What Are The Most Popular Things To Do In Toronto With Kids?

Things To Do In Toronto

Toronto is a fun place to visit with children. When it comes to cities in Canada with lots to see and do with kids, Toronto is one of the best. You can easily keep the little ones and teenagers entertained rain or shine in Canada’s most highly populated metropolis. Here are some of the most […]

Where should I go for dinner in Toronto?

Toronto restaurant

Toronto is a paradise for foodies. With a melting pot of nationalities, you can easily find every kind of international cuisine and classic Canadian dishes if you have a sudden craving for poutine and pancakes. The options are vast and the quality is outstanding, so get your taste buds ready for a wonderful time. Here […]

All You Need to Know about Grouse Mountain Paragliding

Grouse Mountain Paragliding

Grouse mountain is part of the North Shore Mountains of the Pacific Ranges in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Candida. At 4,100 feet (1200 meters) at its highest point, it is the site for many high-altitude sports like skiing. The alpine ski area of the mountain is served by four chair lifts which makes the site […]

Haunt Manor Niagara Falls

haunt manor niagara falls

Niagara Falls are known for the lovely scenery, romantic charm, and plenty of family-friendly things. But did you know it has a scary and spooky side?  If you are looking for freaky and frightening memories for your Halloween in Niagara Falls, you are also covered. You will find a lot of scary mansions and haunted […]

Best Beer Cities In Canada 2021

Beer Cities In Canada

When it comes to beer cities in Canada, we say cheers to you for planning your vacation around a nice brew. Canada beer in Canada has a reputation for being amongst the most delicious in the world. There is always something new and innovative Brewing in every province, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Let’s […]

Romantic Hotels In Edmonton With Jacuzzi Suites

romantic hotels in edmonton

Are you yearning for a soak in a jacuzzi in Edmonton? There is nothing more romantic than a weekend away in a jacuzzi suite with your loved one. Grab some wine, a great book and make sure your romantic music playlist is up to date. The bubble bath and spa products are already in the […]

What Place Are the Blue Jays In

place are the blue jays in

Why are the blue jays a Canadian favorite? While hockey may be Canada’s most popular sport, there are a few others it shares the spotlight with. Baseball is one of them. Given as Canada is a winter-laden country, it is a welcome reprieve that Baseball is available for when people are not hitting the ice. […]

20 Beautiful Canadian Cities You Must Travel To In 2021

Beautiful Canadian Cities

Canada is a massive country with ten provinces covering nearly 10 million square kilometers of land. This makes it the second biggest country in the world behind Russia. It also makes your decision on where to vacation very difficult since all of Canada is beautiful. There are so many beautiful cities to visit. So we’ve […]

Local Farms for your Family

Local Farms for your Family

If you have never visited a farm, there is a lot you are missing out on. For those looking for a nice weekend plot, family day out, or just to explore, a farm is guaranteed to leave you with those aha moments. Farms are not all about food but fun things to do and a […]

Hiking on Marymere Falls at Olympic National park

olympic national park

Olympic National Park in Washington state covers a whopping 1 million Acres, and 9% of it is protected as a wilderness.  For most people, the thought of a national park evokes the typical image of a dark, damp, and achingly gorgeous temperate forest. But there’s more. There are tranquil lakeshores, roaring waterfalls, alpine highlands, and […]