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Central America Vacations

Central America Vacations

Are you dreaming of getting away to a place that will delight all your senses? If you are looking for a destination that has it all: nature, adventure, history, and relaxation; and a climate or terrain for everyone: rainforests, beaches, and everything in between; – Central America is a dream come true!

Central America is a region at the southernmost tip of North America that consists of seven countries: Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Costa Rica

In the beautiful country of Costa Rica, you will see the diverse topography of this region firsthand as you encounter plains, wetlands, jungles, beaches, and even volcanoes as you travel from place to place. Costa Rica is home to some of the best ziplining in the world, and for those who would like to keep their feet on the ground, there are a plethora of activities including rainforest tours, jungle cruises and white-water rafting. The diverse flora and fauna of this country allows for a chance to see monkeys, sloths, birds, and more.

What to Do

If you enjoy history and learning about different cultures, Central America has a lot to offer. There are archaeological sites throughout these countries with Mayan ruins to explore as you soak in the sense of mystery and imagine what life was like in that spot so many years ago. Two top picks for Mayan ruins in Central America are Copan, Honduras; a bit off the beaten path, but teeming with tropical parrots; and Tikal, Guatemala; a large and beautifully scenic site where you can catch a stunning sunrise or sunset.

Enthusiasts of water sports will love the coastal areas of Central America. World renowned scuba diving and snorkeling spots abound, giving visitors a chance to get up close to vibrant coral reefs and a variety of fish, aquatic plants, and marine life. Surfers will love the Pacific side of Nicaragua where the ocean swells inundate the coast with thrilling waves to ride under the glistening sun. If a calmer approach is more your style, there are several lakes and calm bodies of water to paddleboard, windsurf and even kite surf!

Food & Restaurants

The culinary scene in Central America is as diverse as its landscape. Coffee, cacao, and bananas are some of the major crops in Central America, and visitors will appreciate this as they enjoy the strong and robust flavor of their morning coffee. Staples at most meals throughout this area include fresh plantains, rice, and beans, but you will also find ceviche, street tacos, and hearty stews on menus and tables throughout the region.

Whether you are looking for an adult’s getaway to a romantic, tropical hideout, or a family adventure amid the hustle and bustle, Central America has something for everyone to love and explore. You can feel confident when trusting your travel booking needs to Take advantage of their “Book Now, Pay Later” program to lock in your dream vacation to Central America today! With this program, you will make a down payment, followed by installments over time. Best of all, there is no interest charged to you, and Trip Support does not check your credit. They will take all the guesswork out of the booking and payment process so you can focus on the fun parts of planning your trip. You can finally book the vacation of your dreams, get started today!

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