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Top 6 Cheapest Places to Live in Los Angeles

Sep 3 , 2021 · 5 min read
It’s no secret that Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the world. Each year, people travel to the city from all over the world in hopes of making their dreams come truewhether that dream is to start a business or star in a movie. 
The City of Angels is known for many things: beautiful weather, glamorous movie stars, cultural attractions, and world-class shopping. It’s also got quite the reputation for being pricey. While iconic areas like Malibu and Beverly Hills have exceedingly high costs of living, it’s not impossible to find an affordable place to live in Los Angeles. 
Our team at Trip Support has identified the cheapest places to live in Los Angeles County so that you don’t have to. In this easy-to-read guide, we will break down each of these areas with a little bit of background so you can decide if La La Land is the place for you.

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Top 6 Cheapest Places to Live in Los Angeles


Top 6 Cheapest Places to Live in Los Angeles
Located in the Mojave Desert near Lancaster, Palmdale is widely known as being one of the cheapest places to live in Los Angeles. With nearly 40 neighborhoods to choose from, you can easily find a place to live that fits both your budget and your needs. The city is located approximately an hour’s drive from the heart of Los Angeles, making for easy day trips.
The beautiful desert landscape provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and golfing. Hit up the shops at the Antelope Valley Mall, take in a show at the Palmdale Amphitheatre, or race go-karts at the Mulligan Family Fun Center. With so many opportunities for family-friendly fun, Palmdale makes a great place to raise your kids. 

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Top 6 Cheapest Places to Live in Los Angeles
Located in the northern part of Los Angeles County, Lancaster is a mid-sized city with all the amenities of a city, without the overpopulation and insane traffic. The area has a population of around 159,000, which is a huge contrast from the 4 million people living in the city of Los Angeles. 
Lancaster is known for its rich arts scene and abundance of cultural events, including the annual California Poppy Festival. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, museums, and attractions to choose from, making Lancaster a great place to live if you want to escape the hustle and bustle but don’t want to be too far from the city.


Known as a vibrant city filled with cultural diversity and local attractions, Paramount is a small suburban area that is perfect for people looking for small-town vibes. Located just 20 minutes from the shores of Long Beach and the heart of Los Angeles, Paramount is prized for its central location.

Within the small city of Paramount, there are a plethora of entertainment venues, shopping centers, museums, public parks, and restaurants. If you have children, you may also be excited to learn that the world-famous DisneyLand is less than a 30-minute drive away. For one of the most affordable cities near Los Angeles that is near all the area’s top attractions, Paramount makes a wonderful choice.


Located approximately 20 minutes south of Los Angeles, Carson is a nice suburban city with 19 schools and its own public transportation system. The city is bordered by Long Beach, meaning the ocean is just a short drive away. As affordable places to live in Los Angeles go, Carson is definitely one of the most appealing. It’s known for being safe, family-friendly, and boasts tons of things to do.


While there didn’t used to be much to do in Carson, the city has flourished in recent years. You can catch a professional soccer game at the Dignity Healthy Sports Park, spend the day shopping at South Bay Galleria, or race against the clock at an escape room.


As the second-smallest city in Los Angeles County, Cudahy is steeped in small-town charm and an incredibly affordable cost of living. With a population of 24,000 and just over one square mile in diameter, Cudahy may be small, but it’s a small town with tons of activity.
In recent years, Cudahy has become more well-known for its art scene, with its food scene following closely behind. The city also boasts a fantastic school system, a huge plus for those of you with children. Located in the southeastern part of Los Angeles County just a short 30-minute drive from the heart of Los Angeles, Cudahy offers an eclectic mix of small town life and big city attractions.

6.La Puente

Located about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, La Puente is known as one of the best suburbs in Los Angeles County to raise a family. With lush public parks, expansive golf courses, and mouthwatering cuisine, there is no shortage of things to do in La Puente. 
If you’re a fan of sweet treats, The Donut Hole is a must-see destination in La Puente. This local landmark and bakery is designed to look like two giant donuts that visitors drive through to place their orders. Not only is The Donut Hole one of the most photographed donut shops in the United States, but it also boasts the best donuts in the area.
Not sure if you’re quite ready to take the plunge and move to Los Angeles? Start out with a vacation to the area and get a rental car so you can explore the different neighborhoods for yourself. 

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