trip to one of the snowiest cities in Canada. If you enjoy winter activities and cooler climates, Canada can be your wonderland during the winter months. There are plenty of cities that see generous amounts of snowfall during the coldest season of the year. The province of Quebec has an impressive list […]

10 Downtown Honolulu Restaurants

Say aloha to some delicious dining experiences when you arrive in sunny Honolulu. From fine dining to cheap eats, international to traditional Hawaiian dishes, you can find a huge array of options for brunch, lunch and dinner in the downtown area of Hawaii. If only there was time to try all of the downtown Honolulu […]

8 Unforgettable Winter Getaways Near Toronto

Sometimes it’s nice to escape the city of Toronto to explore some of the nearby areas. In your backyard, there are many fabulous places to visit without having to catch a long flight or take a week off work. So for a mini getaway to keep you going between more extended vacations, here are some […]

Coldest Place In Canada Right Now

Our beautiful country of Canada has a reputation for being cold, especially in the deepest months of winter. So if you love mild or cold climates, you will be happy almost all year round. Being the second biggest country, there are plenty of places to visit too. For all you travelling souls who love your […]

10 Countries Without Coronavirus

Who thought Coronavirus would go on for so long? Thankfully travel is back in our lives. If you are looking for countries without coronavirus, there are some countries with few or even no cases reported. Here we go from chasing the sun to chasing the Covid-free places on earth. We have a list of 10 […]

8 Winter Getaways in Alberta

When it’s time to beat the winter blues, a vacation can be just what you need. The beautiful province of Alberta is the perfect place to swap everyday life for some time in a snowy winter wonderland. If you like snuggling up in a cozy cabin or exploring the great outdoors, Alberta has the snowy […]

Top Canadian Fast Food Menu Items

Sometimes you have a hunger craving that can only be satisfied by fast food and if you are on vacation in Canada, you have no shortage of delicious options. We have to give you fair warning that this article might make you feel desperate to eat fish and chips, burgers or poutine. That’s just the […]

All You Need To Know About Calgary Airport Terminal

When it comes to Canadian airports, Calgary International Airport is one of the biggest and also nicest to arrive and depart from, according to the millions of travellers who pass through every year.  You can catch direct flights around Canada and to America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia with Air Canada and […]

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