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20 Beautiful Canadian Cities You Must Travel To In 2022

Canada is a massive country with ten provinces covering nearly 10 million square kilometers of land. This makes it the second biggest country in the world behind Russia. It also makes your decision on where to vacation very difficult since all of Canada is beautiful. There are so many beautiful cities to visit. So we’ve […]


Local Farms for your Family

If you have never visited a farm, there is a lot you are missing out on. For those looking for a nice weekend plot, family day out, or just to explore, a farm is guaranteed to leave you with those aha moments. Farms are not all about food but fun things to do and a […]


Marymere Falls: Amazing Olympic National Park Waterfalls

Olympic National Park in Washington state covers a whopping 1 million Acres, and 9% of it is protected as a wilderness.  For most people, the thought of a national park evokes the typical image of a dark, damp, and achingly gorgeous temperate forest. But there’s more. There are tranquil lakeshores, roaring waterfalls, alpine highlands, and […]


Screamers Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls never said no to trick-or-treating. While Covid may have reduced door-to-door trick or treating and typical Halloween festivities spending Halloween in the Niagara region is unmissable. Even in the off-season, you will find many places to indulge in your fears and soil your pants—if it’s the kind of activity you like. It […]


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