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About the City

New York City is the largest city in the United States and is one of the oldest cities in the country as well. It was also one of the most prominent cities in pre-Revolutionary War America with sites such as Fraunces Tavern – General George Washington hosted several members of the Continental Army here for a dinner to bid them farewell at the end of the war. Many other historic figures have spent time here from musicians, actors, politicians, and activists.


New York City typically seens hot and humid summers and cold winters with occasional snow. Fall and spring are somewhat unpredictable but generally mild. The hot humid summers can get quite extreme, particularly in July and August.

Things to Do

New York City consists of five boroughs (neighborhoods), each with an incredible amount of activities and entertainment options.


Manhattan is likely the most well known borough – this is where Fifth Avenue, Central Park, and the majority of the Broadway theaters are located. Each of the other boroughs offers their own unique culture and you’ll have plenty to do no matter where you visit. The city at large is home to world-class restaurants, historic bars, venues, theaters, and more!

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