Cancun vs Riviera Maya vs Cozumel [Which is Better?]

Feb 2 , 2021 · 3 min read

Immaculate white sands akin to powdered sugar beneath your feet and glistening azure water line the gorgeous coast of Mexico, making it a popular destination for travelers from all around the world looking for some relaxing time under the warm rays of the beaming sun. Choosing the right location within Mexico is as important as remembering to pack your passport. Look as we compare three of the top destinations in Mexico to assist you in making an almost impossible choice a little bit easier. 


cancun is the best resort in mexico

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When one conjures up images of wild spring break beach parties, Cancun inevitably comes to mind, and for good reason, as it offers the most nightclubs and trendy high-rise hotels. This Mexican city on the Yucatan Peninsula is famous for its energetic nightlife in addition to its beautiful beaches and unparalleled weather. The main Hotel Zone is less than ten miles from the Cancun International Airport, making this area the most convenient regarding travel times to and from the airport. The massive resorts here offer an endless array of activities and amenities, with world-class shopping, nightclubs, and restaurants conveniently located close by for those wanting to venture away from their hotel.

Best Spot For: Guests looking for a high-energy, party-like atmosphere.

🟢 Pros: Lots of Activities; Close to the airport, large shops, and nightclubs

🔴 Cons: Can be Crowded, especially during spring break; Commercialized Atmosphere/Lacks Authenticity

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Cozumel resort

Cozumel, the “island of swallows” is near Playa del Carmen and offers an experience that is more relaxed than can be found in Cancun, but make no mistake, no one will be bored on this island in paradise! The resorts and hotels here tend to be on the smaller side, with most of them facing Riviera Maya to the west, gifting visitors with the most alluring sunsets in warm hues of red, orange and gold. Follow in the steps of Jacques Cousteau and scuba dive to the second largest barrier reef on Earth as he did in 1961 or walk the cobblestone streets of San Miguel and marvel at the historic buildings and town square.

Best Spot For: Scuba Divers and Snorkelers

🟢Pros: Varied mix of cultural, thrilling, and relaxing experiences

🔴Cons: Crowds at times from the large cruise terminal

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya resort

This idyllic spot on the map features the most elegant accommodations offering high-end facilities and amenities, glistening pools, lush grounds, and numerous gourmet dining options. While Riviera Maya is a much further drive from the International Airport, the time spent in transit is well worth the reward. Not only are the beaches at the sprawling resorts here flawlessly maintained, but you are only two hours or so from Chichen Itza, a large complex of Mayan ruins – and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World!

Best Spot For: Guests looking for a luxuriously relaxing vacation, with access to a slew of outside attractions. The best of both worlds! 

🟢Pros: Private, safe, and secure resorts; Uncrowded, pristine beaches

🔴Cons: Distance from the airport

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