Best Time to Visit Riviera Maya

Apr 24 , 2022 · 10 min read

If the Riviera Maya is calling your name, you might be wondering when is the best time to visit. Long sunny days that have a gentle breeze with balmy evenings are just perfect. Stormy, dark days during vacation time are a nightmare. So let’s get ready by looking at how the Riviera Maya weather usually is all year round.

Then you can make a calculated decision and get that sun-kissed vacation in Quintana Roo that you’ve been longing for. 

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Hot Is Hot

Visit Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya, a stretch of Caribbean coastline on Mexico’s northeastern Yucatán Peninsula, has nice weather almost all year round. It is hot, as is most of the Caribbean.

You won’t need much warm clothing and if you bring a warm jacket, on the airplane might be the only time you use it. That is why the all-inclusive luxury resorts are usually running with high occupancy rates and the gorgeous beaches are full of happy sun-seekers.

The Riviera Maya has two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is from May to October and the dry season is from October to April. In terms of temperatures, the highest numbers are seen from around March or April until about October. September and October are the rainiest months.

The rain also brings cooler temperatures, but most visitors would still consider it quite hot. Most months see less than two inches of rainfall, except for May to October, which usually sees about four to six inches per month. Humidity is another factor to consider.

Humid Riviera Maya weather makes it feel hotter than it might be, and some people like to avoid the humid months, which are from March through October.  Most travelers get used to humidity or don’t even notice it because they are so excited to hit the beach or go out sightseeing.

While these patterns we’ve just discussed are normal, the weather patterns around the world are changing due to global warming and other factors. So we never know for sure if a season might come early or late or have weather that isn’t characteristic. 

Here is a quick guide to show what you can expect for highs and lows in Fahrenheit throughout the year. 

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Everywhere Needs Rain

Rain in Riviera Maya

While we like to have minimal or even on rainy days during our vacation, we should remember it is essential for the environment to survive and thrive. While holidaymakers might be disappointed to see dark clouds about to burst, the locals will be rejoicing that their water supplies, plants, trees, and animals are about to get what they need.

Keep in mind when it does rain in the tropics, it usually isn’t for long. Rain can be refreshing. Overcast weather conditions can be great for photography, casting an even light that is even and soft. Also, even gentle rain sends most people from the beach to their hotels, but when it stops, you can find yourself with the beach all to yourself. So if it does rain, why not make the most of it?

Seeking shelter in a funky beach bar for an hour can be a fun way to spend some time, especially if your barman is good at shaking up tropical cocktails. The storm could roll away before you finish your second margarita.

If it does rain a bit longer, there’s still plenty to do in the Riviera Maya, both inside and outside. Here are some ideas for indoor activities:

What's The Best Time Of Year to Travel?

What's The Best Time to Visit Riviera Maya

Any time of the year is great to visit Riviera Maya. If you want the most chance of sunny days and love hot weather, you have the high season. With that comes higher room rates and more people on the beaches, at the hotels and resorts and at tourist attractions. 

Shoulder season can be nice with fewer people and lower prices. If you don’t mind a little rain, the low season can be great too because you can get real bargains and have most places to yourself. So the best time to travel to Riviera Maya really depends on what you value most and your personal preferences and budget. 

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Mosquitos, Sunburn, Seaweed And Other Things That Come With Certain Riviera Maya Weather

Riviera Maya

As the seasons change and the Riviera Maya weather does, too, certain things follow. Some are annoying or dangerous, but not so much if you are prepared. Let’s look at some of them that we see in the Riviera Maya area and throughout the tropics.

They buzz around and suck your blood. Mosquitos can be annoying when they bite, causing irritation and itchiness. Worst-case scenario, pesky mosquitoes can carry diseases like the Zika virus, dengue fever, chikungunya and malaria.

Zika virus can be especially dangerous for pregnant women. Some of the symptoms are fever, joint pain and fatigue. The other viruses give similar symptoms. If you suspect you are suffering from an illness caused by a mosquito, head straight to a doctor to get a correct diagnosis, as taking the wrong medication can make the issue worse. Prevention is the best cure. Your doctor can prescribe malaria tablets, and you can get mosquito repellent from your pharmacy in spray form or discreet plasters that you can hide under your clothing which is easier than applying repellent every time you go out.

Travel tip: mosquitos don’t like citrus, especially lime juice, which is often included in a garnish in food and drinks. If you find yourself at a restaurant and have forgotten the repellent, squeeze a little juice on your skin. A bit sticky but worth it to avoid the bites.

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and come out mainly in the early morning and evening. Wearing long-sleeved tops and pants can help too.

Light but long-sleeved tops and pants can help protect against the sun’s harmful rays too. Use plenty of sunblock and wear hats and sunglasses. The sight of sunburnt tourists walking around is common in the Caribbean because it’s easy to get burnt when you are not used to such heat.

Even being in or around the water can give you a sunburn, even if you are in the shade, so take care, especially if you have children and/or are fair-skinned. Always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. From the subject of sunburn to seaweed washed up on the beach. It is a problem in many parts of Mexico, including Riviera Maya. During certain times of the year, it washes up on the beach.

While it isn’t so pretty, the real problem is its damage to the environment and creatures living under the sea. It blocks the sunlight to the reefs and as it rots, it releases substances that hurt the sea life. It also smells bad and can make it difficult to swim in some areas. Many resorts do clean it up, while others don’t.

Finally, let’s talk about hurricanes. The most likely month for one to strike is September or October, which are the months best avoided since they have the highest rainfall recordings on average annually. But thanks to modern technology, weather experts can predict when a hurricane is coming. Most hotels and resorts stay on top of any potential hurricane forecasts so guests can be moved if deemed necessary.

Natural disasters during travel are unlikely but possible, which is why we always recommend investing in travel insurance. Just in case you do find yourself in the middle of a wild natural disaster, you will be covered for any costs and have peace of mind even if it’s not needed. Travel insurance should be purchased even for short trips.

How To Beat The Heat In Riviera Maya

luxury hotel in Riviera Maya

Your luxury hotel with air conditioning is often like a cool oasis after a long day out sightseeing. Cranking up the air con and grabbing a cool drink is a blissful way to end a busy day. Or at least to cool off before you get showered and dressed up for dinner and maybe a night on the town.

Your resort will probably have a nice swimming pool which you might use to cool off several times a day. Of course, there is the ocean that might be just moments away from your hotel too. Speaking of swimming, when you need to cool off in the turquoise waters, make sure you are not alone. For safety reasons, always swim with someone else or have a friend onshore watching you.

Many popular resort areas in Riviera Maya have lifeguards on duty, but if you are roaming secluded beaches and coves, stay safe by never swimming alone. A spa treatment can be another way to beat the heat. The spa treatment rooms are always kept at an optimal temperature, so your spa experience is just perfect.

Book your spa treatments for the hottest time of the day when you don’t want to be out in the sun, and if you feel sleepy afterward, you can have an afternoon siesta. Many Mexicans still take a siesta or short snooze every afternoon and return to work refreshed and energetic for the rest of the workday. You are on vacation, so you don’t really need an excuse anyway.

If you are going to indulge in a mid-day spa treatment book in advance, as many others will probably have the same bright idea. Of course, the classic cool down in the tropics is hitting the beach bar. The cool breeze, cold beers and maybe a fan running full bore will keep you as cool as a cucumber. Nothing beats an impromptu cocktail hour to fend off the heat, even in the hottest months when it is sweltering hot in the Caribbean.

There are two times that most people pray for great weather. That is their wedding day and vacation days, all or most of them if possible. The Weather Man doesn’t always deliver what we expect and the Caribbean can serve up some unpredictable weather conditions. But by following the Riviera Maya weather patterns from previous years, we can get a fairly good prediction. So book your flights and tickets and dive into paradise. Riviera Maya is a fantastic place for your next vacation.

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