Best Nightlife in Toronto 2023

Oct 5 , 2022 · 8 min read

When you are in Toronto, there’s no staying in because the nightlife in the capital of Ontario is epic. Whether you want to chill out in the evening somewhere cool, party like a wild thing on the dance floor until the early hours, or catch some world-class entertainment, Toronto has it all. From bars to clubs to shows to casinos, tonight is going to be a good night!

Best In Toronto

Here are some of the best nightlife places to visit in Toronto.

The Reservoir Lounge T

The Reservoir Lounge In Toronto

If you want to listen to jazz music in a sophisticated atmosphere, The Reservoir Lounge is just right every night. This cozy basement venue has swing and blues nights and is open until late. Live bands deliver soulful sounds as you enjoy classy cocktails and excellent food, including tapas.

Casino Woodbine

Casino Woodbine In Toronto

Try your luck at Casino Woodbine, which has live tables with all the best games like Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, and Roll to Win Craps.

Good luck as your place your bets at this glitzy Toronto casino.


Coda In Toronto

Coda is a modern nightclub on Bathurst Street where you can drink, dance, and mingle with a crowd of locals and international travelers who have heard how cool Coda is. Expect fabulous DJs, friendly staff, hip interiors, and high vibes. It is a popular hangout, so make a reservation, especially if you are a large group. If not, make sure you have cash, as you must spend at least $50 to use your credit or debit card at the bar. 

Real Sports Bar

Real Sports Bar In Toronto

The air in the Real Sports Bar is excitement mixed with competitive spirit as friendly sports fans gather to watch the big match on the big screen, grab a bite and a pint, or discuss the latest sports news.

There’s a bar stool waiting for you!

Fynn's Of Temple Bar

Fynn's Of Temple Bar In Toronto

The Irish know how to party, so Finn’s Of Temple Bar can be the place to be any night of the week. Free oyster Fridays and cheap $5 burgers served on Tuesdays bring in crowds who love to mingle and meet new people. Enjoy the live music or chill on the patio with a Guinness or some craft beer, maybe a glass of wine, or why not get the whole bottle? There’s no better place in Toronto to let loose! It’s your vacation time so live largely.

The Drake Underground

The Drake Underground In Toronto

An epic lounge for when the sun goes down, The Drake Underground has a reputation that will give you major FOMO. Start by visiting on a Monday to experience Elvis Monday with complimentary bites and moody music.

Whatever night of the week you go, you will be pleased with unique and uplifting entertainment.

Union Nightclub

Union Nightclub In Toronto

When it comes to nightlife in Toronto, don’t look past Union Nightclub. Canadian and international DJs play tunes until late with everything from dance to house to hip hop and electronic music depending on the night you turn up. So get your groove on at this trendy club with a booming sound and lighting system and an excellent drinks menu.

Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery In Toronto

We add Steam Whistle Brewery to our list of nightlife in Toronto worth checking out. You can drop by there if you visit the CN Tower. This well-established beer house has been around for decades serving up pints to happy drinkers who appreciate their hops. Make sure you take a selfie while enjoying your beer because this is Canada’s most significant independent brewery.


Bambi's In Toronto

Torontonians and out-of-towners gather at Bambi’s at Dundas and Dovercourt for underground dance parties that rock. The dimly lit basement bar is a hot spot for late-night festivities, but if you arrive too early, you can warm up with drinks at Mr. Flamingo, the bar upstairs. Bambi’s should be on your party radar if you want to dance.

The Piston

The Piston In Toronto

If you are craving old-school hits, head to The Piston for a fun night out. It is popular, gets packed most nights, and doesn’t take reservations, so turn up early to avoid disappointment.

Beaver Cafe

Beaver Cafe In Toronto

What could sound more Canadian or fun than going out to Beaver Bar? Located on Queen Street, this former art gallery is always busy. Theme nights with drag queens and karaoke offer something different from your typical bar or club. Get dressed up and head out for drinks and enjoy some warm comfort food as your evening just gets started. 

Track and Field

Track and Field In Toronto

The beers, cocktails and spirits are always flowing in this homely venue that encourages competitive souls to mingle and play between each round of drinks. Cool music is part of the deal. For something different, try Track and Field with all kinds of games, including shuffleboard and crokinole. 

Comedy Bar

Comedy Bar In Toronto

There are some funny acts to catch at Comedy Bar, with a selection of local artists and touring comedians lining up to take the stage. There are over 150 shows every month with two locations, but this indie bar is small enough that you can greet the performers after their acts, shout them a beer, and offer your critique if you want.

Get Well

Get Well In Toronto

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Get Well has a laid-back vibe with Brooklyn pizza on the menu when you want to go out but not have a big night. Play some arcade games while you enjoy a few beers, people-watch, chat with your friends and let the hours pass by as you decide whether to call it a night or hit the clubs again. 

Paris Paris

Paris Paris In Toronto

It’s wine time at the elegant Paris Paris and it’s open all day if you have the urge to get an early start to your night on the town in Toronto. As the name hints, there is fine food to accompany your wine, including cheese, bread and other delicious cuisines that the French do so well. Indulge in some oyster shots and feel free to practice your French on the friendly staff who know their wines. 

Best areas to stay to experience Toronto nightlife

Toronto nightlife

If experiencing the Toronto nightlife is one of the main priorities of your trip, you might like to book your accommodation in an area known for its party scene. As well as being in the center of the action so you can head to the club whenever you wish, you will also save money on taxis. Or, if you stay out late, finding a taxi or Uber can be difficult. If you can walk back to your accommodation safely, it’s even better. Here are some areas of the city of Toronto that are great for nightlife.

Toronto is a vibrant city attracting over 25 million tourists annually. All those tourists mixing with the diverse population of locals make the Toronto nightlife scene exciting. You could never get time to visit all the pubs, bars, nightclubs, casinos, lounges and other nighttime attractions.

So make sure you plan at least one big night out on the town the following day, free to sleep in until noon. Then order room service, cure your hangover and get back out there. You might have had so much fun that a repeat night of partying is called for.

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