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Is It Cheaper to Rent a Car or Uber in Los Angeles?

Aug 18 , 2021 · 5 min read

If you are heading to Los Angeles for an epic vacation, you will need to have wheels to get around. When it comes to transportation, you might be thinking, is it better to rent a car in LA or using Uber?

There are pros and cons to renting a car or using Uber in LA. Depending on your travel plans, style and budget, you might be better suited to one or the other. Let’s take a drive and discover what works best for you. Also, we will look at other transportation options you might want to consider using during your stay in one of the most awesome cities in America. 

rent a car in Los Angeles

Rent a Car In LA

There are many rental car companies in LA, so prices are competitive. The easiest way is to rent a car you can collect from the airport, so you have wheels as soon as you land. But you could also find a car company in the city and a taxi there to pick it up. But, it is also usually cheaper to get one from the airport. Shop around for the best deal.

Most companies have modern vehicles, from small cars to family cars, or you might like to rent an attention-grabbing car like a classic Mustang or funky jeep to look cool on those beach days you have planned. Book in advance if you are particular about what you will be driving or just find one when you arrive if you are not so fussed.

You usually have to show your ID and driver’s license, do some paperwork, then catch a shuttle to where the car is parked nearby then you are off on your own. Google maps or your smartphone’s GPS system will be useful to help you find your way around. You will soon figure out the peak traffic times to avoid the traffic jams. If you are sightseeing, an early start will help beat the traffic and the crowds at your destination. 

Factor in the cost of car parking that you need to pay at most places in the city, including your hotel. Car parking can be expensive, and don’t be surprised if your parking fee for the day is more than the actual car rental. 

LA is fairly easy to drive around and navigate with well-maintained streets that are wide and well signposted. 

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Using Uber in LA

Rent A Car Or Uber In LA?

 Uber is convenient, especially if you don’t know what time you will finish sightseeing and need to go back to your hotel. On the downside, there can be long waits for Ubers during busy times. The cost of using Uber can add up, but you have the luxury of not worrying about how to get to your destination.

Your driver will surely know the way. You will need to keep your phone charged and have wifi access to call an Uber. 

There are other ride-sharing apps, but Uber is the leader in the market. They have the most drivers, so your chances of long waits are less with this established company. In our experience, most Uber drivers are friendly, knowledgeable, service orientated and safe drivers. Some of them are even entertaining, with stories about LA that will color your trip. 

If you rent a car in LA but only plan to use it now and then during your trip, Uber probably will be cheaper. If you intend on driving around every day, rent a car in LA could be cheaper.

bus In LA

Other forms of transportation in Los Angeles

The bus system is extensive with local, rapid and express services around LA and the Greater Los Angeles area. With almost 200 routes, buses travel to many major destinations, including tourist attractions and shopping areas.

The metro also has many lines, and there is a useful app to help you find your way around. You can buy a day or week pass to save money. Catching the metro can be a great option during busy times because you skip the traffic jams. It also is quite an affordable way to travel around. 

You can catch a taxi, but fares are usually more than Uber. If you have kids, are tired or just can’t wait to get back to your luxury digs, then hailing a taxi isn’t a bad idea. You are on vacation, so your travel should be easy and stress-free. We recommend the Yellow Cab Co, which also has an app so you can estimate how long you might have to wait if there isn’t a taxi waiting when you are ready to go. Apps also ensure an extra layer of safety, so always download them if they are available. You can delete the app when you go home if you aren’t likely to use it again.

Uber in Los Angeles

LA’s public transit system is modern and efficient, but the metropolitan area is massive and spread out, so it can take a long time to get places no matter what form of transport you use. Be patient, have a great playlist loaded onto your phone to help pass the time enjoyably and stay safe always. Have a fantastic time in the city of LA!

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