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Toronto to Punta Cana , Dominican Republic

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Toronto to Varadero , Cuba

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CA $ 1004

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Toronto to Punta Cana , Dominican Republic

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Toronto to Punta Cana , Dominican Republic

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Toronto to Punta Cana , Dominican Republic

3.5 3.5 Star Vacation

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Feb 4, 2022 (7 days)

price includes taxes and fees

Toronto to Varadero , Cuba

Reasons to Travel While You're a Student

After taking care of tuition fees and other expenses, there isn’t much margin for students to travel. However, with scheduled breaks, student discounts, and the fact that your responsibilities are not as much, the best time to travel the world is when you are a student. Anytime is a good time to travel the world but being a student poses some strategic advantages to you.  In the interest of seeing the best travel deals for students, it is only fair that we run down some of the key benefits/reasons to tour the world as a student.

Deals for Students Everywhere

Nobody expects students to have the fat wallets of C-suite executives, but the truth is that students form a large part of the holiday business. For these reasons, resorts, airlines, and countries have plenty of deals for students to snap up. The discounts are not limited by the place of origin. Given that student schedules don’t coincide with peak holiday seasons expect to get deals on travel, food, and activity fees once you get to your destinations.

Develop as a Person

There’s something about being in a new environment that just elevates your confidence levels. With a refreshed mind, fresh perspectives, and a healthy mindset, any of the challenges in your life look like a breeze when you get back home. It is prescribed that when you feel you have run out of ideas, a vacation is just the injection of creativity that will push you further. Be it a tropical vacation in Jamaica or being up close with nature in Costa Rica, or going on a Safari in the Serengeti, you’ll probably come out of the trip a different person than you went in.

Experience the Real World

While all the textbooks and lectures can tell you about how things work, nothing beats a real-world experience. Traveling as a student helps you take your vacation at a literal level. As the saying aptly states, seeing is believing, and the real world puts everything into context. Therefore, by merging real-world experience with classroom learning, you will get the best education. For example, if you are learning to be a marine biologist, why not find the best vacation places with scuba diving spots for the best lab session.

It Looks Good Professionally

Multinational companies love candidates who have experience in a place, even if it’s for a short while. Consider this, in a pool of candidates with similar experience, the more traveled and exposed candidates who have a broad perspective on many things stand out. Hence, when it comes to choosing between you and them for a job in Australia, for instance, you are likely to get the job if you have actually been to that country. 

What are you planning for your gap year, semester breaks, or during your exchange trips? Before work schedules and family start taking much of your time or increasing your travel budget, you can take this time to clear out some of your dream travel destinations. Here are some deals that will make it easy to travel as a student.

Getting Deals on Flights

Flights are integral to the success of any vacation. So, if you can save some cash on a flight for clear use in your vacation—the better your vacation will be.  Top airlines, budget or not, have deals for students, and there is no reason you should not try them. When you have settled on your destination, check out which flight does it for you, and don’t hesitate to look for the student deals option.  Booking in advance always means that you get to enjoy the early bird prices, and for this case, you get the early bird ticket price plus a discount on top. You don’t have to roll the dice on your vacation. Be sure that the plan is still on by taking advantage of student discounts on your airfare. Since flights vary each day, we can’t have a list of the cheapest flights to be on for your vacation. What we can do is tell you that many third-party websites do the legwork of searching the flights and listing them for you to find. Some even offer discounts when you book through them. Likewise, they will let you know about mistake fares (when airlines post cheap fares accidentally but they can’t cancel tickets booked) and upcoming offers from your favorite airlines for you to snap up. Read on to find out where to get more deals with your ticket.

Cruises as an Alternative

Did you know you could go on a 4-day cruise for as low as $50 a day?  If you didn’t, cruises could save your vacation plans if the money gets tight. Unlike a budget airline, not many people think of cruises as being exactly a budget item because they are often associated with Luxury. However, with wanderlust in you, a cruise might just be the thing to satisfy your urge to travel. One benefit of cruises is that there’s a new stop every time. Thus,  by the end of the cruise, you will have visited more places in a short period. This is unlike if you had flown to one specific vacation spot. With cruises, you can save by going on a budget cruise. Choose places that are not too expensive to go to, or simply opt for the classic tactic of traveling during the low season. Budget cruises offer massive discounts, but in low seasons when the cruises are struggling to reach critical mass, you too can get a deal on your dream holiday destination without much hassle. So, if you play your cards right, you could get on a budget cruise liner like the Grand Celebration or The Grand Classical. For budget itineraries, you can opt for a short sail or an overnight cruise, and with the low season, the world is your oyster. Simply search for a cruise that goes to your destination and see if it offers a price that is suitable for your budget.

Destinations You Can Travel to on a Budget

The reality of being a student is that you are often trying to make things work on a shoestring budget, and your life is a constant routine of classes and books. 

However, wanderlust is part of being a student, and since you can’t wait until summer or spring break to plan a vacation, a cheap vacation might be what you need to refocus on yourself. If you’ve done the local frat house party scene and pretty much your whole town, you’ll want a budget-friendly destination that doesn’t look cheap. In the same vein, just because you are a student doesn’t mean that a good holiday destination is not on the cards for you.  Forget everyone’s vacation destinations. Here are some world-class travel destinations that students can afford.


Greece is home to some of the world’s most exotic places to vacation, but it is also the place for one of the most affordable vacations as a student. Forget Mykonos and the other highlights you see on social media. You too could afford the trip of your life to Greece if you know where to look.  Greece, as we know it in the media, is a place of clear waters, white buildings, cliff edges, rocky islands, and some of the most insta-worthy coasts on earth. You will be forgiven to think this place is expensive, but you couldn’t be more wrong when you land in Athens. 

While many tourists visit the country between July and August, the best time to visit is during the low season where everything from flights to accommodation is dirt cheap. During low and shoulder season, you can get accommodation for as low as $11 per night, but to get the best, you can start at $15 -$20.  If you have a huge budget, you could eat at a decent restaurant starting at $20 for a two-course meal, or if you are pushing the dollars, there are many street food places and cafes to eat for a lower price. With an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), you can make many savings on things that would otherwise cost you a lot. This is the place to split bills with friends, couch surf, and satisfy all the wild traveling dreams you have been having.

There are over 6000 islands in Greece, and unless you have a whole year and an unlimited budget (which is not us), then it would be impossible to expect to see all of them. However, you too can have an affordable vacation in Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, or Astypalaia, just to name a few. For example, you can start your tour at the iconic island of Crete, to see some archaeology or play on its beaches while enjoying Greek cuisine. In Peloponnese, you could take a hike and visit some centuries-old features from the ancient Greek empire or take a ferry ride to explore the nearby Ionian islands.  In Athens, you can take advantage of the vibrant nightlife, local foods, and culture, and even if history is not your thing, you will want to explore parts of ancient Greece, if not for the beauty, then as a conversation starter.

Budapest, Hungary

When doing the European circuit, most students overlook the Hungarian capital. Once you sign up for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), you can pretty much get discounts on most stuff in a city that is already relatively cheap. There are tons of music and entertainment, a great culture, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous sites to see in the whole country. Budapest just collects the best of them all. It is a city of beautiful architecture and a captivating history all set on the banks of the Danube River.

Budapest is a popular destination for backpackers, river cruisers, and vacationers looking to explore Europe on a budget. Across the city are museums, parks, a thriving food scene, a rocking nightlife, and centuries-old thermal baths that you too can take a dip in. The relaxation does not stop here. This city looks like something straight out of a Disney wonderland in winter, making it an excellent place for those looking to change environments.  If you are into architecture, put your walking shoes on and explore the historic castle district, the ornate medieval buildings, and to see battle scars from the many wars in Europe. Likewise, grab an insta-worthy photo with the backdrop of the Danube at Fisherman’s Bastion for your friends who couldn’t come with you.  Within city bounds, cave divers can also tour the historic Kőbánya Caves, where aircraft engines were assembled during the 2nd World War. If you have a sweet tooth, the Budapest Chocolate Museum has what you want. 

If you time your visit well, your visit can coincide with one of the biggest cultural and music events in Europe—the Sziget Festival. Likewise, there is the Budapest Wine Festival and Danube Carnival to see the culture of Hungary. The vibe in the city is undeniable for those who want something different, but if you choose to venture outside the city, there are also a ton of things to see and do. If you are on a budget, this country will meet your expectations and surpass them.


Everyone must have a vacation in Thailand.  Despite not having a flamboyant history, the city makes up for it by being the most photogenic place you can choose to visit. Tourism is a big industry in Thailand and saves for staying in five-star hotels as you can find affordable places to stay, enjoy great food and generally be free. There’s something for everyone to see, and from the beaches to the rainforests and the massive Mai Kong river, running out of things to do will be your fault.

Your Thai excursion will probably begin in the capital Bangkok. It is a hub for culture, a crazy street food scene, and good vibes all around. Rent a bike and take a cycling tour through the Grand Placemat Pho, Lumphini Park, and the must-see Siam Square. However, it is outside where the beauty of Thailand comes out. Thi Lo Su Waterfall is the stuff of HD wallpapers, and being the largest waterfall in Thailand, you too could grab some pictures while you marvel at the roaring water as it falls. It is among a series of waterfalls in the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary that you ought to put on your itinerary. If sunrises and sunsets are your thing, nothing can beat a view from Phu Chi Fa mountain viewpoint. For historical sites, you may visit the ancient Ayutthaya or Phanom Rung Historical Park to see the history that makes the monarchy of Thailand.

In Pai, you will find a backpacker’s heaven set in the magnificent beauty of Southeast Asia.  There are plenty of guesthouses to enjoy, and most people come here to get away from the hustles of the city. Another must-see place is Koh Chang, where there are plenty of beaches and affordable accommodation, foods, and a vibrant party scene to go along. In Ko Phi, you are likely to notice some places because it was the set of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach. Take a tour of Maya Bay or take a boat ride to one of the many islands nearby for some stunning views and beach activities. If you just want a laid-back holiday sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the best Thai cuisine, then Koh Lanta is the place for you. For an authentic Thai experience, hire a scooter (the most common rural mode of transport) and head into Koh Yao Noi for a serene and secluded vacation. Here you can kayak at Koh Nok and enjoy some of rural Thailand. While Thailand may seem out of reach for most students, the reality is that it is relatively cheap, and there are lots of things to be enjoyed.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Don’t let the modern architecture of the city intimidate you. At the heart of Malaysia is probably one of the affordable destinations to visit in Asia. With tones of exotic travel destinations, jungles, a hip party scene, and a vibrant shopping scene, Malaysia has the makings of the perfect holiday destination. With a quick stroll in Kuala Lumpur’s street, you will see a sea of affordable holidaymakers and backpackers who have made their stop in this beautiful city.  English is widely spoken, and the people are exceptionally welcoming (in true Asian nature), and a vacation here promises to be an unforgettable experience.  Here it is possible to make merry on an affordable $30 a day budget.

Full disclosure is that if you go to the touristy sites, you are likely to pay upwards of three times what a local would pay, so it pays to consider heading off the tourist trail and make your adventure. Visits cities like Penang, Malacca, and Langkawi and give yourself the chance to explore areas like Ipoh, Pangkor Island, and many more cities where the holiday brochures don’t tell you more about. For a day at the beach, make a point of visiting the magnificent beaches at the Perhentian Islands. Choose to get up close with nature in one of the many rainforests that make up the biodiversity of the country or spend time appreciating the culture of the traditional people at Cameron Highlands. The climate here is hot and wet, so plan your itinerary in line with the activities of the season and what you want to engage in. For example, to visit the Langkawi area, plan your visit around the dry season, which runs between November and April, and for the West Coast area, choose to travel between November and august when the monsoon season is over. 

Food in Malaysia is excellent, and being a Muslim majority country, alcohol comes at a premium. However, if you want to enjoy much of what the west offers, the tax-free region of Langkawi is the place for cheap booze and your regular water activities like diving, snorkelling, and sunbathing. Recent tourism campaigns have seen a flood of people here, so if you want a more relaxed setting, the Perhentian Islands are just what you need. Other areas of interest for budget holiday makers include Sarawak and Sabah—which is the place for some exotic wildlife and nature. Traveling around is also affordable. The public transport infrastructure in the city is above the standard of most western cities, and upcountry, a tourist bus will do you a world of good.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is an eclectic collection of places within reach of most US addresses. There are cheap flights to this place daily and to the explorers and people looking for a quick escape from daily life –this is your place. When you vacation here, you will be taken aback by the endless beauty, opportunities to go fishing, canoeing, hit the trail, and everywhere you look is a retreat-like space with plenty of your creature comforts within reach.

As one of Canada’s smallest and only island provinces, the whole place is wonderfully rustic and unspoiled. The island has a beautiful coastline littered with red cliffs, picturesque lighthouses, and more sand than you’d want to play in.  The charm of maritime Canada is your cue to go lighthouse spotting for the island’s 63 lighthouses on a boat cruise. If you believe in meeting your childhood heroes, red-haired Anne of Green Gables came from here, and luckily today, the famous gables with rooms created to the last detail stand here. Prince Edward Island is renowned for its seafood. Enjoy oysters, clam’s lobster, mussel, and more in oceanfront restaurants and street food stall across the island. Because of the volumes of seafood residents consume, fishing trips are common, and it is easy to set one up with a fisherman or agency.

The beauty of Prince Edward Island is something to behold. Several boardwalks are littered across the island, and they will take you through marshland, sand dunes, piers, and even the harbor.  For cycling, there are many trails with varying difficulties for everyone to try. When starting, you can go for shorter routes within the island, but you can cycle the perimeter of PEI in a day if you dare. Besides cycling, the beaches are an excellent place to go parasailing, surfing, kayaking, and birdwatching. For these, you will appreciate the small number of people, which means you enjoy everything until you’ve had enough of it.  The island is beautiful enough for a sunset wind down with a bottle of wine or a picnic with your friends on the many beaches.

Granada, Nicaragua

You’ve heard about its prolific neighbors Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador, but in Central America, consider choosing Nicaragua as your destination. The city of Granada is the top travel destination, and with a strong expat core, it is a true gem hidden away from much of the world. It is a city steeped in culture, and horse-drawn carriages can still be seen. The city is relaxed, and the laid-back atmosphere is a good escape from much of your academic life. It is a city of colonial beauty, and the charm is infectious, and best of all, you can do this for low prices. Like most tropical regions, monsoons are a thing here, and the best time to visit is during the dry season that falls between November and April. This is quite a relief, especially if you are running away from winter in your area.

If you are a sucker for colonial beauty (like we are), Granada is one of the oldest cities you will get to explore. The city’s pastel hues will make your heart mellow, and you will be forgiven for thinking you are tropical Spain (maybe it is a trick you should pull on your friends). Given its central address, it was a hub for pirates, explorers, and conquerors, and there is a touch of French, Dutch, English, and Spanish culture everywhere you look. There is a vibrant food scene, and the city plays host to many street food spots. And if you have backpacking on your mind, just prepare an appetite and hit the many food markets. Like any city with Spanish culture, historic churches and chapels make the city. For your art portfolio, there is no better place than downtown Granada. It is air-filled with vibrant colors and high contrasts, which just look great in still shots. While you are at it, why not see the city on a guided tour on a horse-drawn carriage. 

If the city’s cobblestone streets are not enough for you, you will find interesting things to fill your itinerary outside the city. One must-see is the up-close views of the live volcano at Masaya Volcano, especially at night when magma lights up the whole area. For your water activities, spend a day kayaking and swimming at Laguna De Apoyo or even spend a night at the many lodging options close by. Close to Granada is lake Nicaragua where for a small fee you can also kayak. For transport, Rivas’ hub will be your getaway to most other countries and destinations like Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Affordable Resorts for a Student Budget

As a student, you don’t need a vacation deal that asks you to pay for everything separately. Costs are likely to pile up very fast. For this reason, an all-inclusive resort package is the best way to get maximum bang for your bucks. When going all out isn’t an option, here are some options for budget-friendly student vacations.

Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa

To check off the tropical holiday in Jamaica, the Grand Palladium is your all-inclusive resort of choice. Located on Montego Bay and close to airports and major amenities, this resort affords you the chance to take in the best of Jamaica on a budget. Packages can start from as low as $250, and depending on what rooms you select, you will enjoy the best of what the hotel has to offer. On the grounds are nine restaurants and 13 bars, which just tell you what goes on here—partying.  

The Grand Palladium has a 537-room capacity with an 86000 Sq. Foot pool area with swimming pools, whirlpool, and water packs for all to enjoy. The bars are open 24 hours, and you don’t need reservations at the restaurants – just walk in and eat. Everything in the hotel is on a massive scale but still feels homely. The atmosphere is generally relaxed, but some fixtures may feel dated because the hotel opened in 2008.  If you feel like everything is crowded, you can share the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa facilities next door.  With the choice of a junior suite or a full suite, you get a single king-size bed or two double bed configurations. Each room is fitted with a TV, Wi-Fi, minibar, ironing apparatus, safes, and coffee/tea makers. The dark-colored furniture may make the rooms feel dated, but that won’t matter as much since you will be spending most of your time outdoors.

Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro

Bang for your buck is the real definition of the Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro. Everything is done on a budget, and if you only care about having a good time and not high-end finishes, your student budget will give you just that here. The Grand Bavaro has an eye-watering 816 room, and the complex itself is big enough to get lost in. Divided into two sections, the Bavaro section is the cheaper side, and guests wanting extra comforts can walk to the sister hotel, the Punta Cana, next door, for different restaurants, parties, and bars.  This is not the place for an intimate vacation, but if you want to get an excellent address to explore the beaches and the best of the Dominican Republic’s coasts, it will work for you.

The rooms are well furnished and clean, and since most of them look alike, you must memorize your room number and location. Otherwise, you will end up getting lost in the massive complex of similar-looking buildings. With your choice of a junior suite or club Hacienda junior suites, you have a choice between a single king-size or two double beds. There are tons of activities to keep you entertained, ranging from a go-kart track, basketball courts, mini-golf course to tennis courts. The beach is a short walk from the Club Hacienda suites, but the junior suites may not have quick beach access. Food options range from Mexican, seafood, Italian, Mediterranean, and Japanese.  You will be happy to find plenty of students around and create your small circle of friends to hit the bars, parties and explore together.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort and Spa is a unique, affordable hotel that provides a prime beachfront vacation for its guests. The resort has an impressive 738 rooms, but luckily, they are divided into adults-only and kid-friendly sections. This means that you can simply reside in the adult’s section if you don’t like tripping over kids in the common areas. All ends of the budget spectrum are well accommodated for, but given the resort’s expanse, you have to take a healthy walk and mazes of elevators to get to some places.

Rooms range from junior suites, deluxe, standard to double standard.  The design celebrates Mayan history and compliments the jungle around it. As standard, all rooms come with TVs, stocked minibars, and air conditioning. For ocean views and other comforts like whirlpool tubs, you will have to pay more. The beach is vast, but their currents have washed away some sand in a few spots. Not to worry though, with water shoes, nothing will stop you from taking a dip in the gin-colored waters of the ocean. Since the water is clear, you are welcome to snorkel, boogie board, kayak, and windsurf for free, but if you want to learn any of this, that will be at cost to you. 

There are nine restaurants on the premises, but there is a restriction for the number of times you can visit the a la carte based on your length of stay at the hotel. Reservations are needed (a day in advance) with options for international cuisines, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Brazilian, and Mediterranean foods. Bars offer free liquor service, but you may pay extra for top-shelf booze. Service is 24 hours, and if you want to bust a move there, a nightclub is also available. For day drinking, the two poolside and one beach bar will serve you drinks up to 6 pm. Spend time in the lazy river while enjoying some of the best cocktails in the region.

Sandos Caracol is set on the edge of the jungle, and if you are into exploring, you can traverse the wide area around the hotel. One thing to watch out for is the timeshare beach arrangements, which most of us don’t like to hear about on holiday.

Now Jade Riviera Cancun

This lowdown would not be complete without looking into a hotel in Cancun—America’s favorite budget-friendly destination. This 550 -room resort can fit both family-friendly and romantic profiles.  The resort, set in the secluded Puerto Morelos, has a unique modern chic design, and guests shall be surprised at how perfectly the hotel avoids being cliché or touristy. The rooms are affordable, with the only catch to all this magnificence being the small size of the beach.  Unlike the more touristy Cancun, everything in Puerto Morelos feels authentic and well put together and voids the sometimes tacky nature that most Cancun hotels have. 

The hotel is on the beachfront and plays host to all your favorite activities, diving through massive sinkholes in the area. The relaxed vibe screams holiday, and you can spend the day in relative calm given the small number of people that explore this part of town. The nightlife is also impressive, with several restaurants, shopping spots, and clubs within easy reach of the resort. What’s better is that you can have all these starting at $549 inclusive of airfare.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, St. Lucia

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, St. Lucia is a 234-room resort on a private beach in St Lucia’s Labra Lotte Bay. The resort oozes a Mediterranean vibe, which is perfect for both couples and families.  The resort has six pools, five restaurants, and an impressive water sports itinerary with everything from snorkeling to swimming to scuba diving. The choices of rooms are shut as many start from a standard ocean-view suite to large four-bedroom Mediterranean style villas for families. Here, most rooms have a great view of the pacific because it is situated on a hillside.

Designed as a village, the place feels relaxed and homely, and despite being on a 60-acre lot, every amenity is within easy access.  Guests can choose between being closer to the beach or not, but each room has all the standard amenities we’ve come to associate with excellent resorts.  For a modest budget starting at $496, you can get four nights to stay with round airfares to Florida.

House Sitting

House sitting is a relatively new concept. Some homeowners like someone to take care of their houses while they are away. This may include taking care of a few chores, but it’s only a small price to pay if you are getting accommodation for free.  With house sitting, you can have an intimate experience in a new address without living in a crowded or touristy area. You get to vacation in a local place and even get a local price on things you buy. Let’s not forget you are making lifelong connections and friends for your next trip. With house sitting, you cut on your accommodation, transport, and food budgets—just imagine spending a whole day out and having an address you return to as if it is your home! To find a house sitting option check out sites like Nomador, Trustedhousesitters, MindMyhouse, and Housecarers.

When traveling to all these destinations, make sure you do enough research, have all the facts, and sign up for travel insurance. This Guarantees that wherever you are, you are protected, and your only job is to have fun!

More Destinations to Explore

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