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If you are craving a trip to the big city, you might be wondering if Ottawa is open to tourists in 2021. The answer is yes!

You can travel within Canada to the capital city of Ottawa and around the province of Ontario without any restrictions. The Canadian border is open for fully vaccinated international travelers. Ottawa Tourism encourages people to check with local authorities for any changes but is currently open for business. 

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To Have An Adventure

If you are seeking thrills and adrenalin, Ottawa is ready for you. The list is endless with zip lining, sky diving, white water rafting, hiking, paddle boarding and more. There are also some really unique experiences for adventurous souls looking for fun.

For example, open cockpit biplane rides take off from the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and fly around the local Ottawa area giving you an exciting bird’s eye view of the city. Bungee jumping is another extreme sport adventure in Ottawa. Not for the faint-hearted, the bungee jump is one of the highest you will find, and you even get dipped in the water before bouncing back up into the sky. 

local Ottawa area

In winter, there are many outdoor activities to try, including ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing. Now is the time to book a winter wonderland vacation in the capital city of Ottawa. The city is open and ready for visitors.

To Kick Back And Relax

Why do we take vacations?

To unwind and relax is one of the major reasons as well as sightseeing and having new experiences. Quality time in the spa should definitely be on your itinerary and Ottawa has a fabulous lineup of luxury spas to indulge in. 

Le Blanc Spa Resort

Your hotel might have a spa so you can get a blissful massage then chill in your room. Or you could try the Norkik Spa-Nature, which is the biggest spa in North America.

Spa junkies will be happy to know there is accommodation at the spa so you can stay for days. They also have restaurants on-site, so you can make a day or night of your spa time.

To Indulge In Retail Therapy

Every vacation should involve shopping, and Ottawa has it all, from giant shopping malls to stylish boutiques to specialty stores. 613 Flea is a monthly not-for-profit market at Lansdowne Park.

It’s overflowing with all kinds of shopping, including fashion, accessories, home decor items, vintage finds, and food. If your vacation coincides with this big market, it’s not to be missed. ByWard Market Square, open most days, has a similar vibe and is also a great place to pick up your Ottawa souvenirs. 

To Fuel Up On The Best Food And Drink

Puerto Vallarta foods

The food scene in Ottawa is deliciously diverse, with restaurants, bistros, cafes, pubs, wineries, distilleries, and bar and grills all over the city. From cheap eats to fine dining experiences, you can easily find the place to fit your budget. Check the city event calendar to see if there are any food and wine festivals happening in the city.

Ottawa hosts many foodie-focused events throughout the year, especially in summer. For example, the Crave Food and Wine Festival is a feast of food and drinks from around the globe.

To Get Back To Nature In The City

You might think the urban metropolis is a strange place to connect with nature, but there are many opportunities to do so.

With wide-open green spaces and public parks, it is easy to find a quiet place in the city of Ottawa. In May, the whole area explodes with color as tulips bloom. It’s a beautiful time to be in town, and there are some stunning photo opportunities. 

More Ottawa Highlights

Ottawa Highlights

Thank goodness Ottawa is open to tourists because there is so much to see and do in the vibrant city. Here are some more interesting highlights to help you plan your vacation. There is something for everyone, including solo travelers, families, couples, and groups, and no matter how long your vacation is, you probably won’t get time to do everything. That is why so many visitors return to Ottawa time and time again. 

To welcome travelers to Ottawa, the tourism board is frequently running promotions, and other companies in the city also have special offers to welcome travelers back now that Ottawa is open to tourists. Why not take advantage of some great deals and promos? Now is the time to book your flight to Ottawa.

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