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Cheap Tickets to Iran Tehran

Tehran International Airport (IKA)

This airport is the central hub of Iran’s capital city. Located roughly 30 kilometers southwest of Tehran, this is the go-to airport when traveling to Tehran. Tehran International Airport is one of only two international airports in the city and is also the biggest. Despite its size, it’s only the third busiest airport in Iran meaning there’s ample space for passengers to move about the facility. Tehran International Airport is also home to over 40 shops and services including but not limited to a chocolate shop, cafe, cigarette shop, watch shop, and jewelry shop.

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Trip Support will help you find cheap deals to Tehran. We have teamed up with the best airlines in the world and have centralized their options into one easy-to-use website. That way, you can find the flight that works best for you. The best time to travel to Tehran is during the country’s mild seasons. Spring and Fall are perfect as the weather is typically a lot tamer than in Winter and Summer. These are also off-peak seasons for average travelers, so if you really don’t like crowds, this is the time to make your trip to Tehran.

Tehran Travel Guide

Tehran is located north of the Great Salt Desert and south of a mountainous area. This has caused the city to have a unique climate when compared to other cities in Iraq. Tehran offers its visitors a rich history with a modern feel. The city's Mosque, museums, and embassies will give you an endless amount of culture and history to explore during your visit. If that’s not your thing, you can instead go hiking in the nearby mountains or maybe venture to some picturesque gardens instead. Tehran is also known for sporting traditional teahouses and contemporary cafes. There is an endless amount of experiences waiting for you to explore.


Frequently Asked Questions

See below for frequently asked questions.

What is the most popular airline that flies out of Tehran?

The most popular airline that flies out of Tehran is Iran air.

Do prices include Taxes and Fees?

Yes! Prices do include travel and fees.

Do flight prices include baggage fees?

No. Prices do not include travel and fees.

How can I find cheap flights from Tehran?

At Trip Support, we believe that travel should be affordable to all. For cheap flight packages from Tehran, please check out our Tehran flight packages at

Can I make reservations for a last-minute Flight?

Yes! Trip Support offers last-minute getaways.

How do I change an existing reservation?

You can email us to request a change to an existing reservation at Please mention your name and confirmation number in the email. You can also contact us at 1-855-606-0606.

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