Top Hotels and Gay Resorts in Mexico

Aug 13 , 2021 · 25 min read

From lush jungles and Mayan ruins to pristine beaches and wildlife-rich lagoons, Mexico is an incredibly diverse country with vacation spots that appeal to all sorts of vacationers. Even better, it’s a queer paradise that welcomes LGBTQ+ travelers with an inclusive spirit and vibe. Hence, if you’ve been looking for LGBTQ+-friendly travel destinations for your next vacation, pack up your bags and discover gay Mexico. For that, you will need a hotel that respects your lifestyle just to make it that much easier to create lifelong memories. We had a lovely time compiling this list of gay and gay-friendly resorts in Mexico. Read on to find more about them.

Gay resorts in Mexico

Casa Cupula

Puerto Vallarta is probably Mexico’s gay heaven, and Casa Cupula is one of the upscale LGBT-friendly resort situates on the southern side of Puerto Vallarta.  Despite not being an oceanfront hotel, the resort more than makes up with stunning views from its elevated position perched upon a hill.  It is an adult-only resort with a clothing-optional pool, which has become a cult classic among the gay community.  The property is cozy, with only 18 suites with balconies that are tastefully designed to take advantage of its sweeping views of the ocean. Another benefit of staying at this hotel is the fact that despite its seclusion, it’s just a short 15 minutes’ walk away from downtown Puerto Vallarta, which has some of the most vibrant nightlife in Mexico.  

Casa Cupula has hacienda-style buildings, but it earns its Cupula name from the dome-shaped structures that cover its roof.  The interiors of the place are contemporary, combine this with the traditional style exteriors, and you have an achingly beautiful resort. Colors and artwork have been used to liven up the place, which works well to accentuate the expansive windows’ views that make the rooms airy.  While many hotels in Puerto Vallarta claim to be gay-friendly, this is among the few that cater exclusively for gay clients hence its popularity among gay travelers.  

You will love that there is no cookie-cutter approach to the interior designs of the room.  Rooms range from cozy standard rooms to huge penthouse suites. Each of the 18 rooms has sophisticated decorations, each with a different vibe to the other (this is probably to be expected given the small size). Some of the highlights from the rooms include accent walls, rattan accents, chandeliers, velvet, and poured concrete floors in some rooms.  If you are touchy about your interior design, you will be spoilt for choice here.  Besides this, the rooms have tasteful amenities, including iPod docks, well-stocked mini-fridges, high-end bathrobes, electronic safes, and more.  Some rooms will have jet soaking tubs, while most people will prefer the views from the rooftop pool and lounging spaces. 

If you just want a chilled on-site stay, you will be happy to know that the on-site restaurant—Taste is popular even among locals, and you don’t have to go far for a fine dining experience. It serves breakfast, lunch, and supper, but most locals come here for its tasty brunch 😉.  There are two pools, with the main pool (ground pool) being the clothing-optional pool. However, since the restaurant has a view of the pool, a swimsuit is mandatory when the restaurant is open for service.  For all its great work, its biggest undoing is the fitness area, which tends to be crowded because it is open for local memberships. If you are willing to overlook the crowds, it is well equipped and stylishly finished. For yoga and other exercises, the place works exceptionally well.

Casa Cupula in Mexico

Marriott Puerto Vallarts Resort & Spa

If you want a stately and serene getaway overlooking the pacific and Banderas Bay, then the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa is the place for you. Although not designated as a gay resort, the Marriott chain of hotels is known for its progressive philosophies, and this hotel is not spared from this treatment. In the gay heaven of Puerto Vallarta, the Marriot is the perfect destination for a wedding, vacation, and even honeymoon. These 433 roomed modern resorts have swanky restaurants, meeting rooms, and exquisite pools. 

Set in a prestigious Marina Villa golf community, you can be sure this hotel has pulled out all the stops to earn its spot on this strip (see what I did there).  From the grounds to the amenities, to the guest rooms, there is a touch of class in everything. Outside, which is probably where you will spend the bulk of your time, are lush gardens, sweeping ocean views with the infinity pool design highlighting the front area. The décor is also well thought out, merging both traditional Mexican and modern styles to create a very trendy design. Likewise, there is enough shade from the palm trees, and just to take it a notch higher, there are agave plants that are used to make house tequila—you should sample this.

At the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, all rooms have balconies with beautiful flowers to provide a bit of shade. Each room has an ocean view of some sort. However, the best rooms in the house have direct views of the pool, beach, and the expanse of the ocean. Each room has a 42-inch HD TV, with a desk and electrical outlets to continue your workflow if need be. Further, the rooms have a stocked minibar, coffeemakers with 24 hours room service. However, you have to watch your consumption of fridge items since you will be charged for them. There are special rooms for people with disabilities on the ground floor. The hotel serves scrumptious a la carte food in its three main restaurants. The menu offers Mexican, different kinds of seafood, Japanese and snacks, and many other fine dining options.

You will love the laid back and serene vibe of the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa. Unlike its neighbor, The Westin, which can get a bit noisy, The Marriot appears to be the older, more cultured resort where people of taste come to relax. The hotel is conveniently located close to an airport, and around it is a thriving yachting culture, golf courses, and posh residential and commercial properties. The beaches here are not as prolific as you would find around Puerto Vallarta, but all these are paid in kind with the number of activities you can engage in when you are around. You will find lot’s of awesome people around who may share your spirit of adventure. 

The immense Banderas Bay offers a whopping 25 miles of coastline with a tone of activities. Water sports are common with snorkeling, scuba diving to see Manta Rays, surfing, boating, parasailing—just think of your favorites, it’s probably here. You could also shop at the Rio Cuale Flea Market for your mementos or in one of the many markets (just bring your best bargaining language). When the sun goes down, the town doesn’t sleep – only its character changes.  Downtown Puerta Vallarta is the place you want to be when this happens. Dance clubs and dance punctuate the night, and beers flow like a river.

Zoëtry Villa Rolandi (Isla Mujeres, Cancun)

A few adjectives like upscale and cozy can describe Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres Cancun, but perhaps it’s not the adjectives that matter. What matters is the culture of the place and how it makes its guests feel.  Given that it is a small 35 room capacity, everything feels homely and intimate, which is the vibe you want for a personal getaway. But perhaps the most important thing for you is that it is a perfect place for your gaycation. Zoetry Villas Rolandi Isla Mujeres Cancun as we know it today reopened its doors in 2015 after being a getaway for celebrities and dignitaries who didn’t prefer the traditional hotel concept. It has an intimate Mediterranean charm and still boasts of the Casa Rolandi restaurant, which brought it much of its fame. 

After the redesign, everything in the hotel looks fresh and modern with an open plan design that defines most of its common spaces.  Set between a lagoon and the ocean, the magnificence of the place shines through when you drive up to it from downtown Isla Mujeres. All the suites have the same interior design with ocean views.  The furnishing and interiors are simple and tastefully finished, something you will appreciate when all you want to do is mingle and be outdoors all day.  From white textured walls to the colorful headboards, everything feels nice to the touch, making it feel luxurious. The pampering doesn’t stop here. When you check-in, you are welcomed with a bottle of sparkling wine and exquisite Mexican tequila—a precursor of the events to come.  Most things you associate with luxury are probably on offer here. The rooms start from single junior suites to multi-level presidential suites. 

By virtue of its position between the lagoon and land, the beach at Zoetry Villa Rolandi is inaccessible unless by boat. This means that besides being private, there are not many people who have access to it. This seclusion means that you can stay far from prying eyes when you choose to sunbathe, kayak, bodyboard, paddleboard, and more. Another benefit of this privileged position is that you enjoy panoramic views of the ocean around Cancun. The hotel itself has three pools facing the ocean with enough umbrellas for its guests to enjoy poolside while the drinks flow from the hotel or a small cart on the corner. 

The highlight of your holiday here may not be the amazing service, quality of rooms, privacy, or water activities, but the meals from the world-renowned Casa Rolandi Restaurant.  It is a favorite among celebrities, and looking at the men, you could easily guess why.   Expect to be treated to the best of Italian, Mexican, French, or a fusion of either, with ocean views and open-air seating providing the perfect ambiance.  Premium wines and alcohol are also available but expect to pay more for a drinks upgrade.

To relax after a busy day on the beach, guests are privy to tons of freebies, including complimentary massage with some exotic products.  Use of the sauna is free, as is the Wi-Fi and many other conveniences. Before you leave, you may also consider having custom jewelry made by an evening jeweler as a souvenir.

Philippines for gay players

The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort

Walking into The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, you immediately register that you are on holiday.  Everything here is done at high-level luxury, but it is downplayed to make sure everything feels natural.  The interiors are stylish and pristine, from the seating in the lobby to the expensive textures in the guest rooms. It’s evident that no costs were spared to make the interiors as exquisite as they could be.  The same story continues on the outside. With eye-catching cascading pools and palm trees lining their way around the 33 casitas, the whole place feels like it is set in the tropics. (and it almost is) Much consideration was given to making the place feel like space, with the 120 rooms occupying the 33 casitas in groups of 4.  This helps the resort ditch the classic hotel vibe, and rather, it feels more like a high-end BnB with its privacy. Have we mentioned the fact that it is gay-friendly? For you, this is the time to wind down and enjoy 24-hour room service from any room you choose. 

Each of the casitas has a terra-cotta roof with a private residence, which adds to the place’s homely vibe. The color palettes are chosen well, and the interior architecture is as tasteful as they can come. The cheapest suites are the deluxe rooms, and the luxury just increases from there. Each of the rooms has air conditioning, HD TVs, a minibar and snacks. The rooms also feature large walk-in closets for all your wear with a safe, iron and ironing board, umbrellas, and much more for your convenience. The outdoor showers are popular but perhaps not more than the balconies leading to the sprawling views of the gardens and the pacific. What’s better is that even the bottom tier suites have 24 hours of room service. For the high-end suites, you have a choice between two- or three-bedroom suites that you and your entire crew/family can fit into.

You can feel that everything here was done deliberately to make the whole place playful and intimate. It defines luxury in its own way, and from the classic boat that serves as the bar to the inflatables in the pools, everything is luxe and playful (just what you need when you want to break free from the rules). If you don’t like running into kids in the common areas, there is an adult-only section and a beach club for when you want to be secluded. That’s not all, for golfers, you will appreciate the fact that there are two golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, so remember to carry your clubs or rent some, but whatever you do, this is unmissable.

The amenities at the resorts are separated into three sections: adult-only, family-friendly, and walk-in day clients. This means that there is no competition for the amenities, and you can completely stay secluded during your entire stay here. There are six restaurants and bars that serve up European, oriental, and Mexican dishes. There is even an oyster bar and a champagne tasting event on sunsets. However, you have to pay for this since the hotel does not have an all-inclusive rate. For activities, water sports staples like surfing paddleboarding, among many others, are available.

Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience

If you didn’t read it from the name, the rainbow flags flailing in the air at the entrance of this adult-only hotel would tell you that it is gay-friendly. This LGBT friendly resort offers a subdued elegance that allows people to feel free and express themselves on its premises. Here lesbians and gays can feel at home, but that doesn’t mean straight people are not welcome as well.  

Located in the southern part of Zona Romantica, you can probably deduce from the name that a lot is bound to happen here. The resort feels secluded but still maintains a healthy distance to the popular hangouts and destinations.  It is close to the Malecon Promenade that has been the meeting point for many LGBT couples. Inside the hotel are lovely rooms that add a hint of mischief to the otherwise reserved atmosphere of the rooms.

The resort has 78 modern chic suites, with the basic one being the standard suite. Despite being the beginner suites, standard suites have private balconies, hot tubs, yoga mats, and many of the standard features you’d expect in an upscale suite like Wi-Fi, mini-fridges, and more. When you want more, upgrade to the Deluxe Ocean View Suites, which come with dining areas, sweeping ocean views, and a kitchenette. To take it a notch higher, opt for the One-Bedroom Jacuzzi Suites that offer en-suite jacuzzi and the other packages’ best features. However, if you want to treat yourself to the best offer, then the Grand Jacuzzi & Terrace Suites are the best seats in the house for an uninterrupted ocean view.  For more space, combine a One-Bedroom Jacuzzi Suite with a Deluxe Ocean View Suite to create a mammoth space called the Manta mar Experience.

For the experience part of its name, it certainly delivers when it comes to food, drinking, and relaxation opportunities. Most of the activities happen at the Manatamar Beach club just opposite the main dwellings. At the beach club, you will enjoy seafood and many great Mexican dishes. It’s worth noting that the Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience only offers rate packages inclusive of breakfast –all-inclusive packages are not available.  There are numerous bars and restaurants to visit, hop around, and clubs with good music and people to meet.

Philippines for tourists

Palacio Mundo Imperial

In Acapulco, the Palacio Mundo Imperial is the biggest resort.  The hotel has a modern finish with multi-level lobbies, comfy white love seats, classic wall clocks, and given the large size of the hotel, there are always guests checking in and checking out. The grounds are littered with stunning statues, well designed outside lounge areas, and beautiful flowers all through since there is no beach. However, that’s not what we are looking to hear. This hotel is a nice place for LGBT, and it is also tolerant of different religious beliefs. Located near the General Juan N. Alvarez International Airport, the hotel is the ideal spot for those who wish to stay close to the airport, the Acapulco metro area, and all it brings.  There are only peekaboo views of the ocean from some rooms. Still, there’s a lot to love here. Better yet, if you are looking for a bargain, this is more affordable than most oceanfront resorts. 

With over 750 rooms in the whole resort, there are ten different types of suites you can book. The rooms are painted brightly with gin-colored wood-paneled walls. All the rooms have Wi-Fi access, HD TVs, desks, coffee makers, and many more amenities common to hotels. For the high-end suites, you will find various themes from countries like Libya, Mexico, among many others. Despite this, all the rooms have balconies—some huge, some small but whichever way you will get great views of the surrounding area, the airport or the sea (from a distance)

There are plenty of things to enjoy here at the Mundo Imperial. The hotel has five pools, including a kiddie pool, adult-only pools, and a wave pool.  The adult pool is secluded from the kiddie and wave pool, and you can enjoy a quiet time away from the noise of the activity in the wave and kiddie pools. Likewise, there is a bar close to the pool, and you can have your drinks delivered where you are. Don’t depend on this too much, though. Butler service has limited hours of service. There are several restaurants scattered all through this colossus. They serve seafood, Mexican, snacks, and Asian food. 

For fitness, there is a fully fitted out gym with all your favorite equipment. There are indoor and outdoor fitness areas that offer complimentary 30-minute fitness sessions.  There is also a beach soccer pitch where you can let loose if you are not into the gym, or even better, get a full-service massage. Nearby are some amenities you will certainly appreciate, like a theater and a business center where you can continue your workflow even on vacation. For your water sporting activities, the hotel provides a shuttle ride to a sister hotel, Princess Imperial, on the oceanfront, where you can surf, paddleboard, and do more of your favorite water activities. For all intents and purposes, this hotel is great for people who are planning a budget vacation and still enjoy great amenities.

Sunbathing in the Philippines

Villa Del Sol Resort

If you are looking for a budget chic gay-friendly accommodation in Oaxaca city, then Villa Del Sol will fit the bill for what you seek. Located just 20 miles from Oaxaca City center, there is nothing that screams lavished here, but it is a place worth trying for those who wish to get up close with authentic Mexico. It is okay to be tired of the cookie-cutter tourist destinations that most travel agencies try to sell, and when this happens, Villa Del Sol will give you a nice and comfortable environment to get away from it all. Likewise, if you are planning an extended stay in Mexico, this place will provide you with the right amenities while you explore areas where most tourists never reach. However, this does not mean it is by any chance remote. Being on the main highway to Mexico City, you can easily reach the city if you want to.

When you arrive in town, the huge Villas del Sol board is unmissable from the road. There are two structures that form the main residential areas, with the basic rooms being on the brown brick building, while the villas just look like the ’80s or 70s suburban estate. Given that the buildings are not new and the fact that not much has been spent on renovations, room prices are quite affordable. The property is large, featuring a pool and lush event space. For this reason, everything feels just like home, and it’s safe to say, this is among the few places that you can use the phrase ‘home away from home’ and actually mean it. 

At Villa Del Sol Resort, the rooms are elegant without being flashy, with amazing details all through. Colors have been used well, from the tasteful dark furniture to the neutral colors of the terra-cotta floor tiles.  Standard rooms have twin beds with HD TVs, safes, ironing apparatus, and other mod cons you can expect from a 21st-century hotel.  The only downside is that for the cheap rooms, the curtains open into the common spaces. This implies that finding privacy with curtains open on the ground floor units may be hard.  For the more expensive bungalow villas, the spaces on the inside are broken by sinking some parts of the floor. They have a large kitchen (may feel dated for some), and your kitchen supplies are available from the front desk.  Otherwise, the rooms are just bigger and more private than the standard suites, but if you like more privacy, you could go for the villas at the back of the property.

Villa Del Sol Resort is a homely property, and nothing looks like an overzealous attempt at being luxurious. Despite this, you will probably get better room service than some high-end hotels, and what’s not to love about that? If you manage your expectations, you are in for a treat, and it is just the place for adventurous people who want to go off the beaten path.  The pool is a bit small, but if you have a family, it is the perfect place for kids to play.  Despite all the attempts at being subdued, the fitness center is just like many modern ones, and if you have to get you hours of the gym every day, this will work perfectly.  Parking is free, but if you don’t want to drive, the hotel offers a shuttle to the city several times a day.

Philippines for LGBT

NH Collection Mexico City Reforma

The exciting location of Zona Rosa plays host to one of the most gay-friendly hotels, the NH Collection Mexico City Reforma. If you are a minimalist, you will love the modern minimalist aesthetic of the NH Collection Mexico City Reforma. The pristine interior and the modern finishing will fit a youthful vibe.  Likewise, the subdued gray and white color scheme with a naughty touch of red will resound with the adventurous people. These and the high-end finishing add touches of luxe to the whole resort. Everywhere you look, there is a deliberate effort to make people socialize and take advantage of the party atmosphere and the LGBT friendly neighborhood of Zona Rosa. Despite this, there are some cliche sex shops close by, something that can be loved and hated in equal measure depending on how you view it. The area is not as touristy as some other places, and if you are looking for a ‘normal’ place to hide away, this place will allow you to blend in just fine.

Because of the minimalist design, the rooms feel light and airy, and adding the simplistic modern finishing just makes everything pop. All the mod cons we associate with high-ended resorts like flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi access, kettles, among many others, come as standard in all the rooms. You get a bag of goodies when you check-in, one of the many customer-friendly things this resort offers its clients. The size of the suites ranges from basic rooms to premium rooms, which provide a nice view of the city skyline. If you are planning to revel at night, you will be happy to know that there are as many as five clubs within a 5-minute walking distance of the resort. 

When you decide to take the games outside, there is a massive outdoor heated pool with a drinks service at the poolside. For the fitness junkies, you will be please to know that there is a gym (albeit small) with basic gym equipment to help you stay on top of your fitness regimen. The in-house restaurant menu specializes in Mexican and international dishes. Still, if you are audacious, this is your cue to hit downtown Zona Rosa to mingle and taste the local food culture on the streets. Business travelers will find the meeting room adequate, and you have to simply inform the staff when you wish to use it.

best Gay resorts In the Philippines

Banyan Tree Mayakoba

When you are in Playa Del Carmen, the Banyan Tree Mayakoba is one of the hotels that you will want to stay in, especially for its progressive attitude and gay-friendly environment. Set on a beachfront lot with lush greenery and freshwater lagoons, this luxury escape is well-known within gay circles for being welcoming while still remaining private and peaceful. On the ground are 118 villas set among palm trees, spectacular pools, and more tropical plants than you’d expect to find in a hotel. The benefit to all this is that the air is always very crisp and cool even when the sun and the wind collude to frustrate your afternoons.

By borrowing heavily from its Thai heritage and combining it with Mayan heritage, the interior design and the architecture are tasteful and upscale. These accents not only give the hotel its distinctive style but also play into the character and the vibe that it gives to its clients. Like all high-end resorts, art is in its DNA, and the beautiful tile mosaics accentuate the already lovable design. And similarly, like most properties constructed in golf estates, you will get the privacy you need to enjoy the stunning beaches, the golf course, and all the other things the estate has to offer. Privacy is not the only thing on offer, though. This development is only a short drive away from the shopping and party scene of Playa Del Carmen.

Moving on to the rooms, and this is where all the efforts in design pay off. Each of the Villas has large private pools. The interiors combine sleek wood finishing and Mayan inspired accents with explosions of color all through the room. Light flows into every room from the large windows, and you can enjoy the sun on the sunbed or hammocks that come with every room.  Each villa has a large living area with full kitchens in some of the high-end suites.  In addition, they also come with an HD TV, a fully stocked minibar, Wi-Fi access, and tea/coffee making apparatus. 

Outside, the lush gardens and palm trees that line the pools make ideal spots to sunbathe. Sunbeds come in numbers in the main pools, but most guests prefer the private pool by the Villas.  If the pool is not your place, make the pacific your playground with volleyball on the beach or take a dip in the ocean snorkeling, kayaking, or canoeing. Golf is another main attraction at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba, with the 18-hole Mayakoba Golf Classic featuring the PGA tour. In this golf village, tennis, archery, and nature walks are among many other activities you can partake. There’s literally no reason to stay indoors if you are here (unless you want to).

Garlands Del Rio

The Garlands Del Rio Boutique Hotel is the budget option for gays who want to experience Puerto Vallarta. If you hate line-ups at the a la carte buffet and jam-packed pools that characterize some of the hotels in the area, you can’t go wrong with this place. This mid-range romantic boutique hotel serves up an authentic Mexican feel -no wonder it has been popular among holidaymakers who aren’t sold on the entire expensive is luxurious narrative.  

The Garlands Del Rio Boutique Hotel is understated from the outside, and it is easy to go past it without noticing it. However, once you get in, your premium treatment begins. First and foremost, you will be treated to some delightful margaritas and guacamole. The lobby feels like a normal house, and some artwork and large doors lead to the patios where guests will shade looking at the river. The fact that it is in a residential neighborhood means everything is detached from the touristy beachside properties and hotels. Here, you can interact with locals, dine at an authentic Mexican restaurant, and even hit local markets for shopping (although you could still do this from your 5-star hotel but with much hassle) 

The Garlands Del Rio Boutique Hotel has a 17-room capacity, each individually decorated and with its quirks. It isn’t your typical hotel experience, and everything is inspired by local culture. Just don’t expect any two rooms to look alike. Despite the funky approach to interior design, everything remains controlled. For amenities in the rooms, a safe, stocked mini-fridge and HD TVs are standard. There are several room types starting from King Rooms to Duke and Gretal suites. Since there is no ocean in the vicinity, you will have to make do with river views in the high-end suites like the Duke or Gretal.  Everything feels cozy and private, given most balconies are shielded by massive foliage.

There is no restaurant, fitness center, or spa at this resort, but guests can access them from a facility just across from Garlands Del Rio Boutique Hotel. Breakfast is free, and guests can indulge in the continental delicacies seated on the banks of the river. Butler/room service is provided by local restaurants; hence the authentic Mexican vibe we alluded to. The pool is the centerpiece of the property and provides a nice place to sunbathe, with the pinkish umbrellas providing the much-needed shade. The Garlands definitely aren’t for everyone, but if this is your type of holiday, you won’t be disappointed with your choice.

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