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Covid-19 Travel Guide

Safety First Always

COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having a huge impact on travelers all around the world and it has caused many travel restrictions. Your safety matters to Trip Support and we encourage you to check your destinations local regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to pandemic circumstances, restrictions and limitations have been placed on all travel as well as booking flight tickets, hotels, vacations or other forms of accommodation. Considering huge uncertainty about the current situation, it’s highly recommended you check cancellation terms and fees cautiously before booking any air-ticket or hotel room. If you are not sure about the COVID-19 impacts on your travel schedule, we encourage you to call us and talk with one of our experts to get the latest information and updates. Our mission is addressing your concerns and securing your travel decision.

Is it safe to travel?

We recommend the critical social distancing, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), as the best measure to reduce transmission of the virus. It’s extremely advised to avoid any non-essential travel especially to the epidemic areas until the outbreak is under control.

What are my options to book a flight or hotel?

Travel is still an option, but it is limited. Before any booking you should check your destination entry requirements and government travel restrictions. Covid-19 regulations may limit or even band the ability of travelling or staying in hotels or other forms of accommodation for tourist purposes. You should check carefully the latest restriction of your destination before booking your tickets or hotel. In this pandemic condition, our first priority is your safety. Also, we try to offer tickets or travel solutions with the required flexibility, and free cancellation option, along with providing you updated information about the Covid-19 restrictions to mitigate your risks (without any prejudice).

What are the preferred airlines to book an Air Ticket?

Our first concern is your safety. We always book flights tickets for our valuable customers through reputable companies with a clear commitment and protocols for the end-to-end health of the passenger.

What are the new requirements for check-in and boarding in the airports?

New Covid-19 measurements are being implemented at check-in, and at the gates like health screening questions and pre-flight infrared temperature checks for customers, as well as the disinfection of frequently touched areas like check-in counters and kiosks. Therefore, the checking process may take more time in current pandemic situations and you should be in the airport in a safe time frame to avoid missing your flight.

Do you need assistance about your existing reservation through Trip Support?

In general, cancelling or postponing any booking to a future date depends on the reservation’s policies. If you need to change or cancel your travel package or booking due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) please contact our Customer service for more information and assistance.

What is the cancellation policy related to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Covid-19 cancellation policy depends on several factors, including travel destination, the date of booking, and country of origin, arrival date, the reason for travelling, and the reservation policies of the airlines, hotels or other travel product providers. Some airlines offer their customers the option to change or credit their domestic or international flights. If you booked your flight through Trip Support, please contact our customer service to manage your changes where it’s applicable.

What should I do about my upcoming hotel reservation or flight tickets?

You should check if your visit is still possible. Check the attraction provider’s and local authorities’ websites for detailed information on current restrictions. Due to the huge impact of COVID-19 most airlines have changed some of their international route networks. You should contact the airline’s customer service for the latest update about the affected flights and to reconfirm your flight schedule.

Message from Transport Canada on COVID-19

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Transport Canada remains committed to its top priority: the safety and security of Canadians and Canada’s transportation system, as well as ensuring the continued flow of essential goods and services that Canadians need to remain healthy. We’re working with the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial and territorial governments, transportation industry stakeholders, and Indigenous Peoples to reduce the risk of transmission. We would like to acknowledge everyone involved in transportation who continues to keep people and cargo moving. Thank you to the air crews, and flight attendants, air traffic controllers, airport and airline employees, port workers, mariners, train crews, and so many others who are getting essential goods and services that Canadians need. A particular thanks to the thousands of truck drivers working long hours to ensure health care and other critical sectors have the supplies they need to operate, and groceries stores remain fully stocked for Canadians. To help you on your way, we have listed some publicly available links to government of Canada websites: