All About Havana Cuba Airport

Jul 5 , 2022 · 7 min read

Havana Airport (HAV) is also known as José Martí International Airport and Rancho Boyeros Airport (the previous name). The international airport near Havana in Cuba is a busy airport with frequent arrivals and departures. It is clean, bright and airy.

Havana Cuba Airport

Havana Airport is the country’s primary domestic and international airport and sees millions of travelers every year. Some are going to see family and friends, some are on business trips and the happiest ones are usually going on vacation.

The airport connects Havana with the rest of the Caribbean, America, Europe and Africa. For those places, travelers can catch connecting flights to anywhere in the world. 

It has VIP lounges and restaurants and bars are open 24 hours a day. So you can fuel up on food and drink any hour of the day. On the red eye flight to Havana? No problem, you can get refreshments, snacks, or a meal before you fly. 

Where is Havana Airport?

All About Havana Cuba Airport

Havana Airport is about 20 km southwest of Havana in Cuba. Always arrive at the airport early. Two to three hours is recommended for an international flight. One to two hours is recommended for a domestic flight. There can be traffic jams and delays coming from Havana, especially during rush hour and on weekends.

Make sure you have all your documents, including an up-to-date passport. Most airlines require you have at least six months of validity on your passport from the time of your return flight. If you do miss your flight, don’t panic.

It happens to everyone at least once in their life. Contact the nearest help desk or your airline for instructions on what to do. Hopefully, you can catch the next flight without too much time to wait. But you may need to return the following day to board a plane for your destination.

Travel insurance is always wise to cover yourself in these unexpected situations that can be frustrating when you travel. 

Havana Airport Departures

If you are flying out of Havana Airport, you can get direct flights to the following destinations. 

Havana Airport Phone Number

All About Havana Cuba Airport

Here is the contact information for the Havana Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) in Cuba: 

Address: Aeropuerto Internacional Jose Marti

Avenida Van Troi esq. Final, Rancho Boyeros, La Habana, Cuba

Phone: (+53 7) 649 5666 / 266 4133 / 642 6101 / 275 1499 / 649 5777 / 642 0100 / 649 7151 / 266 4644


Which Airlines fly to Havana Cuba?

All About Havana Cuba Airport

The following airlines fly to Havana Airport in Cuba. 

Havana Airport Terminal 3

All About Havana Cuba Airport

Terminal One is for domestic flights. Terminal Two is for US charters.

Terminal Three is the newest terminal built at Havana Airport. Built in 1998, it is modern and functional. You can check in and do some shopping, enjoy a meal, change your currency, walk around the spacious areas and even post some letters at the post office.

Get there early to be relaxed and arrive at your gate early or have a drink at the bar while you wait for your boarding call to flash up on the board. If you need to use the VIP lounges, there are press rooms, meeting rooms and business services like photocopying, internet, fax and phone. Drinks and snacks are also available.

There are lifts for the disabled or the elderly and assistance to aircraft such as wheelchairs can be arranged too.

When Terminal Three was officially opened, the then President Fidel Castro and the then Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien were on hand to cut the ribbon.

Terminal Five is for Caribbean flights.

What Airlines fly out of Havana Cuba?

All About Havana Cuba Airport

The following airlines fly out of Havana Airport in Cuba. All of these airlines are reliable and fly to a range of destinations around the globe. 


If you are arriving at Havana Airport, you can pick up your pre-booked rental car in terminals 2, 3, or 5. You can’t book a rental car on arrival on a whim. Advance bookings are essential. There is also parking at the airport.

You can catch a taxi any time from Havana Airport. If you are going to Havana city center it will take about 30 minutes in normal traffic conditions and cost $25-30. Some taxis have meters, but they are rarely used. Ensure you agree on a price before you get into the taxi.

There aren’t any buses leaving from the airport. The closest bus station is about 15 km away so you could catch a taxi. But by then you wouldn’t save that much if you were going to Havana downtown or the city center.

Catching a chartered shuttle bus is another option that is affordable. Also, some hotels offer complimentary shuttles, so it’s worth checking when you book to maybe take advantage of that free ride. 

Fun Facts

All About Havana Cuba Airport

Havana Airport is named in honor of patriot and poet José Martí. In the 1960s, the airport was attacked by B-26 aircraft from Brigade 2506, a CIA-funded group of Cuban exiles trying to overthrow Fidel Castro. Every day Cuban citizens can’t own aircraft.

They can only be owned by the military or by state-owned airlines. Facility use is limited to government or foreign-owned aircraft.

The airport’s original name was Rancho Boyeros. In Spanish, that translates to “Bull Drover Ranch.” This name came from the ranch that was once on the land where the airport now stands. It was an inn for travelers who arrived to sell agricultural produce in Havana.

Later the area grew into a small but busy town and airport.

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