10 Countries Without Coronavirus

Jan 21 , 2022 · 10 min read

Who thought Coronavirus would go on for so long? Thankfully travel is back in our lives. If you are looking for countries without coronavirus, there are some countries with few or even no cases reported. 

Here we go from chasing the sun to chasing the Covid-free places on earth. We have a list of 10 countries without Coronavirus or at least low numbers, making them great places for your next vacation.


Tuvalu Without Coronavirus

You might not have heard of the country of Tuvalu, which you can find on the world map somewhere between Hawaii and Australia. Made up of nine small islands, there is only a population of 10,000 people. The gorgeous South Pacific country is an independent nation and member of the British Commonwealth. This is a tropical paradise with pristine beaches, turquoise waters, an endless supply of fresh coconuts. 

Expect epic diving and snorkeling experiences, rich culture with uplifting music and dance and island tours that move at a pace the locals describe as island time. The locals love welcoming visitors and sharing their culture.


Jamaica Without Coronavirus

The beautiful land of Jamaica has managed to stay relatively free of Covid during all of the pandemic and, as always, is a popular vacation destination. What is not to love with all-inclusive vacations at luxury resorts, glorious beaches, excellent weather and an abundance of nature to be enjoyed in the ocean and forests. There are many waterfalls to discover, including Dunn’s River Falls, YS Falls and Mayfield Falls. 

The hike through the rainforest is relatively cool compared to the beach climate, but you will still be glad to jump into the freshwater when you arrive at the waterfalls. 

Jamaican food is flavorsome and tasty, with some new dishes to try for sure. Of course, you can expect plenty of fresh seafood since you are never far from the ocean. The colorful reggae culture and music add an upbeat vibe to your wonderful trip to this picture-perfect Caribbean country. 


Thailand Without Coronavirus

For a lot of the pandemic, Thailand has controlled Covid well and has often been one of the countries without Coronavirus. While there are Covid cases in the country, the island of Phuket has seen low numbers due to a sandbox initiative that has worked well. It is the best place in Thailand to vacation, with fresh coconuts, cocktails and fresh seafood curries becoming your main diet. 

Tandem parasailing over the ocean, jet ski rides and boat charters around Phang Nga combined with trips to the markets and old town for shopping will fill your days. There are many tourist attractions operating like zip-lining, go-cart racing and zorbing if you crave some thrills. 

Of course, some spa time in this Asian country is almost compulsory and a cheap beach massage can be as wonderful as an exotic luxury spa massage if you are lucky. Take a tuk-tuk ride around the temples, catch a Muay Thai boxing show or cabaret show and maybe renew your wedding vows on the beach at sunset one romantic day. You won’t run out of things to see and do even if you stay in the Phuket sandbox. It’s a great place to be and the locals are super friendly!


Cuba Without Coronavirus

Cuba is calling and Covid isn’t invited. This beautiful country in the Caribbean hardly needs an intro. Famous for exotic cuisine, a vibrant culture, lovely weather and flawless beaches, it is a place we would love to be right now. 

The beach life in Cuba is what attracts many tourists to return year after year. The all-inclusive resorts have wonderful service and offer competitive deals that include accommodation, food, drink and other perks. Many of the resorts are right on the beach, so you can grab a delicious breakfast and dive straight into the blue ocean for a warm swim. The snorkeling in Cuba is wonderful and it’s easy to see brightly colored fish swimming amongst the coral reefs. If there was ever a time to start underwater photography, it would be during this trip to Cuba.

But Cuba is more than pretty beaches. In the capital of Havana, you are transported to the past as well-preserved vintage cars roll down the streets of the old town with its brightly-colored buildings. Old-style tunes are being played on the radio by locals who prefer tradition over technology any day. Much of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don’t miss seeing the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, a fort and maritime museum, the National Capitol Building and the baroque Catedral de San Cristóbal and Plaza Vieja.

Yet another side of Cuba is the nature in the forest areas. Go hiking to waterfalls and scenic viewpoints and watch out for wildlife like monkeys, frogs, birds and iguanas. It will be the trip of a lifetime full of fun, excitement, adventure and pampering.

The Bahamas

Bahamas Without Coronavirus

When it comes to countries without Coronavirus you should have the Bahamas on your travel radar. Always shining, the Bahamas has done an excellent job of keeping Covid numbers low or at zero cases for much of the pandemic. So you can come on in, the water is fine! 

The underwater world in the Bahamas is stunning, with swimming, snorkeling and diving being a daily adventure for many visitors. You can bring your own gear, book a tour or go on a boat excursion to swim with colorful fish and other sea creatures that inhabit the area that has 700 islands. 

On land, it’s just as much fun with all-inclusive resorts making life blissfully chilled out. Have brunch near the pool, hop into the spa, make a splash in the ocean then participate in some cultural or food events put on by the resort for your entertainment. Don’t be late for sunset cocktails at the beach bar before you head downtown for an evening of shopping. What a wonderful day!

When you are ready to venture out, you can go on an exciting ATV island tour, visit the pigs that live on Exuma Island, join a food tasting tour or swim with the turtles. There is so much to see and do and Covid won’t be stopping your perfect vacation in the sun!

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Without Coronavirus

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth country with two main islands surrounded by several smaller islands. Situated where the Atlantic and Caribbean join, it’s famous for stunning beaches, lush rainforests and fancy resorts that offer every luxury you deserve during your vacation. 

The capital of Antigua is St John, with well-preserved colorful architecture built by British traders. The town is great for shopping, trying local food and admiring the buildings. Make a point to see Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (Tyrells Church) and the pink church. The photogenic religious site is the most adorable church, which the locals will point you in the right direction to see. Then head to the beach for some paddleboarding, snorkeling or kayaking. 

Hiking is another great outdoor activity for Antigua holidaymakers, with many great trails to explore. Locals and tourists go to Shirley Heights to explore the restored military lookout and gun battery and amazing views and sunsets. The most popular night is Sunday when there is usually a party in the air. 

If you yearn for a quieter scene, Barbuda is the smaller and much more chilled-out island. Ride a ferry from St John’s dock to Barbuda, where the locals will welcome you with charming hospitality. The Martello Tower (or River Fort) is one of the most photogenic sites on the island and if you book an island tour, it will surely stop there. 

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Without Coronavirus

The Cook Islands are 15 charming tiny islands in the South Pacific, a few thousand miles northeast of New Zealand. The country is one of the few in the world that hasn’t reported any Covid cases, although there have been a few false alarms. Many travelers describe the Cook Islands as heaven on earth, and if you see photos, you will love the exquisite white sand coastlines that look peaceful and exotic. 

Fishing, hiking, lagoon tours, spa sessions, boat trips and many lazy hours soaking up the sun await. Warm hospitality from the locals is all part of the deal too!


Tokelau Without Coronavirus

Tokelau is made up of three pretty atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. A fun fact is that a different atoll is named as the capital every year. Also, it is the first 100% solar-powered nation on the globe. 

With no airport, you will arrive at Tokelau by ship from Samoa. Your accommodation will be in Tokelau at the Luanaliki hotel or Fale Fa Resort. Apart from these two options, there is only a guest house on Atafu, the Feliti Lopa. This does make it easy to choose where to stay.

There is a boat from Apia in Samoa once a fortnight and it takes about 36 hours to get there. Once there, your transportation between ad around atolls will be by dingy and foot. It’s not that luxurious and to say it’s off-the-beaten might be an understatement. While it doesn’t have an amazing tourism industry, it also doesn’t have any Covid cases.

Saint Helena

Saint Helena Tokelau Without Coronavirus

Like many remote destinations, Saint Helena is breathtakingly gorgeous. This British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean can be found on the globe between Africa and Rio de Janeiro. The landscape is rugged and wild, with plenty of lovely spots for hiking, swimming and soaking up the sun. You can explore historic sites like old forts and buildings in the capital of Jamestown. 

Climb Jacob’s Ladder for a fitness fit and rewarding view. The massive staircase goes from Jamestown up the side of Ladder Hill to Ladder Hill Fort. It is quite the climb and named after the biblical Jacob’s Ladder that led to heaven. It was once a cable railway, but now only the stairs remain.

Saint Helena happily reports there are no cases of Covid to report, so it’s a safe place to visit.


Germany Without Coronavirus

Beer, bratwursts and loads of history await the traveler off to Germany. With a rich history, it is one of the most fascinating countries in Europe and has also kept Covid numbers low during the pandemic. From Berlin to Bavaria to Frankfurt, you will find yourself immersed in a culture that is rich and diverse. Roam old castles, palaces, churches and museums and get a taste for the hearty German food. If you go in winter, you can ski the Alps and enjoy the Christmas markets. There are also many festivals and annual events all year round. 

Any time of year if wonderful to visit Germany, which is also a safe country that is easy to get around with an excellent transportation system. Just be careful on the highways (autobahn), many of which don’t have a speed limit.

We conclude our list of countries without Coronavirus or with low numbers reported.

As we know, even if a country has no Covid cases, it can all change overnight. So as well as recommending places with no Covid cases, we also highly recommend visiting countries with low numbers of Covid-19 cases reported. Always check the situation in the country you are traveling to, including any stopovers, before traveling to be up-to-date with the latest developments. Having insurance, social distancing and sanitizing frequently will put your mind at ease if you are concerned about Covid.

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