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Cheap Vacations from Toronto

Cheap Vacations from Toronto

If you are traveling from Toronto, you have many options to pick from for your next vacation! Toronto is served by the Lester B. Pearson International Airport, which is also known as the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Toronto Pearson, or Pearson Airport. It’s the largest airport in Canada, and, as you might be able to imagine, has many options for flights and destinations you can take. It’s a primary hub for Air Canada, although many other airlines operate flights through this airport. There are over 50 million passengers that travel through the Toronto Pearson International Airport on a yearly basis. If you’re hoping to head out on a great adventure to destinations throughout the world, you will definitely be able to achieve that if you’re starting out in Toronto. The flights, hotel, and packages that you can book are affordable, and as always, can be booked with the Book Now, Pay Later option we offer at TripSupport. We don’t perform credit checks and offer flexible payment plans that fit your needs and your situation. You can read more about that payment option at the end of this page, but for now, here are some vacation options you can book if you’re starting your trip in Toronto!

Calgary is served by the Calgary International Airport, a major transport hub that is also known as the YYC Calgary International Airport. It’s the fourth busiest airport in Canada and nearly 18 million passengers travel through it on an average year. Many airlines operate flights to and from the Calgary International Airport, and it's a major hub for AirCanada and WestJet. You can book flights to fantastic destinations all over the world from this airport, including the affordable yet still exciting vacations you can read about on this page. Make sure you plan your trip well in advance as the low prices are generally available far in advance. In addition to taking advantage of the low prices, booking early means that you can use the Book Now, Pay Later option that TripSupport offers which allows you to book in advance when those prices are low and pay it off prior to your trip.

Las Vegas, Nevada​

One of the cheapest destinations you can visit from Toronto is Las Vegas, a city located in the state of Nevada in the United States. There are many options for hotels where you can stay when you’re in Vegas if you’re booking through TripSupport, and this list of incredible hotels includes some of the most famous hotels in the city. For example, some of the available options are the Luxor Hotel and Casino and the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

Make sure you plan your trip well in advance as the low prices are generally available far in advance. In addition to taking advantage of the low prices, booking early means that you can use the Book Now, Pay Later option that TripSupport offers which allows you to book in advance when those prices are low and pay it off prior to your trip.

In addition to the obvious Las Vegas attraction of casinos, there are many things to do in this famous city. You can try your hand at driving a race car or get an adrenaline rush by ziplining over the Las Vegas strip. You can also venture outside of the city to experience Nevada’s incredible outdoor scene such as Spring Mountain which is not only beautiful, but it’s home to over 400 wild horses which is truly unique to see.

Orlando, Florida​

For another destination within the United States, you can head to Orlando, Florida to unwind in the sun in this resort-filled destination. You can visit the famous Universal Studios Florida theme park when you’re in town in addition to soaking in the sun next to the hotel's own pool.

In addition to visiting many of the Universal Studios rides and attractions that have been operating for decades, you can also visit one of the newer options which is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If Universal Studios isn’t your speed, consider a trip to Walt Disney World. Whichever theme park you’d like to spend time at, a trip to Orlando booked through TripSupport is a great idea.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic​

If a trip to Las Vegas or Orlando isn’t the kind of trip you’re looking for, consider heading to the tropical destination of Punta Cana, located in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a lush slice of paradise where you can try a variety of fun outdoor activities like scuba diving, kitesurfing, or whitewater rafting.

It’s the perfect place to go if you’re interested in a tropical adventure on a beautiful island that is culturally rich. There are also many local food favorites that you can indulge in when you visit as well!

Varadero, Cuba​

One of the other affordable destinations you can head to from Toronto is Varadero in the Matanzas Province in Cuba. Cuba is a beautiful and captivating Carribean Island, and it’s an iconic place to visit for many reasons but one of the most alluring reasons is Havana’s Old Town area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This area was first built in the early 1500s and visiting is really like stepping into the past. Vintage cars are still driven through the streets as new American cars and parts are not allowed to be imported into the county after the Cuban Revolution took place.

No matter where you want to go from Toronto, you can use TripSupport to make it happen. There are many flights and hotels and packages offered through this site, and the convenient Book Now, Pay Later option is a great option for many. This payment plan option is designed with you in mind.

Why Book Now & Pay Later?​

With the convenient Book Now, Pay Later option you can get closer to your dream vacation without breaking the bank. There are many reasons people choose a book now, pay later option and they all are related to a need for convenience in every aspect of their lives. When you book your flight, hotels, or vacation packages with our Book Now, Pay Later service at, you won’t have to deal with any hidden fees or surprise terms, and we don’t conduct credit checks so we can find a deal that works for you without any strikes to your credit score.

If you’ve never used Book Now, Pay Later before, here’s how it works: you get to book your flight when it’s convenient for you and then pay the cost of the flight in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly increments! The best part is that you get to choose some elements of your payment plan so that ultimately what you have is a plan that fits you and your needs.

No matter which payment plan you decide to go with, there are many benefits to our Book Now, Pay Later plan! Consider booking your next trip with us today!

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