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About the City

Less than 50 miles south of Canada along the shore of Lake Champlain is Vermont’s most populous city, Burlington. With no building in the city over 170 feet, Burlington balances the charm of a small town in the atmosphere of a bustling city.


Burlington sees four distinct seasons per year with warm and humid summers, and cold winters with a moderate amount of snow.

Things to Do

The church street area of downtown is a great shopping and dining area, but also is perfect for just a walk through the historic downtown buildings. One of the Carnegie libraries still stands in the city after being rescued from foundation issues and possible destruction. This library is worth checking out for history, architecture, and obviously literary fans.

Burlington’s most famous sons are two guys named Ben and Jerry, and their self titled ice cream brand still calls it home. A tour of the production facility wouldn’t be complete without a sundae – though you would have to be a real ice cream lover to tackle the largest of those in the Vermonster, a 20 scoop behemoth of brain freeze.

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