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About Buffalo

Buffalo, New York is a beautiful city in upstate New York with a collection of impressive art deco buildings. It’s also perfectly situated for a fantastic vacation – you can experience the best of the city, the suburbs, and the outdoors – the city is located near Niagara Falls.

General Weather

Buffalo typically sees moderately snowy winters and hot and humid summers. Although the summers in Buffalo are considered relatively dry, there is still a sufficient amount of rain.

Things to Do

Get an overview of the city of Buffalo from the observation tower at Buffalo City Hall. Explore Delaware Park – a beautiful and large park that was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead who is best known for designing Central Park in Manhattan. The Darwin D. Martin House, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed property, is also located in Buffalo and is open for tours throughout most of the year. You can also visit the William McKinley Assassination Plaque which indicates the place where William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States, was assassination.

When in buffalo, be sure to try chicken wings in buffalo sauce. The sauce is available most places you can buy chicken wings in the United States, but it originated here.

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