Best Saskatchewan Attractions You don’t Know
Feb 26 , 2021 · 5 min read

The great province of Saskatchewan certainly has its fair share of unique and “world’s largest” attractions, right in places where you don’t even need to get out of your car. That is, unless you want to take a selfie! Taking a road trip through Saskatchewan is one of the best ways to experience the unique history and culture of its residents. here are the best Saskatchewan attractions:

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small down of Kipling

Visit the small down of Kipling, where you will surely not miss the world’s largest paperclip. At 15 feet tall, it was the result of a series of barters by resident Kyle MacDonald that began with a lowly paperclip, and eventually led to him working up to bartering a two-storey home back in 2005. To honour his achievement, the town unveiled the huge paper clip in 2007. It weighs over 3,000 pounds.

By homage to the great invention that is the lubricating oil can by stopping by to see the huge oil can monument. Take Highway 8 near Rocanville – the oil can is a local invention, and an important petroliana landmark to the town’s history. Erected in 1973, the 23-foot metal can was placed here 50 years after Ernie Symons started his successful Symons Oil Can Factory. However, the monument has long outlasted the factory itself, which went defunct many years ago.

Saskatchewan's Favourite Moose


Pay a visit to Regina, where Saskatchewan’s favourite moose, Mac, has reclaimed his “World’s Tallest Moose” status after Norway’s resident moose, Storelgen, stole his crown in 2015, measuring 30 centimeters taller. Since then, Mac was given a refresh in 2019 and made a bit taller so he is now the world’s tallest moose once again.

Tallest Ukrainian Lady Saskatchewan

tallest Ukrainian lady

one of the Saskatchewan Attractions, The world’s tallest Ukrainian lady can be found near Canora, nestled at the junction of highways 5 and 9 in east-central SK. At 25 feet tall, “Lesia” is dressed in traditional Ukrainian costume and displays the traditional Slavic greeting of bread and salt. Everyone entering the town of Canora from the east or south is greeted by Lesia, located along Norway Road. A CN Station House Museum, Ukrainian welcome statue, and a restored Ukrainian Orthodox church, officially designated a heritage site, all help to preserve the community’s diverse heritage.



Further west in Davidson, coffee lovers will appreciate a monument to the beloved caffeinated drink. The world’s largest coffee pot stands at a whopping 24 feet tall. It would theoretically hold 150,000 cups of joe, enough to serve every single person who drives by for many months. But in reality, the locals consider it a symbol of warmth and hospitality that is well known in Davidson.



As the blizzard capital of SK, the town of Kenaston is the site of an 18-foot tall giant fiberglass snowman, who has recently become the mascot for the local hockey club and holds a hockey stick (and dons a fresh paint job). He stands in a place of honour in front of two grain elevators with the Canadian flag flying proudly behind him.

Saskatchewan Eiffel Tower


Meanwhile, in Montmartre, feast your eyes on a small-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. It is 7,000 kilometres away from the actual structure in France. Much smaller than its real French counterpart, the one in SK stands at just over 9 metres tall. The town of Montmartre is actually nick-named “the Paris of the Prairies” and is an hour’s drive east of Regina.



The town of Parkside holds the world’s tallest (artificial) lily. It was originally built to honour settler Dr. A.J. Porter, who founded the Honeywood Heritage Nursery back in 1934. The nursery is one of the Saskatchewan Attractions in itself and was recognized as a Provincial Heritage Site in 2007. Peruse more than 30 types of lilies and take a few home with you to beautify your space.


Just an hour outside of Swift Current along Highway 13 resides Mo, the long-necked plesiosaur. If you’re thinking dinosaur, think again. Mo is actually a Elasmosaurus, a species of plesiosaur. His fossils were found near Ponteix about 30 years ago, and the roadside statue symbolizing him stands at 7 metres long, from his tail all the way up to his foreboding chompers.

Natures Struggle Saskatchewan

In Saskatoon, artists Sarah McKen and Laurie Afseth produced a stunning piece of art in the way of a knarled hand rising from the ground. Finished in 1995, it is called “Nature’s Struggle” and is just under 6 feet tall. They intended to plant a garden around the hand, but too many people climbed on the hand and the garden project was abandoned.


large Canadian Mountie

Another one of Saskatchewan Attractions, A large Canadian Mountie, 23 feet tall, can be found on horseback near Battleford. He was erected specifically for the centennial of the creation of the Mounties in 1873, and the subsequent birth of the town in 1875. It sits off the highway a bit, but can easily be found off Route 40 at the museum entrance,


The world’s largest tomahawk can be found in Cut Knife. Built in 1971 to celebrate the partnership of the town and nearby First Nation communities, it is a symbol of peace and community. The tomahawk and accompanying teepee stands at 12 meters talls


The town of Macklin is home to the world’s largest bunnock piece. What the heck is bunnock, you may ask? Well, it is a Russian throwing game where one of the pieces is actually the ankle bone of a horse. Sort of a strange attraction, to be sure! But this horse bone replica stands 32 feel tall and actually houses the town’s Tourist Information Centre.

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