Cheap Vacations from Vancouver with Pay Later
Apr 14 , 2021 · 5 min read

If you are traveling from Vancouver, you have many options to pick from for your next vacation! 

The city of Vancouver is served by the Vancouver International Airport, or the Aéroport international de Vancouver, is located on an island known as Sea Island, and it’s Canada’s second busiest airport. It’s a major hub for many airlines including WestJet, AirCanada, and Pacific Coastal Airlines, which operate a multitude of flights from Vancouver to many exciting destinations, many of which are great destinations for an affordable and cheap vacation that are still high quality excursions.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The most affordable vacation you can take from the city of Vancouver is to Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. When you book your vacation through Trip Support there are many options for luxurious hotels that you can stay in while in Las Vegas, each at a different price range. Some of the most cost effective hotels is the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

Despite being a cheaper option as far as price goes, the hotel is rich with fantastic amenities such as stunning views on the higher floors and truly luxurious accommodations. While you’re in Vegas, you can gamble at the many casinos the Westgate is one of the many hotels that has its own casino! Las Vegas is a playground, so make sure you indulge in activities such as ziplining over the strip or getting behind the wheel of a high-speed race car.

Orlando, Florida

While Las Vegas is a warm climate, it’s more of a desert environment and if you’re looking for a sunny tropical option, you can also book a cheap flight from Vancouver to Orlando. You can spend time relaxing by the hotel pool, but one of the major reasons that people travel to Orlando is to visit the various theme parks in the area. One of the most popular is Walt Disney World and all four of its subsections: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is home to Pandora, the section of the theme park that is based on the James Cameron film Avatar. You can also ride the classics such as Space Mountain.

If you’re not as much of a Disney fan, you can spend your time in Orlando at Universal Studios Orlando. This exciting theme park is home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well as other fun rides and attractions.

Los Angeles, California

For another United States based destination, you can book affordable flights to Los Angeles, California. This sunny city is the home of America’s entertainment industry you can visit the Walk of Fame or see the Hollywood sign while you’re in the downtown area. You can also head west to the coastal destinations of Santa Monica or Venice Beach to experience the California coast.

If you’re a fan of theme parks, you can take a 45 minute cab ride south to Anaheim, or you can rent a car as well. This is where Disneyland is located, and you can spend days exploring Disneyland and the adjacent California Adventure park. Right outside the two parks is the Downtown Disney area which has shops, restaurants, and occasional performances and activities that do not require a park ticket to see.


If you’d like to head to a destination that is not within the United States, you definitely have some options! For example, you can visit the beautiful island of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. This island may be physically smaller than some other island destinations, but it has a huge history and rich cultural heritage. One of the things Jamaica is famous for is music specifically reggae music and if you’re a fan of the genre yourself you’ll have a great time.

You can attend music performances throughout the year, and there are some music festivals that take places as well. If you decide that you want to attend one of these festivals, be sure to book your tickets as early as the dates are announced so you can take advantage of the low prices that tend to come with early bookings!

Fiumicino, Italy

The cheapest trip to Europe that you can book from the Vancouver Airport is a journey to the town of Fiumicino, Italy. Fiumicino is a lovely coastal town to the west of Rome. A trip to Fiumicino is worthwhile all on it’s own, but if you’d like a more secluded alternative that is still within a reasonable distance of Rome’s famous monuments, museums, and archaeological sites, Fiumicino is a great option for you. That said, you can still see incredible ruins that date back to Ancient Rome without leaving Fiumicino at all!

In addition, a trip to Fiumicino is perfect if you’d like to explore Italy as a whole. You can take day trips to wineries, hiking trails, or exciting cities such as Naples, Florence, or the historic Pompeii. No matter where you choose to go, a trip from Vancouver to Fiumicino, Italy is an incredible and cost-effective way to visit Europe!

Book Now, Pay Later

With the convenient Book Now, Pay Later option you can get closer to your dream vacation without breaking the bank. There are many reasons people choose a book now, pay later option and they all are related to a need for convenience in every aspect of their lives. When you book your flight, hotels, or vacation packages with our Book Now, Pay Later service at, you won’t have to deal with any hidden fees or surprise terms, and we don’t conduct credit checks so we can find a deal that works for you without any strikes to your credit score.

If you’ve never used Book Now, Pay Later before, here’s how it works: you get to book your flight when it’s convenient for you and then pay the cost of the flight in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly increments! The best part is that you get to choose some elements of your payment plan so that ultimately what you have is a plan that fits you and your needs. 

No matter which payment plan you decide to go with, there are many benefits to our Book Now, Pay Later plan! Consider booking your next trip with us today!

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