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Jul 13 , 2021 · 3 min read

About Wellington

Wellington City is one of the many beautiful cities of New Zealand. This city is located between the Remutaka Range and Cook Strait and takes pride in owning up to the position of New Zealand’s capital city. First Wellington city was considered as the lonely planet, and then it was considered as the city that is the coolest capital in the whole world. With the improvement in the seaways, trains and roadways, this city has become one of the most visited destinations today.

Population of Wellington

The research conducted in the year 2020 revealed that Wellington City hosts 429,000 residents all over the city.

History of Wellington City

In the 10th century, Wellington city was not only discovered, but also explored by Kupe, a Polynesian explorer. The first residents of this city were Maori people. However, the first human population that was found in this city was in the year 1280.

From the 12th century, the Maori people have flourished in this city. It is believed that the Polynesian explorer reached the place in the year 925 AD, far before human civilization flourished here. The further civilizations that flourished here are Ngati Ira, Rangitane and Muaupoko. Most of the people were explorers and many have discovered many such places in the 19th century.

General Weather

You will experience mild winters and warm summers here. The temperature rarely rises above 25 degrees during summer. Rainfall is recorded to be quite high during the Rainy season and you will see frosts during the months of May till September.

Best Time to Visit Wellington City

People prefer visiting Wellington City during the months of February and March. The flights to Wellington NZ will be completely booked within the month of December. The off-peak season of visiting Wellington city starts from May and exceeds till September.

Nearest Airport

While booking a flight from Toronto to Wellington Ontario, you can book the flight to the Palm Beach International Airport located 9.16 miles away from the city.

Things to Do

When you Wellington City, you can,

  1. Visit Hannahs Laneway
  2. Savour the flavours of the capital.
  3. Enjoy a ride in the Wellington Cable Car
  4. Plan a day in New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Museum
  5. Attend the famous events in Wellington City
  6. Enjoy tasting the best coffee
  7. Have a pleasant view of Mount Victoria from the lookout region
  8. Visit the vineyards
  9. Enjoy a day amidst nature by discovering the natural habitat in New Zealand
  10. Experience the magic that is involved in the movie making process

Attend some of the events such as,

  • Concerts
  • Sporting matches
  • Arts festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Award shows
  • Theatrics
  • Fashion shows

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