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About Trieste

While not as popular as destinations like Rome or Florence, Trieste is one of Italy’s many hidden gems. The coastal city of Trieste offers all the beauty of Italian culture without the busyness of other tourist dominated locations. Trieste is sure to delight any travellers looking to dip their toes into Italian culture.

Weather and Best Season to Visit

Like most port cities, it is best to visit Trieste during the summer to enjoy the pleasantries of vacationing next to the ocean.

Things to Do

The Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, located in Trieste, is Italy’s greatest coastal piazza and a spectacle to wander on a warm evening. Just like the rest of Italy, Triste is home to many culturally significant buildings like the Castle of San Giusto, the Serbian Orthodox Church, and Saint Justus Cathedral. Anyone looking to explore Italy should remember Trieste, as it offers all the greatest sentiments of Italy without the heavy commotion of more popular cities.

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