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Best Canadian Cities Near Niagara Falls Canada with Distance

Since visiting Niagara Falls might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, why not make the most of it. What we mean is spending time exploring the surrounding areas at the same time you see the most famous waterfalls in the world. Southern Ontario has so much to offer with a cool collection of cities near Niagara Falls. […]


6 Inexpensive Family Vacations in Ontario

Ontario’s motto is “Yours to Discover.” For budget-friendly family getaways, the province has no shortage of fun and unique experiences year-round. For most families, it’s important to find great destinations that are not only entertaining for everyone, but that are also affordable. You can find many such vacations throughout Ontario. Let TripSupport help you to […]


9 Stargazing Getaways and Telescope Viewing Near Me

One of nature’s best pastimes, few things capture our fancy more than staring up at the stars. It is simply awe-inspiring to view the shimmering in the far distance and dream about all of the magnificent things that lie among them. It is fodder for the imagination. Ontario is home to eight of the world’s […]


Which Poutine in Halifax is Better

Is there anything more quintessentially Canadian than poutine other than maybe maple syrup or hockey? Like any good foodie will do, going in search of Canada’s national dish is something of an adventure itself. This beloved and glorious creation consisting of french fries, squeaky-good cheese curds and gravy, is often associated with Montreal, but Canada’s […]


Upcoming Festivals and Major Events in Canada 2024

When it comes to Canada festivals 2024, Canada has an impressively packed calendar full of color, music, dance and cultural celebrations to keep you entertained throughout every season. The festival scene is thriving and there is a festival for everyone. You never know what you might see at a festival, but it sure does attract energetic, […]

8 Top Winery Restaurants in Kelowna

The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is a region with a well-deserved reputation for producing some spectacular wines. So it only follows that the fine dining scene near one of its most beautiful and largest cities, Kelowna, is just as spectacular. Fine wine and exquisite cuisine go hand in hand, and no other Canadian region […]


The Best Bow River Fishing Spots in Calgary

For those who love to fish, knowing where to fish on any body of water is key to a successful day, and is important when it comes to actually catching some fish. For even the most expert of anglers, the Bow River in and around Calgary tends to challenge them.  Two big questions loom large […]


World’s Largest Roadside Attractions in Saskatchewan

The great province of Saskatchewan certainly has its fair share of unique and “world’s largest” attractions, right in places where you don’t even need to get out of your car. That is, unless you want to take a selfie! Taking a road trip through Saskatchewan is one of the best ways to experience the unique […]


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