Safest Caribbean Islands to Visit 2024

Apr 4 , 2022 · 13 min read

With vaccine records tucked inside passports, people are ready to fly and very much looking forward to long-awaited vacations. As always, the sunny Caribbean is a popular destination.

Many Caribbean islands have reduced travel restrictions and have made entry easier for travelers. Some have even dropped pre-travel testing as long as proof of vaccination is shown. Others are offering on-site testing and new rules and protocols for hygiene and social distancing. There are also some cheap islands that don’t even require a passport!

So which are the safest Caribbean islands to travel to during the pandemic? We’ve put together a list of islands you might like to consider for your next vacation in paradise.

It’s time to travel, and we are all about these tropical islands where the sun is always shining, the cocktails flow freely, and the soft ocean breeze blows gently as you lay back in your comfortable poolside lounge. 

Here are the safest caribbean islands to visit:

1. The British Virgin Islands

2. Aruba

3. Montserrat

4. Jamaica

5. Turks and Caicos Islands

6. St Barts

7. St Martin

8. St Lucia

The British Virgin Islands

Safest is Caribbean Islands

The British Virgin Islands is made up of four main islands and over 50 smaller ones, all with beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes. The biggest island, Tortola, is home to the capital, Road Town and Sage Mountain National Park.

You might have heard of the Baths on Virgin Gorda island, a collection of scenic beachside boulders. Anegada and Jost Van Dyke are both equally as charming with all the ingredients for the perfect sun-kissed Caribbean vacation.

Being a major yachting destination, you can always see luxury boats sailing to and from the grand marinas. Don’t miss a day at sea on a luxury yacht living the high life!

About 35,000 people from all around the world have made The British Virgin Islands home. But much of the land is designated as a national park area and the forests, lagoons, ruins and natural baths are uninhabited by people.

Much wildlife and nature live in these areas and all around the islands, from the birds in the treetops to the sea life on the bottom of the ocean. It all makes for a beautiful place for a vacation and when you are not relaxing at your classy hotel or resort, you can go hiking, swimming, sailing, shopping, fishing, diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding and more. 

Hope between the four main islands to get a new tropical vibe every few days or choose one island to really get to know the locals and area. Most people return to the British Virgin Islands time and time again so you can get to know each island well and try a new one to explore every vacation. 

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Aruba for travel

When it comes to the safest Caribbean islands, Aruba makes the list. Aruba is one of the sunniest Caribbean islands and arguably also the most beautiful, especially the beaches. It is surely one of the Caribbean islands with the best beach resorts You can find it all in Aruba with meaningful cultural experiences, lush natural surroundings and gorgeous coastlines.

One day you might be relaxing by the pool or getting a massage in the spa, and the next be diving off the side of a luxury boat to snorkel in the blue waters with brightly colored fish.

The food and drink is amazing in Aruba. Every meal is a pleasure with plenty of fresh seafood and local cuisine to indulge in. To get real value-for-money, look for all-inclusive resorts where your meals and accommodation are all included in one price. 

This is an affordable and stress-free way to vacation when you only have to budget for sightseeing and shopping.

For such a small island, there sure is a lot to see and do. Kite surfing with lessons from a local is a fun way to spend a morning, then go hiking in a national park with a guide who will point out all the local wildlife and plants as you trek through the dramatic landscapes.

Arikok National Park is perhaps the most well-known park with a small entry fee that goes towards conservation and preserving the park. The island is made up of 20% of the national park area that is home to many animals, insects and birds as well as plants and trees.

You can also explore caves, see ancient Indian rock art, cross river beds and see unique land formations. At the end of an exhausting but exciting day your luxury accommodation will be like a blissful haven. Kick back with a cocktail hour followed by some fine dining and more drinks.

Every August in Aruba on Eagle Beach, there is a mass vow renewal ceremony. Couples from all over the world declare their continued love for each other in this romantic event full of emotion.

The Caribbean is a beautiful place for a honeymoon, elopement, wedding or vow renewal and if you are looking for a unique way to tie the knot, this could be perfect.


Montserrat for travel

Scrolling through images of Montserrat online, it is hard not to fall in love with this exotic Caribbean location. From the breathtaking mountain ranges draped in clouds to the pristine beaches, there is no corner of Montserrat that isn’t scenic.

With lots of festivals and events, the town might be quiet one day and exploding with music and dance the next.

Hikers will love the lush peaks and valleys of Montserrat. Although safe, we recommend booking a guide for your hikes through stunning places like Rendezvous Beach Trail, Dry Waterfall Trail and Oriole Trail.

A guide will keep you safe and well-informed about local birds, plants and stories of the past. Of course, beach life will be part of your vacation and there are so many scenic sandy spots to choose from.

Black sand beaches might be new to you and meeting sea turtles during your beach walk could be too. The beaches are great for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling too.

You will hear about the national dish called goat water. It is a stew with goat meat and is served with bread and rice. This hearty dish is commonly served on Fridays and is just the start of new dishes that await curious foodies.

As always with Caribbean islands, the fresh seafood is a highlight of many menus, and you can find everything from fine dining to rustic restaurants on the beach. Enjoy the feasts and breezy summer cocktails.

The arts and crafts scene in Montserrat is thriving thanks to the local artists who keep their culture and history alive through clothing, jewelry, paintings and sculptures.

You can pick up little souvenirs like volcanic pumice, honey and hot sauce for friends and family back home or have a special art piece shipping home as a lasting memento of your best vacation ever. 


Jamaica is safe

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Jamaica is on our list of safest Caribbean islands. When you think about Jamaica, images of pristine waterfalls, lush mountains and stunning beaches come to mind. You can almost hear the Reggae tunes playing in the background and taste the jerk chicken.

One of the many great things about Jamaica is that it hardly ever changes. As you return for your vacation year after year (one trip isn’t enough for most people), you will feel right at home with everything as you remember it.

The capital of Kingston is where you can visit the Bob Marley Museum, which was once the legendary singer’s home. Other landmarks to see in the city are Devon House, Fort Charles and Hope Botanical Gardens and Zoo.

After you leave Kingston, there is a lot to discover around Jamaica, from hiking to beach life to cultural sites and the underwater world. Some people go for the excellent climate and delicious food. The wide range of immigrants, including Chinese, British, Spanish, African and Indian, is reflected in the food.

You can expect lots of flavor during every meal, including Jamaica’s signature dish of jerk chicken which is a sticky and spicy dish with rice and peas.

If you are wondering if Jamaica is safe to travel to during Covid, don’t worry, be happy.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands for travel

Beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands, how much we love visiting your sandy shores. Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales (Provo), with luxury resorts, shopping and great restaurants, is a favorite hangout with just the right blend of natural and luxurious surroundings.

The 12-mile beach has something for everyone, including plenty of space even in the busiest months of the year.

The waters are the bluest imaginable and you can float in the warm waters and let your cares drift away. If ever there was a tropical paradise on earth, this is it. Island life is slow, peaceful and quiet and there is beauty all around. 

If you are into scuba diving, the 14-mile barrier reef on Provo’s north shore will be on your dive radar. The impressive 2,134-meter underwater wall off Grand Turk island attracts divers from all around the world.

The snorkeling is great too and Turks and Caicos Islands have the world’s third-largest barrier reef. It’s pretty spectacular and you can see colorful fish and other sea life thriving in the crystal-clear ocean waters.

If you are there in spring, you can enjoy the lobster season, and there is plenty of seafood to enjoy all year round. The food is always fresh, presently thoughtfully and when it comes to drink options, the menu is long. Accommodation is easy to find, too, with lots of all-inclusive vacation deals to grab.

The only problem might be deciding which high-end resort to stay at with many new resorts and famous brands to choose from. 

St Barts

St Barts is safe

St Barts, a French-speaking Caribbean island also called Saint Barthelemy, comes with white, sandy beaches and endless sunny days.

In the capital of Gustavia, luxury yachts fill the harbor, diners enjoy fancy restaurants and history-lovers roam sites like the Wall House, 17th-century Fort Karl and Les Petits Saints.

At Shell Beach, you can roll out your beach towel and enjoy the music drifting from the local bar and collect tiny shells for your collection of pretty souvenirs. You can enjoy the sunset then walk back into town for dinner and shopping.

The rich and famous love St Barts for its high-end resorts, luxury yacht facilities and private beaches. You never know who you might spot walking along the beach or roaming little boutiques in Gustavia.

With a strong European influence reflected in the food, architecture and shopping areas, some have gone as far as to call St Barts a tropical version of France. Indeed the champagne and finer things in life are there for all to enjoy.

If you can drag yourself out of your hammock, there is snorkeling, hiking, swimming and kite surfing to enjoy.

The little villages around the main town are very charming to spend time in too. 

St Martin

St Martin for travel

Saint Martin belongs to the Leeward Islands in the sunny Caribbean Sea. It is made up of two different countries, with the northern French part, Saint-Martin and the southern Dutch part, Sint Maarten.

The island has pristine resort beaches and remote coves. It’s also famous for delicious fusion food, a happening nightlife and duty-free shops with everything from alcohol to perfume to jewelry.

All of the beaches in St Martin are amazing, with much debate over which ones are the best. Our favorite is Orient Bay Beach, a stunning stretch of sand that many people refer to as the Saint Tropez of the Caribbean.

It lives up to the impressive nickname with natural beauty accented by a touch of glam infused by the classy resorts, shops and restaurants along the waterfront. See the Quaco Museum, spend a night camping, explore sea caves, swim in waterfalls and indulge in sunset cocktails.

It is safe to travel to St Martin as we hopefully enter the later stages of the pandemic. It is also safe to say you will have a wonderful vacation in the sun with plenty of relaxation and activity needed to create the best memories ever. 

St Lucia

St Lucia is safe for travel

That postcard featuring sandy beaches framed by palm trees, turquoise oceans with awe-inspiring mountains in the background and a dreamy sunset might be of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

As if that wasn’t enough to entice your travel-loving soul, St Lucia also has lush rainforests, pretty waterfalls and stunning sights around every corner.

Castries is the capital of St Lucia and the bustling cruise port city makes a great base as well as nearby Rodney Bay or Marigot Bay. Staying at any of those places, you can book day trips to charming villages to discover how the locals live and enjoy the luscious landscapes along the way.

Don’t miss Pigeon Island, a great national park with old 18th-century forts and an inspiring viewpoint for taking the best photos looking down on St Lucia.

Then hit the beach for a dip in the ocean and mingle with the locals who will tell tales about when the island was occupied by pirates, including a captain with a wooden leg. 

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens is an impressive property with hot mineral springs, walking trails, waterfalls, and gorgeous gardens.

The hot waters are believed to offer medicinal benefits and will at the very least ease your tired muscles after long days of exploring the island. 

Local spiny lobster, green bananas and saltfish, bouyon (red bean, vegetable and meat soup), lambi (spicy conch meal) and tropical fruit are some of the delicious dishes on offer. Don’t forget to try rum and chocolate, which are both made locally. 

As we all know by now, Covid travel restrictions are constantly changing. Keep up-to-date with the latest requirements through your travel agent, airline, or destination homepage to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free trip.

Be willing to adapt and stay safe. Although new Covid rules can mean slightly more preparation for travel or longer travel times, it’s all worth it when you arrive at your destination. Also, make sure you have full travel insurance that covers you in the unfortunate case you do contract Covid.

In addition to the peace of mind you will have during your trip, it will be a relief to have it in case you need it.

The safest Caribbean islands and many other places around the world are looking forward to welcoming travelers and getting tourism revved up again to what it was like before the pandemic. Don’t delay, book that dream vacation today!

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