Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Sep 23 , 2022 · 9 min read

The sunny village of Sayulita on Mexico’s Pacific is framed by the pretty Sierra Madre Occidental mountains and decorated with beautiful beaches. 

Best Hotels In Sayulita

Your time in Sayulita is going to be full of travel experiences that are vibrant, colorful and exciting. Roam art galleries and shops with art by Huichol indigenous people, take a boat trip to sport humpback whales and dolphins or take photos on the street decorated with flags. When it’s time to go back to your accommodation to relax, you want somewhere nice. So we’ve curated a list of the best hotels in Sayulita. From the best bargains to the height of luxury, we’ve found the places you might like to stay.

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Traveling On A Budget

Hotel rooms in Mexico are affordable compared to many other countries so you can stretch your vacation money out to last here. The hotels in the low budget range mentioned are basic yet comfortable and pleasant. If you spend a lot of time sightseeing and want to have an extended holiday, a budget stay can help you achieve your goals. 


  1. Junto al Rio Beachfront Bungalows and Suites

  2. Sayulita Central Hotel

  3. Hotel Vista Oceana

  4. Selina Sayulita

  5. La Redonda Sayulita Hotel

Boutique hotels

  1. Siete Lunas

  2. Amor Boutique Hotel

  3. Aurinko Bungalows

  4. Petit Hotel Hafa

Mid-range digs

  1. Hotel Ysuri Sayulita

  2. Hotel Diamante Sayulita

Luxury Stays

  1. Avela Hotel

  2. Casa Makawe

Selina Sayulita

Selina Sayulita In Mexico

This affordable option is modern, cozy and even has a swimming pool. You are right in the downtown area, making it easy to access shopping, tourist attractions and entertainment. 

Prices start from CA $55/night.

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Sayulita Central Hotel

Sayulita Central Hotel In Sayulita Mexico

Just step out of your room, and you are moments from the beach and downtown area for shopping and restaurants. The bright and colorful decor matches the happy attitude of the staff, and you will have everything you need for a budget stay.

Prices start from CA $124/night.

La Redonda Sayulita Hotel

La Redonda Sayulita Hotel In Sayulita Mexico

Relax in the lounge or garden with fellow travelers who have arrived in Sayulita looking for an adventure. 

Prices start from CA $49/night.

Hotel Vista Oceana

Hotel Vista Oceana In Sayulita Mexico

Who says budget can’t be by the ocean? Welcome to Hotel Vista Oceana, a cheap hotel with wonderful sea views. You don’t have far to go when you feel like a swim in the ocean.

Prices start from CA $91/night.

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Junto al Rio Beachfront Bungalows and Suites

hotel In Sayulita Mexico

This low-cost hotel makes the most of nature around with rooms made out of sand, bamboo and palm trees. Right on the beach and just a short walk to the village, this is one of the hotels in Sayulita that is often fully booked.

Prices start from CA $150/night.

Boutique Hotels

Small hotels always have a laidback vibe, beautiful decor, and attentive staff to guests’ needs. In Mexico, boutique hotels are like this: chic Mexican decor that is thoughtfully designed and a team who are generous with their time and have local knowledge while delivering top service that will impress you to no end. 


Petit Hotel Hafa

Petit Hotel Hafa In Sayulita Mexico

Mexican and Moroccan styles blend beautifully at this charming Sayulita stay. The bright red entrance is unmissable and the decor inside is just as striking. Guests are often seen taking photos and selfies around the hotel because of the dramatic decor that is so Instagram-worthy.

The price starts from CA $101/adult.

Siete Lunas

Siete Lunas In Sayulita Mexico

High on the mountain overlooking Sayulita Beach, your accommodation has a swimming pool and jungle decor that is really cool. There are only seven rooms making it truly boutique so book early if this place looks like your style. With a focus on wellbeing, peaceful moments and rejuvenation, you are sure to feel well rested and happy when you check in. 

The price starts from CA $386/night.

Aurinko Bungalows

Aurinko Bungalows In Sayulita Mexico

If you are into yoga or surfing, these bungalows in the heart of the town will win your travel-loving heart. The decor is bright and breezy, with a tasteful tropical look. With a chilled-out vibe that makes it easy to relax, your stay will be magically zen-like. 

The price starts from CA $103/night.

Amor Boutique Hotel

Best Hotels In Sayulita Mexico

Expect the best service at this gorgeous hotel that gives guests complimentary yoga classes and surfboard use. Your biggest decision of the day will be to laze at the pool or walk to the beach. Plenty of time will be spent in your room that has cool concrete floors and high bamboo ceilings. The new ocean view luxury villas on the highest level of the hotel are fabulous for couples or anyone who likes some privacy.

The price starts from CA $138/night.

Mid-range Digs

Hotels In Sayulita Mexico

Research well, and you can get the best of both worlds with the mid-range hotels in Sayulita. That means a great room rate and a stay that feels like you are a VIP. You are spoiled for choice with many options in the mid-range budget. 

Hotel Diamante Sayulita

Hotel Diamante Sayulita In Mexico

Your 4-star hotel in Sayulita has a great reputation for comfortable rooms, helpful staff and service with a smile. It is an adults-only hotel with a swimming pool and free Wifi. The online reviews are positive and mostly highlight the great value and convenient location. Near the town center and main beach, you have all you could need while vacationing in this artsy Mexican village. 

The price starts from CA $102/night.

Hotel Ysuri Sayulita

Hotel Ysuri Sayulita In Mexico

It is the hotel where the jungle meets the ocean. Rooms come with amazing views of the sea and a restaurant that leaves you hungry for more. The Royal Penthouse or Premium Penthouse is lovely, as are the jacuzzi suites. Wander around the well-kept gardens, enjoy the views or swim in the swimming pool with stunning views of the blue sea. 

Prices start from CA $152/night.

Luxury Stays

Splash out and stay somewhere nice for your whole time in Sayulita or maybe just the last few nights. Huge infinity pools, swim-up bars with extensive menus, fancy spas and rooms that are so gorgeous you could happily stay there for the whole day; all come what luxury stays in Sayulita. 

Casa Makawe

Stylish and modern, this relatively new-on-the-scene hotel will make you feel like an A-lister. The great part of staying in a new hotel is the assurance it will look like it does on the website in real life. In the downtown area near the beach but still very peaceful with lovely gardens and an infinity pool that is amazing, you will have a relaxing stay with all the luxury you could hope for. Casa Makawe is an adults-only hotel. 

The price starts from CA $221/night.

Avela Boutique Hotel

Avela Boutique Hotel In Sayulita Mexico

Wake up and see a scenic view of the mountains before you head for a continental breakfast fit for royalty. The Avela Boutique Hotel is a well-known accommodation option for travelers who love to stay somewhere high-class and special. Go for a massage at the spa, swim in the spacious pool or book a cooking class at the front desk.

The prices start from CA $270/night.

So there you have a great selection of hotels with wonderful features, services and amenities that many travelers appreciate. There are many more hotels to discover in Sayulita, with new ones opening every season. It is a popular vacation destination that is getting more and more well known, so the demand for high-quality hotels with well-trained staff is high.

If you are wondering about whether to tip hotel staff while staying in Sayulita, Mexico, we have the answer. It is customary to leave a small tip of US$1-5 each day for each night you book your accommodation. It is better to tip every day rather than at the end of your stay as the staff rotates shifts so that you might give one big tip to one person. Some well-traveled people like to tip hard workers who don’t usually get tipped. Gardeners and maintenance staff, for example, work very hard but rarely get tipped. You could make someone’s day very amazing by being a kind and creative tipper.

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