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The Best Destinations for a Honeymoon Packages from Canada

The Best Destinations for a Honeymoon Packages from Canada

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Honeymoons need special locations, and if you are trying to find the perfect post-wedding getaway, you are at the right place. To begin your new adventure, you need a location that matches your vibes, be they exotic destinations, places with beautiful beaches, or even budget-friendly options.

For your post-wedding bliss from Canada, we have shortlisted some special locations you can head out to. For the sun worshippers, safari lovers, active couples, and nature lovers, these places we’ve rounded up have something for everyone. Let’s dive in.

Playa Mujeres

In Playa Mujeres, you will find a hoard of romantic spots for your post-nuptials bliss. The water is clear, the ocean tempting, the food exquisite, and the vibes chilled. There is a reason Cancun’s all-inclusive resorts are sought after.

However, if you want the best of what Cancun can offer without the noise and the traffic, consider a Playa Mujeres all-inclusive resort. For your honeymoon or anniversary, you will find pockets of privacy, luxury, and romantic vibes in Playa Mujeres.


To be frank, a holiday in Aruba feels like one continuous honeymoon. The island state is easily accessible, and there are plenty of places for bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and honeymoons. If your wedding happened in Canada’s frigid weather, you will be happy to know that this is one place you can get away to and are guaranteed that the weather will favour you.

While you can literally have an itinerary that goes like beach, cocktail, spa, cocktail, food, cocktail, casino, wine, there is a lot to do in Aruba. With a 4X$ tour package, you can get a private tour of the island, go for dinner on a yacht, visit some historic sites, watch sunsets on a sunset cruise on a catamaran or enjoy nightlife if you don’t mind interacting with people. For accommodation, there are plenty of luxury and budget romantic options, but the most popular are the Aruba all-inclusive resorts.


Honeymooning couples have a lot to look forward to in Cuba. A newly married couple will appreciate this lovers’ paradise for its idyllic scenery, relaxed vibes, and the charm of colonial architecture. If the lead-up to the wedding had been stressful like they usually are, Havana promises to cast away all your cares and let you enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams.

From vintage car taxes for your ground transport to white sugar sand beaches and an awesome climate, it has all the ideal settings for a perfect honeymoon. Havana is Cuba’s top attraction for valid reasons. It is a place steeped in history and romance, and almost every shot in the city is insta-worthy. You can take advantage of the massive budget cuts you get from a Havana all-inclusive vacations package and make your honeymoon memorable.


Holguin is another Cuban city that makes it an ideal honeymoon destination. It is recognized as one of the most romantic destinations in the world thanks to the perfect mix of everything from the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea.

It is endowed with endless natural beauty, quaint buildings, good music, and peaceful beaches that shame most popular tourist destinations. You will find lots of places that offer seclusion, plenty of activities, but even better is Holguin all-inclusive resorts that make it possible to enjoy it as long as you want.


Budapest feels like a time capsule of Europe and European culture. Its glorious ancient architecture and a mix of both modern and traditional make it a perfect wedding destination. There is plenty of natural beauty to marvel at and numerous activities to do, making it a definite honeymoon hotspot once winter is over.

Whichever type of honeymoon you are planning, you will find a Budapest vacation package for luxury and all-inclusive resorts. Plus, life is generally cheaper in Hungary, so you can easily manage if you are on a tight budget. The nightlife is great, the food and drinks awesome and the entertainment on another level, if you are planning a honeymoon in Europe, you can’t go wrong with Budapest.

Puerto Escondido

If you have gone on a Puerto Escondido vacation before, then you know of this beach town’s magic.

If not, let me tell you about it. Puerto Escondido has the perfect mix of the pacific coast, waving palms, and sultry nights to make the perfect romantic ambiance. Whether it is an anniversary honeymoon or even date night, Puerto Escondido has all it takes to make it a special occasion.

La Romana

Choosing to spend your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, especially in La Romana, guarantees you the best honeymoon ever. It is a popular honeymoon destination for its sheer beauty but also because the weather and the beaches are a match made—you know where.

There are plenty of affordable resorts ready to make your La Romana vacation a reality. Beyond that, there are a lot of activities to do as a couple. You could choose to hit the beaches, engage in water sports, hike in La Plaza, play some rounds of golf in world-class courses, treat yourself in spas or even go whale watching in the oceans.


The allure of shimmering azure waters, white sugar sand beaches, Mazatlán all-inclusive resorts, and favourable weather make Mazatlán a romantic escape worth considering. In Mazatlán, you will get to experience an authentic Mexico charm, and you won’t have to settle for a filtered version for your honeymoon.

It is famous for deep-sea fishing, but if you enjoy sea-faring, this is the perfect place to enjoy a yacht ride to the Gulf of Mexico. There are many opportunities for casual and active leisure, and because it is a trip you’ve earned, you can choose whatever you want to do.


Phoenix, AZ, provides a wonderful setting for honeymoons because of its warm weather, exquisite scenery, and idyllic backdrops, which make for stunning honeymoon pictures. All-inclusive phoenix vacations are possible because of the many luxury and affordable hotels that can accommodate almost any budget range.

It is a melting point of cultures and nature—let’s not forget the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. It is a secret escape even for A-list celebrities, and better yet, the city’s amenities are never far away, even when you go to the ‘remote’ places. It is a lovely place you ought to consider for your post-wedding bliss.

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