Is Puerto Rico Cheaper Than Hawaii for Vacation?

Jan 18 , 2024 · 6 min read
Puerto Rico or Hawaii

Dreaming of a relaxing vacation for couples in the US? Puerto Rico and Hawaii vie for the top spot on many travelers’ wishlists, offering idyllic beaches and vibrant cultures. But with budget a key factor, which is the smarter choice? Trip Support can help unravel this dilemma and guide you to your perfect romantic escape.

Where Should You Travel? Puerto Rico or Hawaii?

Every time you plan a vacation this question is bound to come up. But where you want to travel is always complicated by the budget as well. When you’re looking for a budget escape, is Puerto Rico cheaper than Hawaii for vacation?

Travel to Puerto Rico or Hawaii

The simple is answer is (generally) yes. Being closer to the United States, with fewer islands to visit, and lots of options for accommodations, Puerto Rico is the more budget-friendly option for travelers versus Hawaii, especially from the United States east coast. It has a unique mix of culture, beaches, and activities that make it a fun place to getaway!

Even so, Hawaii might be the right choice for you, if you’re looking for a unique travel experience that focalizes natural beauty. The final cost depends on how you plan and both can be more budget-friendly than you might imagine. For a better idea of how the costs and expenses work out in each destination, keep reading!

Airlines and Routes: Comparing Flight Costs to Puerto Rico and Hawaii

Is Puerto Rico cheaper than Hawaii for vacation? Oftentimes, it will depend on where you need to travel from. Flights to Puerto Rico tend to be cheaper, due to its closer proximity to the continental United States. This is especially true for travelers on the east coast or in the south. Since Puerto Rico is close by, flights tend to be more frequent and affordable.

flights to Hawaii

On the flip side, flights to Hawaii can be much more expensive because it is a popular destination and it is located further away from the US mainland. Airfare costs to Hawaii can also add up if you’re interested in visiting more than one island. Flights tend to be the cheapest flying directly into Honolulu, so if you’re planning to visit Honolulu is your best bet!

Despite this, both locations can be expensive to fly depending on the time of year you want to go! Make sure you’re looking at your travel dates and booking in advance. To get the best deals, take advantage of Trip Support’s Book Now Pay Later flights!

Activities and Attractions: Is Puerto Rico or Hawaii More Cost Effective?

If you’re looking for variety, Hawaii beats Puerto Rico on activities. Across all of its islands, Hawaii offers activities for various interests, such as volcano walks, beautiful beaches, the Scenic Road to Hana in Maui, luaus, and more! The wide variety of outdoor activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, hiking, and more gives you options, though some of these activities will come at a hefty price tag, the same is true in Puerto Rico.

Travel to Hawaii

While you can find plenty of activities in Puerto Rico, there is generally a bit less variety. You can enjoy the same watersports, visit Old San Juan for a walking tour, or escape into the jungle for some hiking. These activities tend to be more budget-friendly but do not offer the same variety as you’ll find throughout Hawaii. That gets back to our question: is Puerto Rico cheaper than Hawaii for vacation? Generally, yes again. If you’re interested in doing paid activities, beyond hiking or watersports, Puerto Rico gives you more bang for your buck, while Hawaii offers a wider assortment. Don’t forget to explore the best restaurants in Puerto Rico with a view for a memorable dining experience amidst stunning scenery.

Transportation Costs: Getting Around the Islands

The meaning of transportation can vary quite a lot. In Hawaii, as mentioned, if you are planning to island-hop in Hawaii, your costs will be higher due to extra airfare. Getting a rental car on the island can be quite difficult since they’re in high demand. So. if you plan to explore a particular island broadly, it is a good idea to reserve in advance. Otherwise, ride-share apps, taxis, and public transportation can get you around within budget.

Shipping is cheaper in Puerto Rico than in Hawaii

In Puerto Rico, you can expect transportation costs to be lower. Generally, tourists will stay in and around San Juan. This minimizes the distance traveled and the associated costs. You’ll have options for getting around, whether by taxi, rental car, ride-share, or public transportation. The public transportation system in San Juan is reliable and affordable, making transportation in Puerto Rico largely a better bargain than in Hawaii.

Budget-Friendly Vacation Options in Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico cheaper than Hawaii for vacation? As we’ve discussed, generally yes. But how expensive your vacation will depend on where you stay. If you’re trying to get the best on a budget, check out these budget-friendly vacation options in Puerto Rico!

Vacation Options in Puerto Rico
  • Dreamcatcher by DW, San Juan – for a boutique hotel experience without breaking the budget in San Juan, consider the lovely Dreamcatcher by DW property. This beautiful property, located just a block from Escambron Beach, focalizes wellness, with in-room massages, yoga classes, and a lovely, private outdoor terrace for guests to enjoy. The bohemian style, vegetarian meals, and wellness-focus will have you relaxed in no time! With only 19 rooms on the property you’ll feel you’ve found an exclusive paradise.
  • Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa: If you’d rather have the resort experience on a budget, check out Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa. This beautiful property in Guánica, Puerto Rico, offers a tropical escape, with sprawling gardens, private balconies or terraces for every room, and on-site activities, you won’t be bored. Spend your days at the beach, at the pool, or at the tranquil Ni Spa. No matter what kind of beach getaway sounds right for you, the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa can make it happen!

Budget-Friendly Vacation Options in Hawaii

As discussed, though Hawaii tends to be a more expensive vacation spot, it doesn’t have to break your budget. Consider these budget-friendly vacation options if you’ve got your heart set on Hawaii!

Vacation Options in Hawaii
  • Queen Kapiolani: Just a short walk from Kuhio Beach and the Honolulu Zoo, Queen Kapiolani Hotel is a great option for those wishing to stay in Honolulu without breaking the bank. With a gorgeous pool and lounge area included, you can enjoy the Hawaiian sun from the comfort of your hotel. It also gives you a great jumping off point to explore the rest of Honolulu!
  • Plantation Hale Suites: Located on the eastern coast of Kauai, Plantation Hale Suites offers budget-friendly accommodations. The property is located a short walk away from the sandy beach of Waipouli Beach. With three outdoor pools and two hot tubs, you won’t be short on outdoor fun options. Plus, the rooms all have basic kitchen appliances, such as a stovetop, refrigerator, oven, and microwave, in case you want to cook to keep your costs down.

What is Right for Your Next Vacation? Puerto Rico or Hawaii?

Only you can decide what the best vacation location for you is! While both Puerto Rico and Hawaii offer gorgeous beaches, there are some real differences in the activities that await you and the price you can expect to pay. Though Puerto Rico tends to be more budget-friendly, Hawaii can also be an amazing place to getaway and step into a different culture. No matter which of these amazing destinations you choose, there is a way to travel on a budget. Check on the expert info on Trip Support, and make sure you take advantage of their Book Now Pay Later flights for the best deals!


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