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Dominican Republic vs Mexico Vacation [Price & Safer]

When you’re looking for your next getaway destination, it’s likely that the Dominican Republic and Mexico have come to mind, especially if you’re wanting an impeccable beach. Because these are both such incredible destinations, it can be difficult to know the differences between them and know which one is the better choice for you. Don’t […]


Top 10 most Touristic Cities in The World 2024

For some travelers, nothing tops the experience of getting to know a new city! And with so many amazing cities in the world to explore, there are lots of cities to choose from. Since it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for your next destination, Trip Support has put together […]


Best Cheap Places to go on Vacation with Friends 2024

In 2024, the excitement of traveling with friends is undiminished, yet the need for affordable destinations has never been more critical. Look no further for inspiration than our list of Affordable Beautiful Places to Travel in June 2024! and Best Family Vacations in January 2024 A cheap vacation with friends 2024 embodies the spirit of […]


8 Affordable Beautiful Places to Travel in June 2024

June is a month that brings with it the charming days of exploring stunning destinations. This month is filled with festivities and the warmth that comes before the extremely hot summer days of July and August. But wait, they don’t always need to be expensive. As we are counting the days of our summer vacation, […]


Which part of Dominican Republic has the Calmest Beaches?

One thing is certain when you plan to visit the Dominican Republic: the beaches! The Dominican Republic has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. From the white sand beaches to the bright blue waters and palm trees, you’d be hard-pressed to find better beaches. Plus, there are wonderful, calm beaches in the […]


Best all Inclusive Resorts for April 2024

All-inclusive resorts for April 2024 offer travelers a hassle-free vacation experience by bundling accommodation, meals, drinks, and entertainment into one convenient package. This means guests can indulge in a variety of amenities and activities without constantly reaching for their wallets. From beachside paradises to mountain retreats, all-inclusive resorts cater to diverse tastes and preferences. With […]


Basic vs Standard Air Canada: which is Better?

What is the dilemma faced by travelers when choosing basic and standard care from Air Canada? It is important to explore key factors such as price, flexibility, baggage policies, seat selection, and in-flight amenities. This guide aims to provide insights into which fare type aligns best with individual travel needs. By examining specific routes and […]


Where to Travel in Summer 2024 in Europe?

If you want to travel in summer 2024 in Europe, the planning alone can be overwhelming! With gorgeous spots throughout Europe, it can be difficult to decide what destination (or destinations) are right for you! The summer months bring long days, sunny weather, and lots of energy to Europe, however this also draws in lots […]


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