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About Dublin

The Irish capital captivates tourists with its cheery atmosphere and you are sure to have an unforgettable vacation in this beautiful city. Dublin has its modern, urban side and its quaint traditional side, blended in an effortlessly seamless way. From the well-preserved historical monuments to its outstanding cuisine, it is a destination unlike any other. Wander around museums, cafes, shopping malls, beautiful gardens, and enjoy the city’s undeniable charm.

If there was ever a city with character, it is Dublin. The River Liffey runs through the middle of the city with many bridge crossings to quickly get from one side to the other. Some are historical while others are ultra-modern and walking across them is a travel experience in itself.

Explore the city by foot or bicycle to have the freedom to stop at the many charming and interesting sights that the city is overflowing with. Pub life is big in Dublin with over 700 at last count. Having a pint or two of Guinness in a beer garden is almost compulsory to experience Dublin.

There are lots of shops, art galleries and cafes in most Dublin villages. Irish folk music, classic poetry and writing are great souvenirs to take home, along with your memories of colourful yarns with the locals at the pub on the corner. 

This vibrant city is defined by the people and history, which is punctuated by lively music, inspirational words and a love of life that is infectious.

Weather & Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dublin is from June until the end of August because it’s warm (not tropical warm, but UK warm) and festivals frequently take over the streets. This is also the most expensive time to visit, with increased accommodation and airfare prices. It’s also the most crowded time to visit. Still, Air Canada does have cheap flights in these months sometimes. 

Of course, around the time of Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to be in Dublin to capture the festive celebrations, parades, religious events and blanket of green that covered everything. 

The weather is very changeable and it rains a lot in Dublin. You can expect more frequent showers rather than big storms that last for many days.

Keep this in mind when you book your flight on Are Lingus or Air Canada. There are many great Air Canada flights and the Vancouver to Dublin flight time is only about 15 hours.

Where to Stay

In Dublin, you can find all kinds of accommodation, from backpackers and hostels to mid-range hotels to fancy 5-star hotels with the highest customer service levels. Some play on the rich history of Dublin, while others are modern. You can expect a warm Irish welcome wherever you lay your head. Here are a few recommendations.

Herbert Park Hotel is a fancy four-star hotel based in the city centre, so it’s easy to walk for sightseeing and shopping. 

Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Custom House has scenic views of Liffey River and is near Dublin’s International Financial Services Centre – IFSC and giant 3 Arena that hosts world-class acts like Celine Dion and Andre Rieu.

Oliver St John Gogarty’s Irish Bar offers rooms for travellers on a budget. It is in Dublin City’s Temple Bar area, so there’s always a lot to explore day and night if you stay there. 

Things to See & Do

Dublin Castle, dates to the 13th century. There you will find many interesting stories like how in 1907 the crown jewels were stolen and never found. Dublin Castle was once the headquarters of the UK Government’s administration in Ireland and these days is a major Irish government area.

St Patrick’s Cathedral is an integral part of Irish history and was founded in 1191. Attend mass, light a candle and hear a choir sing if you are there at the right time. Still, any time is awe-inspiring with the exquisite interiors, stained glass windows, intimate flooring and religious artwork that is displayed inside the iconic cathedral. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and the cathedral is named after the Christian missionary who converted Ireland to Christianity in the AD 400s.

Christ Church Cathedral is a dramatic sight inside and out. The church, which is almost 1,000 years old, was originally a Viking Church and many consider it the spiritual heart of Dublin. 

City parks include the perfectly manicured St Stephen’s Green and spacious Phoenix Park, which includes Dublin Zoo. In Spring and Summer, the flower gardens bloom and it’s a great place to take a walk or relax with a picnic. 

The National Museum of Ireland explores Irish heritage and culture. There are many fantastic museums in the city, but this one should be on your must-see list. 

Grafton Street is the place to see buskers and street performers and the talent is impressive. It’s also a major shopping area and of course, has its fair share of pubs.

More Highlights Of Dublin

  • Catch a big act at Aviva Stadium
  • Try some Irish champagne (Guinness) at any busy Irish pub
  • Visit the Old Jameson Distillery to taste some great whiskey
  • Go to Trinity College and see old manuscripts dating back 1,000 years
  • Take a photo of the statue of Oscar Wilde

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