Screamers Niagara Falls

Apr 4 , 2021 · 5 min read

The Niagara Falls never said no to trick-or-treating. While Covid may have reduced door-to-door trick or treating and typical Halloween festivities spending Halloween in the Niagara region is unmissable. Even in the off-season, you will find many places to indulge in your fears and soil your pants—if it’s the kind of activity you like. It not all about just taking cute pictures at Niagara Falls. Once you dare to venture out of the touristy areas, there is a lot to enjoy that will just make your trip unique to you. Let’s look at some places to enjoy during Halloween in Niagara.

The Haunted House Niagara Falls

Screamer’s Haunted House

If you have any deep-seated fears, screamer’s Haunted House in Niagara falls’ goal is to expose them. If you are afraid of anything—anything, from darkness to ghosts to being jumped, screamers Niagara Falls is just the right place to expose them. To put things in perspective, there are two walkthroughs, one that requires your involvement, i.e., crawling and climbing, and another where you just walkthrough. 

Imagine the most horrific scenes you have watched in movies, and you will probably find it here. From people holding machetes on you to hissing snakes, near misses with cars, screamers, Niagara falls offers it all. If your typical Halloween is playing dress-up, watching a rerun of your Halloween playlist, or trick or treating, this is the kind of excitement you need to fall in love with the festival over again.

Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares Fear Factory in canada

Just like screamers Niagara Falls, Nightmares Fear Factory is proud of how many people it has made chicken out. So far, the number stands at over 162,000 people—yes, that’s how many people tried the course and couldn’t be brave enough. It is a fun place for colleagues, families, and friends to test out their bravery.  Screams rent the air around Nightmares Fear Factory, and if you are ever curious about seeing scared faces, there is a whole gallery on their site.

The haunted house promises to mess with your psyche and create an atmosphere of thorough suspense and dread, and everything from the actors to the set just works to deliver this punishment. As a psychological haunted house, it is built on an old coffin factory which just amplifies the mystique of the whole experience.  A typical tour takes ten minutes, but that 10 minutes feels more like a year if you are the one going through the torture.  This is not your typical haunted house with gore and blood everywhere. There is some acting augmented by sounds which prey on your worst fears.

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Haunt Manor Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses in Niagara Falls

The Haunt Manor Hayrides and Haunted Houses is another scary place that gives screamers Niagara Falls a run for its money as the scariest place in the Niagara region.  The haunted house is set on a 220-year-old farm with a lot of mystique. Some of the soldiers from the battle of Lundy—A revered bloody battle in the war of 1812, are buried close by, and rumors are that actual ghosts haunt the place.  

This makes it unique from most haunted places where the hauntedness is made up of actors and decorations alone. That said, the actors at Haunt Manor Hayrides and Haunted Houses make the whole experience eerie and dreadful—ghosts or not. On the grounds are a theatrical hayride, seven differently-themed haunted houses, and a corn maze.  If you have been there and expect the same things, you will be pleased to know that the themes are tweaked for each year every time is a new experience.  

Make sure to try the hayride, Corn maze, and haunted houses whenever you are here. If you dare, there is plenty to see, from the famous headless horsemen to a body hunt in the hayride and trained actors on bungees and ziplines who just make everything intense.

Zombie Attack

Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks (Hallway of Horror)

If your darkest fantasies involve Zombies, then you will be right at home at Zombies Attack.  If not, then this is the theater of your worst nightmares. Brain Hungry Zombies roam the place, and everything is hyper-realistic, including real-time 6D graphics. You can challenge your family or friends to who will be the savior of the human race. Only your bravery and swift action can save humans from being overrun by zombies. 

This is a fun experience for the family, but it is also great for a team-building event. Your whole squad can buy out the whole arena, and in fact, 36 people can compete at one time.  It is a short ride but worthwhile if you want to have fun.  Shoot zombies from your motion simulator and engage in a real-life first-person shooter game just without the danger. It is a fun diversion if you are visiting the Niagara Falls area, and it should feature on your itinerary for Halloween

Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks (Hallway of Horror)

If actors at your local haunted house creep your skin or make you jump, just know they are nothing compared to the realistic waxworks at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks (Hallway of Horror).  With Waxworks made at the museum, there is an amazing collection of the grotesque, bizarre, and downright macabre. If you have been to A Madame Tussauds Wax museum, now imagine a twisted version of it, and you have Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks (Hallway of Horror). 

You will see everything from the historical personalities, modern celebrities, sports champions, artists and film stars.  Expect to see recreations of famous movie scenes and everything around you bringing it to reality.  In some places, you will be stunned whether they are actually dead or alive, but that’s the mark of a good waxwork—to leave you intrigued. Tour castle Dracula, take a seat at the house of Frankenstein, and the criminals hall of fame all in one place. We are sure it’s enough to spook a weak heart, give you nightmares of gargoyles, make you clutch at a crucifix, and above all, have fun.

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