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About Tunis

Tunis is a popular city of North Africa and capital of Tunisia. It has always been a favourite tourist spot for travellers as well as for the natives. It is world famous for Medina, the holy place of Muslims. Tunis, being the capital and largest city in the country has always been the centre of administrative, commercial and an epicentre of cultural activities. 

The most luring are the vast beaches where you bask under the sun and enjoy the tranquility even in the midst of the tourist season. The Mediterranean beaches coastline is more than a thousand kilometres, thus there is enough space for every traveller to enjoy swimming and other seashore activities.

Tunisia, the country has world famous beaches. These beaches are quite long and never crowded. Some of the gorgeous beaches include Cap Bon peninsula, Sidi Mahrez, Segula. You just need to book your rooms in seashore resorts to enjoy the calmness surrounding the whole aura of the beaches. The towns of the country speak volumes about the historical glimpses especially the city of Tunis that is surrounded by the old Arab wall. 

Tunis is a unique city of its kind as you can immerse in the beauty of both ancient and modern architecture. The city has many mosques and Arab souks that reflect the ancient architecture. The capital city has many commercial, administrative and residential premises looking quite modern in structure.


The population of the city is more than 11,904,751. Yes, quite a crowded city of Tunisia. However, tourists never feel that they have stepped in one of the most populated cities of Tunisia as the city is quite large in area.


Tunisia has an interesting history associated with the Greek legend. According to early history the princess of Tyre, Dido settled in the city of Carthage in the 9th century BCE. Now, the place is renamed as Tunisia. Carthage gradually prospered and was an important trading center in the western Mediterranean region. Carthage then was conquered by Rome, thus Romanians started settling in the city and spread their dominance for five hundred years. In the 7th century, the city was taken over by Arab conquerors, thus most North Africans followed the religion Islam.


In the summer season, the days are short, hot, rise in humidity and you can feel the dryness in the air. Winter days are long, cool, cloudy and windy. The temperature for the whole year ranges in between 46-degree Fahrenheit to 94-degree Fahrenheit.

Best Time to Visit

We recommend you visit Tunis in the beginning of summer season or at the end of winter season. The climate won’t be dry or wet to hinder your outings. The most preferable month to tour Tunis will be the middle of October.

Things to Do

  • Visit the old Medina in Tunis: It can be stated to be the old part of Tunis from where the whole city has found its roots. It was built in 698.A.D and it is unique as this was the first medina built by Arabs in Maghreb. Tourists love to experience the past history reflected by the buildings and are sure to enjoy visiting the monuments present in narrow alleys. The palaces on Sidi Brahim are quite interesting places to explore. 
  • Bardo museum: The favourite place of architects and old mosaic collectors. The place displays a large collection of varied kinds of mosaic and portrays the art done on mosaic by the early settlers of Tunis. You can view all of them extracted from the oldest towns in Tunisia leisurely.
  • La Goulette: It is the perfect place to feel excited while on a day on the yacht. The place nestles in the midst of Lake of Tunis and the ocean. Thus, you can have a pleasant relaxing walk from Spanish Fort to Ottoman Citadel. It is a serene place away from the usual crowd of the city thus perfect to enjoy relaxed moments. 
  • Zitouna mosque: Since 732 A.D the place has been the heart of Tunis natives, as it is a place where they worship daily. The vast prayer hall truly is an art of ancient architecture. The courtyards and the rooftop with the oldest shining tiles are a picturesque sight. 
  • Relaxing around the Souks It is the Arab market where you can buy hand crafted things, souvenirs, jewelleries, perfume, dresses, carpets, spices and even leather wear. You will be delighted while tasting the local pastries called Makroud. In the friendly atmosphere having an evening stroll is surely rewarding. 
  • Parc du Belvedere: A splash of greenery and visualizing varied kinds of flora is surely a pleasant sight to the eyes. The park provides you a calm atmosphere you were seeking during your holidays. It is at the top of a hill, and thus a glorious view of the whole city is one of its highlights. In the mid area of the park, you can enjoy the contemporary artist contribution towards Tunisia art. There is a zoo that sure lures kids to visit the park most often. 
  • Carthage archeological site:
  • Historians just love to watch the crumbling amphitheatre having the ocean as the background. It speaks volumes about the old monuments of Tunis.

Airport Information

It will be the Carthage International airport located 6.5km from the northeast of Tunis. You can check TunisAir timings by visiting the Trip Support site. They are specialized in providing air flight tickets, arranging package tours and promoting tourism to awesome places in the world.

At the time of Ramadan festival, you are sure to find tourists and local folk around the city to enjoy the Medina festival. There is a lot to enjoy in Tunis, thus make sure to have a long holiday in Tunis. All you have to do is book a flight through Trip Support Canadian travelling agency. You can easily reserve Tunis flight by asking them Toronto to Tunisia flight time that is suitable for you to travel in holidays. Enjoy your Tunis holiday that is sure to be your one of the best holiday destinations.

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