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Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. “”, “Trip Support”, “us,” “we,” or “our” means Trip Support Inc., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Canada, and having its registered address at 134, 7163 Yonge St., Thornhill, ON, L3T 0C6, Canada.
    2. “Trip” means the tour or vacation whose components, inclusions, and exclusions are spelled out in each Trip Itinerary.
    3. “Trip Provider” means the professional provider of accommodations, attractions, transportation, tour operators, travel insurances, and any other travel or related product or service as from time to time available for trip reservation on the Trip Support website.
    4. “Trip Reservation” means the order, purchase, payment, booking, or reservation of a trip.
    5. The “Package Tour”, “Vacation Package”, or “Trip Package” means such tours as those for which we prepare beforehand, travel plans including itineraries, transportation and contents of accommodation service as detailed and scoped out in our website for each package tour.
    6. “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” is a novel travel loan/finance plan that is exclusive to Trip Support customers.
    7. T&C means this Terms and Conditions Agreement / Document. This document explains your rights and responsibilities when using the Trip Support website.
    8. All email addresses and phone numbers provided on the website, social media channels, Trip Support’s Marketing ads and promos will be used for marketing and promotional purposes.
  2. Generals
    1. Welcome to the Trip Support websites at All services are offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions described below. By accessing or using our services, you agree to be bound by this Agreement (T&C). It means that you have read and understood fully this agreement. You are not authorized to access or use our website or any of our services if you do not accept this T&C fully.
    2. This document describes your rights and responsibilities when using the Trip Support website, products and services. Please read carefully this agreement in its entirety. For information on all other Trip Support products kindly refer to the appropriate detailed sections of our website. This terms and condition is a legally binding agreement between you and Trip Support.
    3. We reserve the right to update and adjustment this T&C at any time, therefore we strongly suggest you to make screenshot or print this document when buying or reserving one of our services to support your position (if needed). You are responsible for reviewing the latest revision of this agreement (Trip Support’s Terms and Conditions).
    4. You should be at least 19 years of age or older to use our website. If you are not 19 years of age or older, please do not use our website to purchase or book any products or services.
    5. You should not place an order or book any of our services on behalf of an individual other than yourself.
    6. By purchasing or booking our services, you consent to be contacted by Trip Support by email or phone at any email address and telephone number that you provide to us for the purpose of providing information to you about our new services, promotions, or about your booking, purchased service(s) or relating to your loan (BOOK NOW PAY LATER financing service) and/or account.
  3. Reservations
    1. All reservations are considered final when your ticket or your hotel or whatever you booked by our online is confirmed. There is no more need for reconfirmation from the guests’ part of the booking agency. Only agencies are allowed to cancel any of these reservations.
    2. Child policy is only valid for a single child accompanied by 2 adults. We encourage all guests to include the child’s age at the time of filling up the information.
    3. Trip Support uses system-generated reference numbers to confirm bookings which will be used in all future correspondences.
  4. Group Bookings
    1. For group booking, kindly check the details and terms with our team via phone or our email,
    2. Group means ten (10) or more fully paying traveler with the same itineraries (hotel/flight).
    3. No electronic bookings are allowed for group booking and groups are still subjected to this terms and conditions and terms mandated by hotel and airline.
  5. Price
    1. There are special considerations for rate changes in children between 3 through 9 years of age but may vary according to individual suppliers.
    2. Infants under 2 years of age can get free travel but this does not constitute a guaranteed seat on the airline, tour bus or trains nor permits any extra baggage allowance. Tax payment maybe applied and needed.
    3. Infants under 6 weeks may also require a doctor’s certificate prior to travel.
    4. For any travel packages or deals listed on our website, Trip Support does not guarantee any specific rates or prices as well as currency exchange rate.
    5. We will not increase or change the price after receiving full payment of any sold services or travel package.
    6. Where there is an increase in the price of services after a deposit has been paid for said services, the customer may cancel the purchased/booked services by contact Trip Support within 7 days of receipt of notice of the increase.
    7. Prices displayed on our website are in Canadian dollars.
    8. Some charges may be processed in a foreign currency by suppliers. Please be informed that prices which include foreign currency conversion are approximate amounts only until the transaction has been processed and charged to your credit card.
    9. All rates quoted or shown on our website are based on current prices. Trip Support reserves the right to alter or change already published prices on the website without notice.
  6. Payment
    1. Credit card payments also incur an additional 3% merchant charges on VISA and Master cards and 5% on American Express cards all applied to total charges on tour packages. All these rates are still subject to change.
    2. Credit cards are not acceptable for payment of “Book Now Pay Later” financing service.
    3. Before finalizing an order or booking a service or trip, and processing any payment for selected services through Trip Support website, it is your responsibility to review, understand and accept all the terms and conditions, and the applicable fees that you will be charged.
    4. Always review cancellation and refund policies related to the selected services or products before proceeding with the order and any kind of payment. Payments could be non-refundable, and cancelation may result in cancellation fees and penalties. Please contact Trip Support if you need more details and explanations before finalizing your order / booking.
    5. Trip Support is not responsible for charges applied by your Credit Card Company and/or financial institution including foreign exchange rates.
    6. Trip Support is providing a flexible payment plan on a bi-monthly, monthly or weekly instalments under “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” service. Please note that the reservation down payment and all subsequent payment instalments as well as the outstanding payment balance, as described in the booking agreement/contract must be paid on the relevant due date in accordance with the payment plan of the reservation. Any late payment (more than 48 hours after payment due time) or failure in payment of the full amount of each instalment, in due time, may causes reservation cancelation without prior notice of default or warning and we will retain your deposit.
    7. There is a $25 penalty for each late payment.
    8. Customers advised to provide preauthorization on account to let the Trip Support collect money from the customer account directly to avoid any penalty or unexpected cancelation due late payment.
    9. Any insufficient funds on authorization will be required a $25 as penalty.
    10. The advance deposit/payment for booking a trip by using Trip Support “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” is not refundable and it is not transferable. Please contact our agents for clarifications if needed.
    11. To use Trip Support “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” service, you need to provide required common / standard documents for booking a trip. We won’t conduct a credit check.
    12. The outstanding payment balance of reservation under Trip Support “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” service must be cleared prior to 72 hours of the trip’s departure date.
    13. Trip Support is not responsible for any payment failure as a result of the wrong bank or credit cards information (provided by buyer / customer) or buyer’s invalid credit/debit, banking problems or insufficient funds.
    14. You are responsible for providing accurate and complete billing address and contact information to us.
    15. All the payments are nonrefundable for (non-refundable packages and tickets). Please refer to your contract, purchase documents for details or contact our office for more clarifications.
    16. Last payment is required 72 hours before departure
    17. Customer must pay full amount of purchased package or product prior to process any kind of insurance claim.
    18. Financing service “Book Now Pay Later” is considered only for the residents or citizen of Canada or USA.
    19. Acceptable forms of the payment are cash drop off in our office, email transfer (in Canada only) and Zelle payment service (in USA only) or direct deposit in Trip Support bank account. Refer to your invoice and contract for banking information.
    20. In the event that Trip Support must retain a collection agency or law firm to collect past due balances owed to Trip Support, you agree to pay any and all collection agency fees, court costs, attorney fees or incidental costs associated with collecting.  
  7. Hotel Check-in and Check-out
    1. To help uphold the hotel’s housekeeping requirements, a strict check-in time of 3:00 PM is observed on the day of the guests’ arrival. Hotel check-out times are usually at 11:00 AM.
    2. Each hotel varies in their check-in and check-out time. Please check your reservation documents for exact check-in and check-out time.
    3. Early Check-in is subjected to availability and hotel surcharge.
  8. Baggage
    1. Trip Support is only required to provide details on baggage allowance if tickets are purchased through us. As these allowances greatly vary per airline of choice, it is the responsibility of the traveler to contact their airline of choice for information on their set specific policies on baggage allowances. Any excesses should be paid to the airline when authorized by the carrier.
    2. If your baggage is delayed, damaged or lost, the airline will refund or take needed actions to solve the problem as per Airline’s terms and conditions. Trip Support is not reliable or responsible for any problem related to the baggage. Make sure to provide proof to justify amounts claimed to the airline in compensation.
  9. Changes, Cancellations and Fees
    1. All airfares are subject to rules and cancellation fees when purchased with Trip Support. Some airfares though may become non-refundable at the time of sale once a booking is made. It is the responsibility of the guest than to read through terms and conditions governing their airfares as these are provided at the time of booking.
    2. Miscellaneous services such as car rentals are governed under respective supplier(s)’ terms and conditions at a guest’s chosen destination.
    3. No refund is allowed for any unused portions of your stay. All other unused services you will encounter while in the area are still subject to terms and conditions as mandated by their suppliers. Trip Support abides by these terms and conditions and we will not be liable for any refund exceeding any amount previously agreed upon between Trip Support and our partner suppliers. However, all refund claims MUST be done in writing and addressed to the travel agency that purchased the tour. Complete documentation must be presented to Trip Support in no more than 21 days after any tour cancellation. No adjustments will be made for any portions unused during your purchased tour.
    4. By making a trip reservation through the Trip Support website, you acknowledge and accept to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy as detailed by Trip Provider, and to any additional terms and conditions of the Trip Support in conjunction with the purchased services or products.
    5. The general cancellation and no-show policy of each trip, product, and services is available on Trip Support website and the provider information pages, and in the confirmation email or ticket (if applicable).
    6. Trip Support or service providers may charge you for the no-show, non-refundable taxes, change or cancellation fee (up to 100% of service price/value) of a trip or any other booked/purchased services as detailed in your product or service offering on our website, terms, and condition of the product or service provider and Trip Support’s Terms and Condition page.
    7. Cancellation and prepayment policies may vary per segment, product, or service of each trip; therefore it is the buyer’s responsibility to carefully read and understands all terms and conditions which they are applying to the selected trip or any other products.
    8. If you want to review, adjust or cancel your trip reservation, revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein. Note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the trip provider’s cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policies, or not be entitled to any repayment of any (pre)paid amount. We recommend that you read the cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policy of the providers carefully prior to making your reservation and remember to make further payments on time as may be required for the relevant reservation.
    9. The advance payment for booking a trip using Trip Support “BOOK NOW PAY LATER” travel loan service is not refundable. This is the standard trip cancellation fee which deems the payment non-refundable, and non-transferable.
    10. If you have a late or delayed arrival on the check-in date, you should communicate this with the Trip Provider to avoid cancellation of your Trip (Reservation) or charge of the no-show fee.
  10. Limited Liability
    1. Trip Support has no complete control over its partners/suppliers because these are run by independent companies, so we cannot be held liable for any injuries, losses, property damages or any other costs as a result of acts of omission on part of the supplier, agent and its employees and anyone not in direct supervision of Trip Support.
    2. We are not liable for your failure to acquire proper legal documentation as travel prerequisites.
    3. We are not liable for cancellation and/or changes in the travel services offered. We reserve the right to cancel or change the travel services at our discretion, but we will try to compensate a substitute by referring you to a comparable service.
    4. We are not liable for your failure to follow instructions including, but not limited to check-in and check-out times, baggage handling, and airport departure times.
    5. We are not liable for sickness, quarantine, government-mandated regulations, mechanical breakdown, weather disruptions, labor disputes, or any other known cause not mentioned but are beyond our direct control.
    6. Full refunds will NOT be included nor honored in canceled tours that were caused by acts of God, riots or weather and where contract obligations between Trip Support and its partner suppliers do not allow it to obtain reimbursements on the sums paid to the independent providers on behalf of the customer.
    7. While there are above listed restrictions, Trip Support, in all its capacity, carefully selects independent providers as suppliers of services they advertise. These suppliers may also have limited liabilities as set by laws, tariffs, and other such conditions. It is necessary then that all passengers and guests to not just read but also fully understand the limitations of such liabilities set forth in documentation.
    8. Any reservations made by guests confirms that you have done prior reading, understood and fully agreed to each and all the above conditions and our limits of responsibility. No person apart from our designated official representatives will be allowed to change in any manner (add, vary or waive) any term or condition on this online brochure including those in proceeding provisions.
    1. While we strongly encourage all guests to purchase insurance for any trip cancellations, delays or other major problems, these should be done at the time of booking and not after the purchase. In case of illness, no refunds, total or partial, shall be made for the tour. Ask your travel agent for comprehensive inclusive insurance for health concerns to know your options in such cases.
    3. reminds you that you may be faced with medical bills in the event of an unforeseen illness or injury during your trip. Moreover, based on the terms of the supplier your booking may also be 100% non-refundable, and therefore we strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance to protect you from these financial losses.
    5. If you would like to purchase Travel Insurance coverage, please contact us at 1-(855) 606 0606 for more information and assistance.
    1. Trip Support shall not be held liable or responsible for any consequences of cancellations resulting from acts of God, threats of war, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, civil disturbances, health risks, epidemics, terrorist activities, government action, fire, riots, supplier insolvency, technical transport problems and flight delays due to weather or other such mechanical failures, unavoidable accidents, theft, or any other such circumstances that are beyond our direct control.
    2. We shall also not be held liable for any omissions, errors, and deletion on our booking pages or any third parties’ documents.
    3. The carriers, properties and other suppliers providing travel or other services on Trip Support website are independent contractors and not agents or employees of the Trip Support Company and we have no liability and will make no refund in the event of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond their direct control.
    1. The name, logo, content, graphics, pictures, video, information, sound and other files and images used on this website identifying Trip Support are either proprietary marks or licensed to us for use by third-party affiliates and are protected in full effect by Canadian and International intellectual property laws. Any use or copying of any of these contents depicting Trip Support and its independent suppliers are not allowed without prior approval from us or relevant copyright owners. Any person caught in infringement of such rules will be punished to the full extent of the law.
    2. Site contents may not be copied, distributed, modified, republished, downloaded, posted, or sold in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, without Trip Support’s prior written permission.
    3. It is not permitted to use our services for any illegal purpose, or in violation of any provincial, territorial, local, national, or international laws or regulations.

    We understand that Trip Support involves significant trust on your part. We value your trust and make it a high priority to make sure the security and confidentiality of the personal data you provide to us.

    1. Trip Support respects all personal information and treat them with confidentiality and privacy. Trip Support is in strict compliance of the new Canadian legislation called Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, enacted to protect any individual’s privacy.
    2. By using the site or the services, you are consenting to the Privacy Policy and agree to have your personal information transferred to, stored and processed in the Canada.
    3. We may listen to and/or record phone calls between you and our representatives without notice to you for training purpose, where/as permitted by applicable laws.
    4. We may send you email messages that contain useful information about travel-related special offers available through our, your booking/reservation information if you consented to receiving email marketing communications. You may choose not to receive these email messages by sending an email, calling our office or unsubscribing your email address through our website (if applicable).
    5. You can choose not to provide us with any information, although it could be required to be able to book/reserve your trip package, flight, hotel or other products through our website as well as receiving your booking confirmation.
    6. We recommend you examine the privacy statements of our provider such as airlines and hotels to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing personal information.
    7. We may update this Privacy Policy on our website without any notice. However, we will inform you about the new revision of our privacy policy if it affects your contract, booking, reservation or any other purchased products (not closed items – undergoing).
    8. If you have questions about either this Privacy Policy, please email us, or call us at +1 (855) 606 0606 or write to us at
    1. It is the responsibility of the passenger and/or traveler to review all information indicated on the itinerary sent via email or e-tickets to make sure that all documents are correct. It is also their responsibility to obtain all legal documentation required by government authorities such as entry visas.
    2. Entry into any country is at the sole discretion of the immigration officer of that country, even if you already have the required travel documents. Travelers denied entry will not be issued any refunds from the carrier and/or Trip Support and assumes no responsibility in this regard.
    3. Trip Support will not be held responsible for any charges from immigration, penalties or fees imposed beyond our control.
    4. All passengers should have valid passport with minimum 6-month validity from the return back date.
  16. TAXES
    1. All our services are subject to appropriate corresponding taxes and service charges which may vary according to the guest’s destination, tour packages chosen and the season (off or peak).
    2. The prices as offered by Trip Support are not including applicable GST/HST or VAT/sales tax and/or all other applicable taxes, unless stated differently on our website.
    3. Applicable fees and taxes (including tourist/city tax) may be charged by Trip Support’s provider in the event of a no-show or cancellation.
    4. Some destinations charge a fee to all passengers when they are departing. This is called a departure tax and in most cases, it is not paid in advance, and should be paid at the airport when checking in for the return flight. Please refer to your e-documents which will outline any and all applicable fees.
    5. Applicable fees and taxes (including tourist/city tax) may be charged by the trip provider in the event of a no-show or cancellation.
    6. Trip Support is not liable or accountable for the transfer, collection, withholding, or payment of the trip price applicable taxes to the relevant tax authorities on behalf of trip provider(s). We do not act as the merchant of record for any product or service made available on Trip Support website.
    1. It must be noted that for international travelers, living conditions in other countries including living standards and practices may differ from those found in Canada or USA, so we encourage guests to remain respectful of such customs.
    1. This online brochure has been created to provide a complete and accurate description of Trip Support’s services, packages and terms and conditions on all services offered. Changes may occasionally occur, but Trip Support will do its best in an effort to prompt all our clients and partner agencies of such modifications.
    2. We can’t guarantee the accuracy, completeness or the reliability of the information presented on our website. Please contact us if you need more details and information or if you need clarification of any information presented in our website.
    1. Any of the content indicated on this website include the promotional materials, the availability of any features of the site, or to the information, products and prices described in them may terminate, change, suspend or discontinue at any time at the sole discretion of Trip Support and its official representatives without notice.
    2. The materials provided on this website are provided “as is” and the information and other materials included on this site may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. We can’t warranty the accuracy, or the reliability of the information presented on our website.
    3. Trip Support will make no refund in the event of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond its direct control, and it has no responsibility for any additional expense, omissions, delays, re-routing or acts of any government or authority.
    4. Trip Support is not responsible or liable for any damages, errors, omissions, warranties, breaches, negligence, or personal injuries, and death, loss or offense caused by, or in connection with, any the third party suppliers providing accommodations, flight, rentals, restaurants, cruise information, or other travel services, hired, booked or purchased through the Trip Support company website.
    5. Our site may be temporarily unavailable from time to time for updating, maintenance or technical reasons. Trip Support is not responsible for any kind of problems or delay caused by an interruption in our services or our website operation/availability.
    6. All links to third-party websites on this site are provided only as a convenience to our visitors and customers, and we are not responsible for any of these sites or their content, advertising, products, services or information.
    7. Trip Support will only be liable for direct damages attributable to a shortcoming of Trip Support obligations in respect to provided services, up to a total amount of the aggregate cost of the reservation as set out in the trip reservation confirmation email (for one or series of events).
    8. We do not warrant that our service is error-free and uninterrupted. Trip Support does not warrant that the information provided through the website for the services is accurate, adequate, useful and complete.
  20. Governing Law; Submission to Jurisdiction
    1. These Terms of the use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein. The parties irrevocably attorn to the jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Ontario.

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