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Frequently asked questions

You can find your Trip Support reference or Airline confirmation number at the top of your ‘My Booking Page’ or in your confirmation email.

Your Trip Support confirmation number consists of Four alphabet and 9-digits (TSFP 123-456-789) and your airline confirmation number is a 6-digit alphanumeric code (ex: LW5QAI).

Your itinerary and booking details are available to you at all times through your ‘My Booking Page in your account’ and through your email confirmation. You can also print and share your itinerary by email through your ‘My Booking Page’.

Yes, your airline contact information can be found below your, alternatively you can also search for your airline here.

Unfortunately, there can be several reasons for a cancellation. You will find a detailed message regarding the status of your itinerary at your ‘My Booking Page’ . A cancellation email was also sent to you verifying the status of your booking.

In person at the airport or you can also check in directly on your airline’s website available only 24 hours before your departure. You need to know your airline confirmation number which can be found on your ‘My Booking Page’.

After you check-in (either online or in person), the airline will issue your boarding pass. Please note that you can only check-in 24 hours before your departure.

You can find your e-ticket number directly on your ‘My Booking Page’ on the top right side of the page. You can also find it in your ticket conformation email mentioned’’E-Ticket’’

Basic economy refers to the class of your booking. Seats are also located in the economy cabin but have additional restrictions that normal economy fare does not. Restrictions may vary from one airline to another, but the main difference between these two classes of tickets is the ability to make changes to your flights, free carry-ons/checked baggage, and pre-assigned seating.

Here are more details about basic economy restrictions by airline:


  • Seat assignment at check-in, with no option to choose online in advance.
  • Passengers traveling together, including families, might not be seated together.
  • No eligibility for same-day changes or ticket refunds after the standard 24-hour cancellation period.
  • Last boarding group.
  • No eligibility for paid or complimentary upgrades or preferred seats, despite loyalty program status.

American Airlines

  • Seat assigned by the airline at check-in.
  • No overhead bin use; you may bring only a personal item that can fit under a seat.
  • Reduced qualification toward elite status, based on pricing.


  • Seat assigned at check-in.
  • No family or group seating.
  • No overhead bin use.
  • No upgrade eligibility.
  • Redeemable award miles granted, but with significant restrictions.

Depending on your destination, you may need to obtain a visa before your travels as many countries will deny you entry if you don’t have the proper documents. You can check your status about the visa in

You can email us your request for wheelchair or other request at Please mention your name and confirmation number. You can also contact us at 1-855-606-0606

Please email us your request at with your name and your confirmation number. You can also contact us 1-855-606-0606

If you missed your flight, contact your airline [Please connect this page to the Airline list] for further assistance. If something within your control caused you to miss your departing flight, the airline will automatically cancel your entire flight itinerary and the value of your tickets will be lost. If you were issued a multi-ticket booking, which is a roundtrip flight with 2 one-way fares, the airline might only cancel the initial segment of your flight which was missed. Cancellation policies are entirely governed by airlines; any comments, questions or concerns should be directed to them.

Most discounted airline tickets are non-refundable. Although non-refundable tickets are the most economical, they are also the most restrictive and do not allow refunds. These restrictions make it possible for Trip Support to continue to offer better fare prices in addition to our existing deeply discounted airfares.

If your booking is eligible for a cancellation, it may be subject to an airline cancellation fee of up to $250 per passenger, as well as any fees or differences in price charged by suppliers. For more information please contact us at 1-855-606-0606

Once we finalize your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with your itinerary, airline confirmation number and all other details about your trip. You can also view the status of your reservation through your “My Booking Page“ available to you at all times.

You can print a copy of your e-ticket through your “My booking Page” or through your ticket confirmation email.

Aside from being the first online travel agent based on “Book Now Pay Later” model in North America, Trip Support is a one-stop shop for all your travel plans. We combine the cheapest prices and the best travel options by directly negotiating the lowest fares with airlines to give you the most value for your trip.

We also have the relationship with the financial institutes as well as angel investors to support you to buy your Air ticket or your packages on time and pay at the convenience time. You can save hundred dollars when you buy your package or air ticket earlier. We help you to find the fares without any financing problems.

We’re here to help! If you would like to speak to a Trip Support agent, you can contact us at

Canada: 1-855-606-0606 or 416 444 3750

USA: 1-833-606-0606 or 949 490 5665

Canada office: 7163 Yonge St. Unit 134 Thornhill ON. L3T 0C6

USA office: 4667 MacArthur Blvd Suite 340 Newport Beach CA 92660

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