What Place Are the Toronto Blue Jays in

What Place Are the Toronto Blue Jays in

Why are the blue jays a Canadian favorite? While hockey may be Canada’s most popular sport, there are a few others it shares the spotlight with. Baseball is one of them. Given as Canada is a winter-laden country, it is a welcome reprieve that Baseball is available for when people are not hitting the ice. […]

20 Canadian Cities You Must Travel To In 2021

Canada is a massive country with ten provinces covering nearly 10 million square kilometers of land. This makes it the second biggest country in the world behind Russia. It also makes your decision on where to vacation very difficult since all of Canada is beautiful. There are so many beautiful cities to visit. So we’ve […]

Local Farms for your Family

Local Farms for your Family

If you have never visited a farm, there is a lot you are missing out on. For those looking for a nice weekend plot, family day out, or just to explore, a farm is guaranteed to leave you with those aha moments. Farms are not all about food but fun things to do and a […]

Hiking on Marymere Falls at Olympic National park

Hiking on Marymere Falls

Olympic National Park in Washington state covers a whopping 1 million Acres, and 9% of it is protected as a wilderness.  For most people, the thought of a national park evokes the typical image of a dark, damp, and achingly gorgeous temperate forest. But there’s more. There are tranquil lakeshores, roaring waterfalls, alpine highlands, and […]

Screamers Niagara Falls

Screamers Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls never said no to trick-or-treating. While Covid may have reduced door-to-door trick or treating and typical Halloween festivities spending Halloween in the Niagara region is unmissable. Even in the off-season, you will find many places to indulge in your fears and soil your pants—if it’s the kind of activity you like. It […]

Nicest Beaches in Ontario

Nicest Beaches in Ontario

When you think about a beach vacation, Ontario, Canada may not be the first place that comes to mind, however, this region has a vast waterfront landscape with incredible views. The water is all freshwater of the great lake region, and the ideal time for swimming in summer, although this area is beautiful year-round. The […]

15 Colorado Ski Resorts

Colorado Ski Resorts

Colorado is a gorgeous state with some of the most epic mountain towns in the United States. If you are a ski or snowboard enthusiast, then a winter getaway to one of the many mountain towns in Colorado is a must. From the softest powder snow to beautiful ski-in chalets, your winter wonderland dream vacation […]

Best Beaches in Tobermory

Beaches in Tobermory

Tobermory is a popular summertime destination in the Southern Region of Ontario, Canada. Tobermory is known for its blueish green waters and spectacular views. The Bruce Peninsula is a popular tourist destination in the summer with activities for all ages.  There is a national park with great beaches to enjoy, but the peninsula also features […]

Romantic Getaways in Southern Ontario

Ontario is a densely populated province located in Eastern Canada that borders the Great Lakes and the United States. Despite being a large province, the Southern region of Ontario is home to 94% of the residents in the province of Ontario, which is around 12.1 million people.  Southern Ontario is a gorgeous and bustling area […]

Campgrounds in Tofino Ucluelet vs Bella Pacifica Tofino

On the western edge of Canada is a vibrant island called Vancouver Island. There is a beachfront stretch known as Clayoquot Sound that is a top-rated destination for travelers. The two main towns in the area are Ucluelet and Tofino. The two towns are only 25 minutes apart, so visitors should definitely check out both […]