Top Things To Do in Sayulita Nayarit Mexico

Oct 15 , 2022 · 8 min read

Sayulita is a charming Mexican village on the Pacific coast. Beautiful beaches with a backdrop of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains are the main attraction, along with so much to see and do beyond the gorgeous sandy shores that are ideal for surfing. So if you want to know the top things to do in Sayulita.

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Sayulita was previously a little surfer town, then grew into a world-class vacation destination geared towards luxury stays cultural experiences and beach life. With all that, no wonder it’s so popular for tourists who return year after year to their favorite Mexican paradise.

Here are six reasons or the top things to do in Sayulita that will let you have a fabulous time. 

The Beach Life

beautiful beaches

Just an hour from Puerto Vallarta International Airport, you arrive at Sayulita’s beautiful beaches. Postcard-perfect scenes of white sand beach, blue skies, and azure waters await, and most people check into their accommodation and dash straight to the beach to check out all the beauty.

If you ever had the urge to learn to surf, why not now? Sayulita has excellent surf conditions, so many surf schools offer beginners lessons through to pros. Gaining or updating your PADI scuba diving certification is also possible in Sayulita. The diving is excellent most of the year, with clear visibility and thriving and diverse sea life. 

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Swimming, sunbathing and water sports can be enjoyed at most Sayulita beaches but be careful where the waves are big. Always swim with someone else and try to find areas with lifeguards. The Sayulita volunteer lifeguard program operates in the busiest beach areas and the team of lifeguards in bright yellow and red rash vests keeps swimmers safe every day of the week. There are about 28 volunteers actively giving their spare time to guarding the Sayulita coastline.

If the season is right, you might also have the wonderful experience of releasing turtles in Sayulita. Turtle conservation is extensive in Sayulita, with many species already endangered. Female sea turtles arrive at the beach during nesting season to lay their eggs which hatch about 45 days later. Most eggs hatch between July and December. This is the time they are released into the ocean.

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Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing In Mexico

What better place to learn salsa dancing than Mexico? Blending culture, fitness and socializing, a salsa dance lesson is a fun experience and will be a fond travel memory. It’s also cool to see locals dance the salsa and Bachata at events and salsa bars if hitting the dance floor is out of your comfort zone.

Head to Selina on a Wednesday for the best salsa sessions in town. You can see the fast and sexy salsa moves or more sensual Bachata dance performances and enjoy a fun night out. A few big tequila shots and you might join in too! Don Pedro’s Restaurant and Bar has salsa nights to go along with their seafood tostadas and pizzas if you are in the mood for Western food. Get there early to grab a table at the oceanside terrace.

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Visit the Sayulita Hippie Market

Travel to Mexico

This indie-style market was Sayulita’s first claim to fame and how many visitors first heard about this Mexican town. Named Mercado artisanal by the locals, you can find an interesting array of colorful and unique arts and crafts. Many are well-made and good value for money and if you are going around Mexico, this is one great place for souvenir shopping. You can find this awesome market within walking distance of Selina Hotel every Sunday. 

Hike Monkey Mountain

Nayarit Mexico

On the outskirts of Sayulita is one of the most epic hikes that takes about four hours for people with a reasonable fitness level. It is more about endurance in the heat than difficulty so take your time and stock up on plenty of water, food and supplies essential for hiking in the heat. As you climb through the jungle, you will be motivated to reach the peak to see 360-degree views of the bay and jungle tops. You might be lucky enough to spot whales in the distance.

Booking a tour with an experienced guide is the safest and most pleasurable way to see Monkey Mountain, also known as Cerro del Mono. They will tell you about the history of the mountain and surrounding area and stories about life in Sayulita along the way. 

You can also hike yourself if you are an experienced hiker, as many locals often do. Sadly you won’t see any monkeys on the mountain, despite the name that hints the furry creatures live there.

But a fun fact is that the name comes from the monos (little clay statues) the naive people used to put around the mountain to look over the land and ocean. The Spanish use the word mono for money, which got lost in translation over the years. 

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Yoga and Wellness

Sayulita is a beautiful place

If you are seeking a wellness retreat, yoga classes, or some healing for a health issue, Sayulita is a beautiful place to be. From chakratic yoga to afro-fusion dance to intuitive massage, there are many wellness treatments, classes and methods to explore. Some are taught and given by locals, while others are from ex-pats who have made Sayulita home.

It might be your first time trying an ice bath or reiki or journey onto a path of enlightenment. Your mind, body, and soul will be rejuvenated after your vacation in Sayulita. These are just a few things to do in Sayulita.

Sayulita Dining

eat in Nayarit Mexico

All your favorite Mexican dishes, like burritos, tacos, and ceviche, taste so much better in Sayulita. Authentic dishes full of flavor backed up by local drinks make every meal a delight. Sayulita has heaps of amazing restaurants and the prices are affordable. From fancy dining at La Rustica to cheap eats at family-owned restaurants, you can find many places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Even the street food is wonderful for a bite on the go as your cruise around sightseeing in Sayulita.

Try El Itacate for excellent steak tacos, cheese-loaded burritos, and vegetarian options. You won’t be sorry because this place is impossible to visit just once.

Vegetarian options are also featured on this menu filled with all your favorite spicy dishes. If you need more of a light meal or snack, head to Anchor Cafe. With big smoothies, healthy bowls and great coffee, you can swing by and grab something or hang around for a while and soak up the cafe culture. They also have bagels, eggs, and toast in a cozy atmosphere where the staff is always smiling.

For a long weekend, a few weeks, or even longer in Sayulita, you will never have a dull moment. There are many more things to see and do, including visiting art galleries and shops with works by the Huichol indigenous people, boat trips to spot humpback whales and dolphins and having a photo shoot on the famous street decorated with flags. Your vacation in Sayulita is going to be loaded with fun travel experiences that are colorful and inspiring.

You will also miss Sayulita when you leave, so many people return annually or whenever possible.

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Still, many people who don’t mind some rain and love travel deals choose this time of year to go.

Sayulita has around 2.5k residents, with the population growing by many thousands during high season. It is a wonderful holiday destination gaining in popularity as more people hear about this great Mexican town. So, if you are planning to visit, the above things to do in Sayulita may help you make your trip even better.

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