7 Best Beaches in Tobermory to Visit in 2024

Mar 30 , 2021 · 6 min read

Tobermory is a popular summertime destination in the Southern Region of Ontario, Canada. Tobermory is known for its blueish green waters and spectacular views. The Bruce Peninsula is a popular tourist destination in the summer with activities for all ages. 

There is a national park with great beaches to enjoy, but the peninsula also features other hidden secrets that are off the beaten path and worth exploring. The area is filled with nature, history, and amazing lakeside scenery. From hiking trails to beachside lounging, to exploring the bay areas by boat, this outdoor lovers paradise is a top destination in the summer. 

Tobermory is where visitors traveling to the islands nearby will begin their journey. The freshwater lakes that surround the peninsula are so large that it feels like an ocean. There is a lot of fishing and tourism in the area, and the busy season in the summer, as many tourists seek to visit the beaches in Tobermory.

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Fathom Five National Marine Park is located on the northwest tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the Georgian Bay waters It is near the main harbour areas that have boats and cruises over to the islands nearby. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful cliffside views and the amazing freshwater ecosystem surrounding them. There are rare orchids that nature lovers from around the world come to see. Many will do overnight backpacking trips and sleep along the rocky cliffside waterfront enjoying some of the best views of the stars. Fathom Five is a protected nature park that has unique rock formations, lighthouses, lake excursions, and glass-bottom boat tours to see shipwrecks. Guests can even scuba dive to the 22 nearby shipwrecks. In some areas, the water is clear and shallow, and then in some areas are there are even caves to explore. 

Singing Sands Beach

Singing Sands is the largest beach in the area and is part of the Bruce Peninsula National Park so there is an entrance fee per vehicle. The beach has a day-use area that has a restroom, picnic tables, and changing rooms. In the summer, the shallow water of Dorcas Bay is warm and great for children. Singing Sand Beach is part of the Lake Huron side of the peninsula. The beach has nice sand and there is a boardwalk area for people to walk around and enjoy the views and rare foliage. The area features beautiful orchids and other rare plants native to the Great Lakes region. Nearby are great options for hiking and camping inside the park too. The Big Tub Lighthouse is another fun activity to check out nearby. 

Little Cove Beach

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This is one of the more calm and secluded beaches in Tobermory. It features crystal clear turquoise waters but is rocky so water shoes are recommended. It is a long but narrow beach with trails for hiking around the area. You can hike the Bruce Trail to Driftwood Cove. Little Cove Beach is on the Northside of the peninsula and is inside the Bruce Peninsula National Park. 

Dunks Bay

Dunks Bay Beach is a beach that is top-rated for its beauty on calm days. It has a small beach area, but a large water area to enjoy. The water gets deep and cold but is lovely in the summer. Nearby is Little Dunks Bay, and great hiking trails that take you up to Dunk’s Point. The area is on the northwest side of the peninsula and is very popular for photographers and nature lovers. This is a public beach with a public restroom area. 

Indian Head Cove/Grotto

Indian Head Cove is a magical place filled with white boulders, beautiful waters, and breathtaking scenery that can be enjoyed by many hiking trails in the area. Nearby is the Grotto, which is an underwater cave area where people sometimes dive down to experience. These two beautiful areas are located next to each other on the Georgian Bay shoreline located inside the Bruce Peninsula National Park. They are very popular areas, and parking reservations are required so plan ahead if you want to experience this area. Visitors can also hike for about a half-hour from Cyprus Lake.

Black Creek Provincial Park (Stokes Bay)

Black Creek Provincial Park is located on the West side of the peninsula. This beach area is often considered untouched in comparison to the other maintained areas that see lots of visitors inside the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Black Creek Provincial Park is a quiet and relaxing waterfront to walk in the woods and take in nature. People have reported seeing snakes, birds, and other animals native to the region. There is a small area of the beach where dogs are allowed too. 

Sauble Falls Provincial Park

Sauble Falls Provincial Park is located on the southern side of the Bruce Peninsula, but we had to include this amazing gem. It includes a beautiful area of the Sauble River that flows into Lake Huron, creating Sauble Falls. This beautiful waterfall is a historic site for powering a timber mill and generating station. There are lots of great campground options in this area. Many people enjoy canoeing down the Sauble River up to the falls. Only 5km from Sauble Falls is Sauble Beach. Sauble Beach is the second longest freshwater beach in Canada at over 11km long. This area surrounding is a beautiful forest and tourists come from all over to enjoy swimming, camping, and fishing. 

Bluewater Beach in Wiarton

Bluewater Beach is located in Wiarton, which is a great choice for those looking for a beach close to a more urban setting. Located in Colpoy’s Bay, this gorgeous beach is just down the street from downtown Wiarton. There is camping but also great lodging options in the town. Bluewater Park also features a swimming pool, tennis courts, splash pads, playground area, baseball field, restaurant, and a historic train station. There are also festivals that happen annually such as the Rotary Fair, the Agricultural Society Fall Fair, and the Wiarton Willie Festival.

Tobermory Beach Directions

To reach Tobermory Beach, visitors typically start by heading to the charming town of Tobermory, which is located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Once in Tobermory, follow the signs or directions to Little Tub Harbour, the central hub of the town. From there, make your way to Bay Street, which runs parallel to the waterfront. On Bay Street, continue walking or driving north until you reach the entrance of the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Tobermory Beach is situated within the park, and you’ll find signage indicating the path or trail that leads to this picturesque destination.

As you approach Tobermory Beach, be prepared to witness the breathtaking natural beauty that the Bruce Peninsula is renowned for. The beach is nestled along the crystal-clear waters of Lake Huron, offering stunning views of the shoreline and surrounding cliffs. Follow the designated pathways and enjoy the scenic stroll through the park, ultimately leading you to the sandy shores of Tobermory Beach. With its tranquil atmosphere and pristine surroundings, Tobermory Beach provides a perfect setting for relaxation and appreciation of the unique landscape that defines the Bruce Peninsula region.

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