We Rank the Best Places to Travel in Canada on a Budget

Jan 18 , 2024 · 7 min read
We Rank the Best Places to Travel in Canada on a Budget

From the natural beauty of Niagara Falls to the exciting center of Toronto, Canada is an amazing place to travel. But what if you need to travel on a budget? Don’t worry; travel to Canada doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of cheap places to travel in Canada! Keep reading to see our top suggestions for budget-friendly travel in Canada!

Can you travel to Canada on a budget?

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Although travel in Canada can certainly get expensive, it doesn’t have to be! If you choose one of the cheap places to travel in Canada and plan intentionally, you can keep costs low. Here are a few common categories you can save on and how:

What are the best cheap places to travel in Canada?

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It can be difficult to know where the best budget locations in Canada are, when you’re just looking at a map. Don’t worry! We’ve identified some of the best budget-friendly travel destinations in Canada for you! Look below to see some of the amazing, cheap destinations you can explore during your next trip!

Montreal, Quebec

As the second largest city in Quebec, Montreal is an urban paradise, located on an island in the Saint Lawrence River. You can enjoy the urban development alongside the charm of Old Montreal’s history. Since Montreal is a larger city, it has a lively culture with lots of activities to enjoy. For those seeking budget travel experiences in Canada, Montreal hosts lots of festivals, artistic events, and free performances throughout the year. If you’re paying attention to the local calendar, you can get much (if not all) of the entertainment on your trip for free in Montreal!

Travel to Montreal, Quebec

Ottawa, Ontario

Although Ottawa is the capital, it is still among the cheap places to travel in Canada! Since it is the capital, it has all the amenities and activities you can expect, plus it gives you the unique opportunity to explore Canadian history. There are activities and attractions for everyone in Ottawa, from Parliament hill to the Royal Canadian Mint, there are so many museums and cultural attractions to explore during the day. Then, during the night, you can take a step into the culinary scene, covering cuisines from around the world. Whether you visit in winter to ice skate on the famous Rideau Canal or in the summer to take advantage of nearby white-water rafting, there really is no bad time to visit Ottawa!

Travel to Ottawa, Ontario

Quebec City, Quebec

For an old-world feel city with French-Canadian flair (on a budget), Quebec City is a great option! With gorgeous cobblestone streets and charming historical buildings, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world, especially if you visit Old Québec, the cherished UNESCO World Heritage site. Traveling through Quebec City also gives you the opportunity to get to know French-Canadian culture specifically. People in Quebec City are very proud of their heritage, and you’ll find plenty of cultural activities that’ll help you get to know the people and their culture. Plus, on average, you’ll be saving about 20% versus larger cities in Quebec, such as Montreal!

travel to Quebec City, Quebec

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia may not be the first thing that comes to mind for cheap places to travel in Canada, but it is well worth a visit! You’ll find this coastal city along the Atlantic coast in Northern Canada. Even though Halifax is one of Canada’s oldest cities, it has retained a feeling of community and small-town charm throughout the years. The Halifax waterfront boasts lots of shops, restaurants, museums, and markets to explore; not to mention the delicious seafood! You can also take advantage of the top-tier museums, from Citadel Hill to the Canadian Museum of Immigration. With the vibrant waterfront-lifestyle, you won’t regret getting to know this Canadian gem!

travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Up in the northern reaches of Canada, you’ll find the wonderful capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg! Winnipeg is a wonderful, budget destination in Canada that provides amazing culture and arts, as well as wonderful outdoor activities. Whether you want to spend the day in a gallery or out in the wild, Winnipeg can meet all your needs! If you do visit, you’ll want to make sure to visit The Forks, the meeting point of two incredible rivers and people, with an impressive retail space. Saint-Boniface allows you to step into history through the city’s French quarter, which is bound to stun you. No matter what you do, Winnipeg offers a wealth of fun things to do at the fraction of the cost of other cities in the country.

travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is a surprisingly vibrant and budget-friendly city for travelers. If you visit Edmonton, you can experience some of the indigenous-led experiences the city is known for. From there, you can try out indigenous tourism or outdoor experiences, like nature workshops or arts like printmaking. Within the city, you’ll find a wide variety of foods, shopping, museums, sports, and events, so there is something for everyone who visits. If you’re truly trying to travel on a budget, Edmonton is great because it has several free attractions, such as the Neon Sign Museum, to keep you busy! Plus, with an amazing public transportation system to boot, you will have no problem getting around the city cheaply!

travel to Edmonton, Alberta

Whistler, BC

During the winter, Whistler is one of the most sought-after ski destinations in the world. With luxury accommodations and high-end skiing, it is nearly impossible to travel there on a budget in the high season. However, when the snow melts, the majestic mountain views are still there, but there are far fewer tourists around. If you enjoy hiking, outdoor adventure, and camping, you can visit Whistler during the summer. Although the town isn’t as packed as it would be in the winter, you’ll still find friendly people and wonderful adventures awaiting you in Whistler during the summer.

travel to Whistler, BC

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

For a mix of natural beauty, nightlife, and culture scene, you can’t go wrong with traveling to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! Known as the “Paris of the Prairies,” this city is best known for the gorgeous river valley it inhabits and the eight iconic bridges stretching over the river. Take some time to reconnect with nature by exploring hiking trails nearby or get to know the locals at the bustling farmers’ market. Although the city is small, it has active nightlife, with a variety of delicious restaurants, bars, and breweries to enjoy. Saskatoon also offers a wealth of cultural and historic gems, through the Remai Modern Museum, Western Development Museum, and more.

travel to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Traveling to Canada on a budget? Yes, you can!

With all these amazing, cheap places to travel in Canada, there is no excuse to not put Canada on your travel wish list! In fact, there are a variety of destinations that can cater to all types of travelers. Once you’re ready to design your next adventure, make sure you take advantage of Book Now Pay Later Flights with Trip Support to keep your travel costs as low as possible!


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