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Trip to Curacao from Canada: All You Need To Know

Oct 18 , 2022 · 8 min read
Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

High-end resorts, gorgeous beaches, plenty of shopping, and vibrant nightlife make Curacao one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Did we mention the awesome diving, quaint old town with UNESCO World Heritage site status, and friendly locals? There is no better time to take a Trip to Curacao from Canada , so read on if you are ready to board your flight to paradise!

Where is Curacao?

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

Curacao is the C in the beautiful ABC islands. You can see Curacao on a map in the Southern Caribbean Sea, next to the beautiful islands of Aruba and Bonaire. Curaçao has been a constituent country within the Netherlands since 2010. 

How to get to Curacao from Canada

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

You can fly to Curacao from many airports in Canada on airlines like Air Canada, United Airlines, and Caribbean Airlines. You will land at Hato International Airport, also known as Curaçao International Airport.

Is Curacao safe to travel to?

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

Besides minor crimes and petty theft that you see in almost every country in the world, Curacao has a low crime rate and is considered a safe place to travel. Stay in the tourist areas to be extra safe and use your common sense and intuition, especially at night and when alone.

Carry digital forms of documents whenever possible with backups that you can easily access from any device (remember those passwords). Don’t go into isolated areas after dark or do anything that could be dangerous. Ask yourself if you would do that at home and if the answer is no, rethink your actions.

Always ensure your taxi is registered and agree on the fare before entering the vehicle, as most taxis don’t have meters. If you have a problem with taxi drivers or any other locals, the Curacao tourist police can help. They speak multiple languages and are there to assist with information and disputes.

Never leave your bags or belongings unattended and be street smart in crowded places. Always carry the address and phone number of where you stay in case you get lost. Having a paper copy and a digital copy is a good idea. Also, carry basic first aid supplies, snacks and water. It is hot in Curacao and easy to become dehydrated, which can lead to dizziness, fatigue, or heat stroke. 

Curacao Covid restrictions

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

We recommend you have your Covid vaccinations up to date before you a Trip to Curacao from Canada. Although proof of vaccination isn’t required to enter Curacao, situations can change quickly and you could have problems getting medical treatment if you are not vaccinated in some areas.

Do you need a passport to go to Curacao?

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

You need a valid passport with at least six months of validity when you depart for Curacao. US citizens can stay in Curaçao without a visa or permit for up to six consecutive months every year.

At the airport, before departure, passengers might be requested to show proof of a return ticket and sufficient funds for the period of their stay and where they will be staying. 

What language do they speak in Curacao?

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

Curaçao’s native language is Papiamentu. It is a Creole mix of African, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, English and Arawak Indian languages and you will hear it spoken widely as you explore Curacao.

Best time to visit Curacao

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

With wonderful weather all year round, you can pack your bags for Curacao anytime. The climate is consistently warm and sunny and you can be sure of blissful beach days on gorgeous stretches of sand like Cas Abou Beach, Playa Grandi, Blue Bay Beach Resort and Playa Kenepa.

May to November is the off-peak season which means low airfares and accommodation rates up to 50% lower than the high season. As well as saving money, fewer tourists are a plus this time of year.

December to April is busy with higher hotel rates and airfares as many people from colder countries head to the sunny shores of Curacao.

Curacao has many exciting events and festivals, so think about timing your Trip to Curacao from Canada to catch some of the following highlights on the Curacao events calendar: Carnaval, the KLM Curacao Marathon and the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival. There is always something going on on this vibrant island rich in arts and culture.

Trip Advice For Going to Curacao from Canada

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

If you are planning a Trip to Curacao from Canada, we want to remind you to book your cheap flights and accommodation early for the best rates. Booking tours on the ground after you arrive in Curacao is often cheaper than booking online. But there are exceptions, so if you spy a bargain online, do book it. Plus, with those costs checked off, you will know how much to budget for meals, transportation, shopping, entertainment and other expenses.

Finally, ensure you have locked in your travel insurance – it’s essential!

If you are booking tours after arriving in Curacao, choose ones recommended by your hotel or resort staff and with shining online reviews. Avoid those dirt cheap deals that seem too good to be true, especially if you are being pressured into booking on the spot.

Book a local tour guide for a few days to see parts of the island you might not find by yourself. As well as supporting the local community, you will learn about Barbados’s history, culture and lifestyle from a local. 

Be careful if you are on an adventure off the beaten track, especially in the evenings. If you are a solo traveler, it can be a good idea to connect with other solo travelers for some excursions or when checking out the nightlife. Make sure you have credit on your fully-charged phone and try to travel with someone else.

When using ATM machines, nobody is watching you input your PIN and, if in doubt, walk away. Rely on your instincts because often, they are spot on. Avoid wearing expensive-looking clothing, jewelry, or carrying luxury accessories. Don’t carry lots of cash and use digital payment methods when possible. 

Is Curacao expensive?

Traveling To Curacao From Canada: All You Need To Know

Compared to other Caribbean islands and countries, Barbados isn’t expensive. Tourist areas and imported goods mean higher prices, but if you buy locally and shop around, you can find the best prices. Also, you can reduce costs by booking all-inclusive hotels, dining at local eateries away from the main tourist areas and walking instead of catching taxis whenever possible. It all adds up and you can use that money for sunset cocktails!

Take toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, sunblock and also medicine with you. Many of those items cost more in Curacao than in Canada. Vacations and shopping go hand in hand, so purchase local products to take home with you. Beauty products like candles, soaps and spa items are lovely gifts for friends and family and to keep for yourself to evoke happy memories of your tropical vacation.

We hope this article has made you feel like it is time for a Curacao vacation in the Caribbean. This beautiful place is easy to reach from Canada and ticks all the boxes when it comes to tropical areas with plenty to see and do. From exotic beaches to culture, history, nightlight and nature, Curacao has it all packed in.

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